Saturday, April 15, 2006

Far From Home - at last!

I hope everyone had the chance to see the JLU episode "Far From Home" tonight. Given how long it's been since it was promised, I think it was worth the wait.

When the episode was originally aired in the UK back in February, copies leaked online and it could be downloaded via BitTorrent or some other program. But that was the "full screen" version, not the widescreen version. And let me tell you, it looks much better on a 52 inch widescreen HDTV than it does on a 17 inch monitor.

Screencaps from the original full-screen version can be found starting here.

In the opening scene, by the way, Brainy and Chuck are walking through the Hall of Heroes. The statues appear to be maybe Chemical King or Matter-Eater Lad and Element Lad (based on their hair styles, can't see much of the costumes) and an unidentified female on the right, but definitely Chameleon Boy at the far end on the left, Cosmic Boy next to him, then Saturn Girl, and then two (?!) statues that both look like Ferro Lad. Obviously not the Hall of DEAD Heroes, as "elscoob" rightly pointed out in the original analysis.

It's too bad, this would have been a great back-door pilot for the new series. Hopefully Tucker and company can top it.

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