Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Also out this week

New this week:

  • 52 week 5, which is still recapping the original Crisis. We see Mon-el, Wildfire, Ultra Boy, and others fighting the Anti-Monitor (flashing back to Crisis issues 8-12). That's probably it for the Legion in the History of the DC Universe backup unless they show us the future.

  • The Power Girl reprint trade paperback, reprinting (among others) the first four issues of last fall's JSA Classified. You'll recall that some of the Legionnaires appeared there as illusions courtesy of the Psycho Pirate (but no explanation of why the current post-Infinite Crisis Legion was shown rather than the pre-Crisis Legion that Psycho Pirate was exposed to during the original Crisis). The TPB also reprints all of the variant covers.

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