Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brain Drain preview

This is post #402. I missed #400 because I was paging Mark Waid. Grife!

Anyway, Comics Continuum has screencaps for the next All-New! episode of the Legion, called "Brain Drain" (episode 1.09, airing out of order). Featuring Superman, Timber Wolf, and the Rolling Head of Brainiac 5! (Finally, more Timber Wolf other than endless reruns of his debut and so far only significant episode.)

Check out the Continuum page for some words on the episode from James Tucker: "It's an episode that deals with Superman's friendship with Brainiac -- and also the contradictions of that friendship because of their unknown history."

Don't forget, this is the first of four new episodes to air weekly through February. Of course, that'll probably be it until May sweeps.


Garth Ranzz said...

I've had the video for the promo posted at The Clubhouse since it aired on Saturday. Even offered Rob the stills but he had other plans. I should have sent them to you instead Michael. Let you scoop the CC for once. :)

Michael said...

Eh, whatever. I've scooped him a couple of times and he uses my info without attribution. I've gotten over it. Did he actually tell you he had other plans? I've never heard back from him.

I saw the video and mentioned it in the comments to my 1/24 entry, but didn't see the images.

Wonder why this episode will have Timber Wolf going back to his home planet. We were told a while back that there was a reason he was on Rawl rather than Zuun in his earlier episode....

Garth Ranzz said...

He mentioned having another interview with Tucker he was going to run but wanted to wait. Why he waited until Wednesday when Tucker, to me, really didn't add much, I don't know. Maybe Wednesday is his slow day and he wanted material.

As for TW back on Zuun. Well, I'm just happy to get a new episode. Maybe we'll get an explanation in this one as to why he was on Rawl.

And I didn't catch that you had replied to the other comment. Need to check back on those more often.