Sunday, July 23, 2006

San Diego Con '06: wrap-up

Sounds like the con is winding down. Reports say it's the biggest one ever. With nothing on the schedule for Day 4, I figured I'd post a wrap-up and summary here. Any post-con reports and such will go in a separate post.

If you only read a posting on this site during the con once and never went back to it, I had been updating them throughout the day (and even the next day) so you might have missed some stuff. To recap:

Day 0:

  • images of the standup at the DC booth

Day 1:
  • summary of the panels - DC Nation panel; Mattel announces a line of action figures for the new animated series; George Perez wants to do the Legion comic series; musical composers for the show
  • from the floor - a chat with the music guys; an interview with writer Matt Wayne

Day 2:
  • summary of the panels - cast and crew and a preview of the Legion series; 52: A Year in the Life
  • from the floor - interview with producer James Tucker; preview of the Vs. System card game (here and here)

Day 3:
  • summary of the panels - DCU One Year Greater

Hope to see some of you next year in person at the con, but if I do go, you won't see updates as quickly as I have done this year!

That's a wrap!

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