Monday, September 03, 2007

Trivia Quiz #15

With apologies to Stan Lee, this month's theme is: Bring On the Bad Guys!

1. Who were the different Luthors who appeared in the 30th century?

2. Although it wasn't revealed until years later in a retcon, this Legion villain first appeared as a Wonder Woman villain, though not under their more famous name. What was this villain's original name, what are they more famously known as, and where was it revealed that the Wonder Woman villain is the same as the Legion villain?

3. B.I.O.N. was a Dominator-created android based on Computo and with the powers of the SW6 LSH (kind of like a cross between the Composite Superman and Amazo). What did B.I.O.N. stand for?

4. When the Legion of Super-Villains appeared in the first story arc of V3 (where Nemesis Kid kills Karate Kid), which member(s) of the LSV had never been seen before?

5. During the 1980s, the Legion starred in a 4-part role-playing game from Mayfair Games. Each game module had a title that was part of a theme. What was the theme, and who was the main villain?

6. The very first time we see Validus he is imprisoned in a cell of inertron. In a retcon, who was said to have been responsible for building this prison?

7. In terms of publishing chronology, who was the first original super-villain that the Legion faced (that wasn't merely a member of an alien race)?


J.D. Long said...

Man, you're getting HARD with this stuff, Micheal! I haven't got a clue -- and I've been reading LSH since 1967!

Gonna have to do some research for this one . . .


Dave Van Domelen said...

Well, I know #5's theme is chess, since I found the Mad Rook's Gambit at a used book store a few months ago. I think the main villain was the Time Trapper, but I'd have to doublecheck that, since it's at home and I'm not. :)

Johnathan said...

6. Was good 'ol Grimbor the Chainsman. Thanks, Legion Digest that I've had since I was 10!

Terence Chua said...

1. I'm probably missing out someone, but the only ones I remember are the original Lex Luthor who time travelled to the 30th Century, his descendant in the Adult Legion, and if you count the animated series, Alexis.

3. In my personal continuity, v4 no longer exists.

7. Hmmm. Depends. If you only count the Legion's own series, then does Urthlo count, since he was just a robot pawn of Luthor? If the Supergirl stories prior to that count, the Positive Man might qualify. "Merely a member of an alien race" eliminates those brain globes from the first Super-Pets story, but then does the adult LSV count? Then there's that guy with the electric gloves from Bouncing Boy's origin... a lot of possibilities.

Michael said...

Good points, Terence. For #7, I was aiming at what we would consider to be a "traditional" super-villain (name, costume, powers), and although I didn't specify, I was looking for someone from the Legion's stories.

That rules out Urthlo, the Positive Man, the Brain-Globes of Rambat, and the Adult LSV (who I believe had only faced Superman in the time frame I'm thinking of).

Greg said...

(1) Unless there's an Alexei, Alex, or Alex Jr. appearance in the 30th century in CoIE, I think Terence has given the answer I'd give.

(3) I don't recall the books you're talking about.

(4) I cheated and found a copy of Giffen's LSV Last Supper to get an answer: Terrus. I'm pretty sure everyone else in that shot had previously appeared.

(7) It's probably going to be a rejected applicant gone bad, which means Jungle King, I think.

Terence Chua said...

Dave is correct about the theme of the modules being Chess and the main villain being the Time Trapper. I had to google for this, since while our gaming group did play DC HEROES briefly, we had problems with the game mechanics (the idea that each stat's rating was twice the previous number - 3 twice the power of 2, for example, always struck me as being silly and overpowered). I enjoyed the Paul Levitz sourcebooks for the Legion though.

J. Kevin Carrier said...

Wonder Woman's foe Time Master turned out to be none other than the Time Trapper, as revealed in an issue of Super Friends.

Troy said...

(4) To add to the answers given, a cogent argument can be made that a LSH peer version of Cosmic King had never been seen before. All previous appearances of Cosmic King were from Adult Legion continuity.

kenaustin said...

3. Biologically Integrated Organic Network

Michael said...

1. Didn't the adult Luthor find himself in the 30th century? Or am I misremembering the LSV's visit to the 20th century?

2. I can't believe someone got the Time Master question. I thought for sure that there was no way anyone would remember that.

3. Got two of the four words right.

4. You're still missing one more LSV character who first appeared in this storyline.

6. Anyone remember where the Validus's prison retcon came from? I don't.

7. I realized after I posted my last comment that the name/costume/power criteria for a villain effectively took out Lex Luthor.

Jim Drew said...

4. Wasn't Sun Emperor new for the LSV story?

6. Given that it's a retcon, probably something penned for Who's Who in the Legion.

Michael said...

No, Sun Emperor appeared twice before that LSV story - once in a Jimmy Olsen story (#63, in 1962) as part of the Adult LSV (I think), and then in Superboy #208. In both of those, he resembled Sun Boy. In his next appearance after that, the v3 story, he had more of a "human torch" appearance.