Monday, February 05, 2007

Trivia Quiz #8

Hey, kids, it's the first Monday of the month, you know what that means... trivia time! As always, no wagering.

1. Special 52 related question: In non-retconned history, how did Booster Gold end up with a Legion Flight Ring and Brainiac 5's force field belt?

2. Which code names have been used for more than one Legionnaire or close Legion associate by different people? Count all examples of a person across the different continuities as one person for this question, e.g., all versions of Kal-El count as the same Superboy.

3. Across the various continuities, which Legionnaires have had the power to physically change their body's form, appearance, and/or physical properties?

4. In the Levitz-era Legion Academy, what was the name of the little gray guy with the big eyes?

5. A Tuckerization (named after a 1950s science fiction author) is when a real person's name or physical description is used for a character in a fictional story - for example, Flynt Brojj was named after Mike Flynn and Harry Broertjes. Name five other Tuckerizations from Legion history (there are tons).

6. In original Adventure-era continuity, why did Dream Girl use Naltorian science to change Ayla Ranzz's powers from lightning to making things lightweight?

7. Special bonus 52 related question: How many different Emerald Eyes have we seen? I'm talking about the large ones like the Eye of Ekron, not the normal ones from people with green eyes or the kind when the Emerald Eye possesses someone.


Matthew E said...

1. He stole them from the Space Museum in the 25th century, where he worked. How they got there in the first place I'm not too clear on; I guess they were left behind in the past on some Legion mission or other.

2. There have been two Superboys, Kal-El and Kon-El. Do all the Supergirls count? I'm not sure all those 1990s Supergirl variants were at all associated with the Legion, in which case they shouldn't count. There have been two people to call themselves Lightning Lad and Live Wire (Garth and Ayla both times). There have been two Karate Kids, two Kid Quantums, two Invisible Kids, two Computos (Danielle Foccart and the actual Computo, who was certainly closely associated with the Legion), two Impulses (Kent Shakespeare and Bart Allen, who was the cousin of a Legionnaire and hung out with the Legion on a couple of occasions), two Infernos (Sun Boy and the girl from... was she with the Workforce or the Amazers? The one who got left behind in the 20th century and had her own miniseries), two Leviathans (Gim and Vi, although Vi capitalized the 'V' in LeViathan). Probably I missed some name that wasn't attached to a Legionnaire but to two Legion associates or characters. Like Starfinger. There were multiple Starfingers, right? I missed some like that. Uh, the Emerald Empress; pretty sure there was more than one of them. What about Ferro Lad and his brother in LSH v2 #300?

3. Chameleon Boy, of course. Colossal Boy and Shrinking Violet. This is a tough question. Does Jeckie count? She could change her appearance, but it's not a physical change. Similarly the Invisible Kids. I guess Luornu counts, and Phantom Girl, and Kono. Bouncing Boy. Timber Wolf, sort of, during his lycanthropic Furball days, but he couldn't control it. I think you could argue that Wildfire could do it. Shikari had that armor that she could extrude. Blok's appearance changed, but I don't know if you could call that a power. Dragonmage and the White Witch probably could have done it but I don't remember that they ever did. Ferro Lad. Gear. Stone Boy.

4. I think I knew this at one point.

5. Got me, man. Can't think of any. Oh, wait: Nightwind's secret identity (Berta Haris) was taken from the guy who created her, Robert Harris. I think Lamprey and Crystal Kid had similar deals.

6. Because otherwise, she would have had to quit the Legion because of the rule against duplicating superpowers other than Kryptonian-type superpowers.

7. I know there were at least two.

Jonathan Miller said...

1. To continue Matthew E's story, the flight ring was Superboy/man's and the force field belt had been used by Brainy to prevent an assasination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Yes, really.

2. Pretty sure Matthew got a lot of them, but the first one to spring to mind for me is Reflecto. Over various realities, there have been 3--the one who died in the Adult Legion, the Ultra Boy/Superboy combo (if you don't know, don't ask, trust me) and Devlin from v4. (An example of a reused codename where only one use relates to the Legion is, of course, Beast Boy.)

3. Quislet is the only one I don't think was mentioned. Well, he could leave his ship and inhabit other things; that's changing his appearance, right?

4. Man, I don't remember. Good question, Michael.

5. There were a few members of the Naltorian baseball team named after (then) Usenet luminaries like Elayne Riggs and others. And, obviously, there are many other examples, but I can't think of any at the moment. As always, having all my issues in storage works against me!

