Friday, June 30, 2006

Time Tripping

Vacations are hectic on a blogger's schedule. Fortunately, Scipio (of the Absorbascon fame) took the time out from his busy vacation earlier this month to send some postcards to his friend Blockade Boy (a time-traveling, universe-hopping superhero fashion designer who can turn himself into a moderately-sized steel wall, and who really didn't die at the Super-Stalag of Space), direct from the 31st century. Read his postcards about getting to the future, his meeting with the Legion (and how heeven learned a new cuss phrase), the Comic Book Shoppe of Nine Worlds (must be part of the franchise), the Universal Switch to Lesbianism 800 years ago, his dinner date with Colossal Boy, and his meeting up with some new Legionnaires. But then he had to go home, which is the worst thing about vacations.

It's a good thing that Scipio had taken the two lesson series on LegionSpeak so he could converse with the locals. Scan the reading material for lesson 101 and for lesson 102.

Meanwhile, Dr. Polaris (yes, that one) at Title Undetermined regaled us with his tale about his trip to the 30th Century, where he picked up the Emerald Empress in a bar.

Chris' Invincible Super-Blog looks back at another time traveller, Jimmy "Elastic Lad" Olsen, the Wilt Chamberlain of his day (and he ain't talking about basketball!). "Mister Action's in the house, and he's lookin' for love." I mean, even Triplicate Girl is going to "romance Jimmy like a terrific threesome." But sadly, they're the Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes. They don't use their fantastic technology to bring you to the future without royally screwing with your head. It's in the charter.

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