Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"New Kids in Town" on BOOM - tonight!

In case you don't have the Superman DVD or you haven't downloaded the torrent to your computer... Set your TiVo, VCR, DVR, Betamax, computer, or omnicom for the BOOM network on tonight (Tuesday, July 11th), at 11:30 pm EDT (10:30 CDT, probably 9:30 MDT and 11:30 PDT). The network, a spinoff of Cartoon Network, is showing the "New Kids in Town" episode of "Superman: The Animated Series".

In the episode, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and Chameleon go back in time to visit the young Superman before he moves to Metropolis. No, it's not the new show, in this one they're chasing Brainiac back in time to Smallville, at a period before Clark became Superman.

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