Saturday, January 28, 2006

Early screencaps from "Far From Home"

Posted with the permission of Scott over at the Legion Clubhouse, here are the first of what will I'm sure be lots of screencaps from the Legion episode of "Justice League Unlimited", titled "Far From Home".

From the pictures, it's clear that this Legion doesn't have the same costumes as the previously seen version of the Legion from the Superman series. These costumes tend to be closer to the 70s/80s versions, whereas the Superman series had them with their post-reboot 90s costumes (common scheme with black or white down the middle and a color on either side, big Legion "L" belt buckle). Compare these costumes with the ones in my earlier post or at my Animated Legion page.

Not sure which version of Supergirl this is. If it's the traditional Animated Universe version, she is the only survivor from Krypton's sister planet, Argos and her secret identity is Kara Kent. As Superman's "cousin", she has similar powers but wore the white shirt costume we saw in the latter half of Peter David's Supergirl series. This one wears the belly-baring version of the current Supergirl. See my earlier post about the various Supergirls.

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naladahc said...

Ya know... I don't think I like the open forearms and the "ovals" on her humerii. Just do it all blue and not recreated it!