Saturday, July 08, 2006

Superman: Behind the Shield with Legion sneak peek

As you've no doubt read elsewhere, KidsWB will be showing a sneak peak at the Legion show (even prior to San Diego!) next weekend on your local WB station, called Superman: Behind the Shield. It looks like you'll have to watch in between the commercials to get these, though, as it's not a show of its own.

If you go to the KidsWB website, you can see what it's all about.

KidsWB takes you Behind the Shield, a special event hosted by the Man of Steel himself, Superman! All morning you’ll soar behind the scenes of one of the summer’s most exciting movies and discover some of its super special-effects secrets! Plus you’ll be the very first to see a world premiere sneak peek of the brand new KidsWB TV series, Legion of Super-Heroes, featuring Superman. Behind the Shield: a Superman special event, starting next Saturday morning beginning at 7 on KidsWB.

ComicsContinuum did a better job than I could at getting screen grabs:

Interesting remake of Tharok and Persuader.

Thanks to LegionWorld for the tip.

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