Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New York Comic Con '07: leftover stuff

Couple of items from the NYCC last weekend that I didn't cover yet:

Tim Callahan has a great report of his experiences at the con. In particular, he discusses his brand new Legion sketchbook. You have to read his account of getting Rick Veitch to draw a Legionnaire.

WizardUniverse details the Dave Cockrum panel.

Everyone from the panel echoed similar sentiments of the late artist, remembering him as being very personable, warm, and extremely talented and dedicated to his work.

“He would labor for hours to create a new version of a costume for a character,” explained Levitz. “[He] re-costumed most of the Legionnaires, and was the first person to really do that on a broad scale.”

Before it was initiated that original art be given back to creators, Levitz shared a story of how Cockrum went out of his way and pocket to obtain a larger canvas than needed in which to draw the wedding with more detail - illustrating Cockrum’s dedication to his craft.

“Dave wasn’t a penciller, or a writer, he was a comic book creator,” emphasized Rubinstein of Cockrum, whose pencils he frequently inked.

Obviously, the big news (as we see it here) was Barry Kitson's announcement that he's leaving, which was revealed almost as an afterthought. There's only four more issues of their run to go, starting with this week's new issue. We'll know in about 2 weeks who's doing issue 31.

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