Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Flashback: How old are the Legionnaires? (from 1995)

Here's another flashback post, from 1995, via the Compuserve Comics and Animation Forum. Back in the olden days, many of the comics creators were active on the moderated message boards (and to some extent on the unmoderated Usenet newsgroups). Among those on Compuserve were many Legion creators, including Mark Waid, Tom McCraw, Kurt Busiek, and Jeff Moy.

This came out around the time of the zero issues, in response to questions about the various members ages. Tom McCraw, writing to Mark Waid for confirmation, suggested these. Waid read it and never commented on it; nevertheless, I don't know how canonical it was (if at all).

In response to Juliana Kristi's question on the age of the Legion members I've listed below. Mark, You may correct me if I goof on someone.

Cosmic Boy - Rokk Krinn - age 15
Saturn Girl - Imra Ardeen - age 15
Live Wire - Garth Ranzz - age 14
Apparition - Tiny Wazzo - age 15
Triad - Luornu Durgo - age 16
Leviathan - Gim Allon - age 17
Kid Quantum - James Cullen - age 16
XS - Jenni Ognats - age 14
Invisible Kid - Lyle Norg - age 16

On Chameleon and Brainac 5 I'm still trying to figure out the math on Coluan and Durlan timelines. (and it's making my head hurt.) Hopes this helps anyone who wants to know.



Reboot said...

I think you tagged this wrong - "Pre-Zero Hour Legion"? :) [Incidentally, I didn't even realise that the "reboot" tag was in reference to post-ZH at first - I thought it was about the concept of reboots or somesuch...]

Craig said...

Wow. Juliana Kristi. We used to chat online and talk on the phone all the time. She often used an online name of Juliana5, patterned after Brainiac 5. We developed Legion trivia questions together for some or other bulletin board or newslist. Lost touch with her years ago.

Michael said...

Actually, Reboot, it was a tag for you. ;)

I fixed it, and added a couple more tags. Maybe I have too many now?

Craig - there are a lot of names that remind me of the "old days" on Compuserve's Comics and Animation Forum; Allan Lappin, for one, comments here occasionally. Any other CS'ers out there?

Juliana doesn't show up in a Google search (except for one unclaimed property notice in Michigan); in fact, this post is the highest ranked result in that search. There are a bunch of "Juliana5" out there, but who knows if any are her.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Juliana Kristi passed away at her home in Portage (Kalamazoo), MI several years ago (1996 if I recall correctly). I had worked with her at Best Buy. She was a good friend, and is missed.