6. Nura actually appeared to have eliminated Ayla's powers completely to force her to leave the Legion. She had seen a vision that members of the LSH would die on a mission; turned out what she'd seen were robot duplicates being blown up. It was only at the end of the story thatit was revealed that Ayla's powers had been changed, not eliminated. (After this point, the "no two powers" thing showed up in continuity.)

7. Well, assuming they aren't all the same Eye:

a. the original. (I'm including the animated empresses' eye here.) b. Cera Kesh's. c. the one MacCauley had. d. Violet's eye in the reboot. e. the one the Bek's found in L.E.G.I.O.N. f. The one Lobo has in 52. g. the other one in the "head of Ekron," seemingly destroyed. (Is it just me, by the way, or did the whole Emerald Eye aspect of the 52 space plot meander and make little sense?)

So, in a perfect world, there are only two eyes and they keep showing up. But there have been 7 seperate appearances.

Matthew E said...

Oh yeah, Reflecto. You're right about Reflecto, but Devlin O'Ryan wasn't one of them. To the extent that he had a superhero codename I think it was 'Reflex'. But there was another Reflecto that we never saw because he was a Legionnaire during the Five Year Gap.

Jonathan Miller said...

I swear I remember him being called "Reflecto," not in the comic itself, but in the letters pages and the game sourcebook. In that lovely annoying way v4 had. ;-)

Dave Van Domelen said...

Hm, my previous post got eaten.

Anyway, everything I tried to say has been said by others now, except this: don't forget the extra hundred Emerald Eyes from the Fatal Five Hundred story.

Michael said...

Man, you guys are good. You always come up with some that I hadn't thought of when I wrote up the question.

I've got about 60 more questions stored up, and I keep adding more every week, faster than I can use them up in the quizzes. Guess I'll have to get some harder questions.

Jonathan Miller said...

Hey, you stumped us on #4, don't feel so bad! :-)

Michael said...

Hey, you guys don't have ALL the answers yet:

There's at least one more character in #3 that I know of.

Nobody has #4 yet.

We've only had two examples for #5. In another location (which I'll reveal in the answer) I was able to come up with over 30 examples.

There's at least one more answer to #7 that showed up recently.

Come on, guys, get crackin'!

Matthew E said...

For 5., there was Dav Huntr and the other crowd of legionnaires sitting around the campfire.

We're missing one for 3.? How about Proty-as-Lightning Lad? Kid Quantum (original) as the Soul of Antares? Celeste coating herself with green energy? Atmos making his armpits disappear? Color Kid changing his colour? Thunder changing identities?

Jonathan Miller said...

I wasn't counting the seemingly mechanical (and disassembled) Eye in Sivana's lab on Oolong Island; should I have? I didn't think it was "really" an Emerald Eye...

As for altering their body's physical properties, ok, I don't think anyone's mentioned Elastic Lad, Insect Queen or Spider Girl yet. Um...that's all I can think of for that one.

4, I still don't remember.

5, I'm sure there are huge numbers--I know several Legionnaires and Subs were named after their creators, and there were ancilliary characters (news reporters, etc.) who were named after people, but I just can't think of any examples right now.

See, now this is the way to attract Mark Waid. How about it, Mark? Give us some answers for #4? :-)

Michael Jones said...

Could the answer to #4 be "baby bloks"? (Long time Legion reader, first time Omni-reader.)

Abby said...

With regards to #5, I seem to recall hearing that the name of Dyrk Magz was a Tuckerization of Dirk Maggs, who'd directed adaptations of some Superman arcs Roger Stern was involved in. That could be reaching, though.

I also seem to remember that Spider Girl's name, Sussa Paka, was a Tuckerization of the name of the fan who originally suggested making a character with that power - Susan Parker, or something like that.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that XS, Jenni Ognats, has a secret behind her secret ID. Could be a Tuckerization?

Michael said...

Abby - that sounded credible enough so I looked it up. Someone scanned in each of the Adventure letters columns, so it was easy enough to search the page. Spider Lass was suggested by Jim Tilley in ADV 310. Nobody named Parker was credited as having suggested a Legion candidate. But now I've got a good place to look for more trivia...

Anon - if there's a story behind Jenni's name, I haven't heard of it.