Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More stuff from SDCC

Also on eBay (of course!), the promo card given away at the Warner Bros. booth, and a postcard that was given out at the Legion panel. Too late to buy it, though.

And in case you didn't see the comment in the post a couple entries down about the Animation Magazine cover, apparently it's a convention exclusive since the regular August issue doesn't have that or even a story.


Craig "Gopher" Richardson said...

Animation Magazine has one or two cover alternates to the newstand edition pretty much every month. These are generally given away at animation industry trade shows or fan conventions. For some examples, mouse over the images on's magazine cover gallery

Scott said...

Michael, I got the set you pictured here. I also got a copy of the large poster/card from some great friends at LW. But, while the front is the same, the back is totally different. The one I got off eBay is a plain-ish back with the wording "Warner Bros. Comic-Con 2006". The one sent to me from LW has a full color picture of the group with the original text of the press release (i.e. Superboy not Superman).

So for you AR collectors, you have to look for two versions.

Actually, I just got out the eBay one and it is about a half and inch longer than the other. It has the team on the front spread out more than the other version. The smaller one features the group tighter together. Looks like Saturn Girl is caressing Brainy's face with one hand and Chuck's head with the other.

If I can get my scanner working I'll post a copy of both to the Clubhouse.