Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Legion TV schedule Feb. 2008

Surprisingly, no new Legion episodes in February. I guess they're saving the last five episodes for May sweeps.

Here are the airdates and episodes for the Legion show for February 2008, via SFTV:

Jan. 26 - episode 2.04 "Chained Lightning" (3rd airing) - last aired 11/24/07
Feb. 02 - episode 2.05 "The Karate Kid" (3rd airing) - last aired 12/08/07
Feb. 09 - episode 2.06 "Who Am I?" (3rd airing) - last aired 12/29/07
Feb. 16 - episode 2.07 "Unnatural Alliances" (3rd airing) - last aired 1/5/08
Feb. 23 - episode 2.08 "Message in a Bottle" (3rd airing) - last aired 1/12/08

Previously: all the other schedules

Episode reviews:
1.01 "Man of Tomorrow" (4 airings, last 07/07/07)
1.02 "Timber Wolf" (8 airings, last 09/08/07)
1.03 "Legacy" (3 airings, last 06/09/07)
1.04 "Fear Factory" (4 airings, last 06/16/07)
1.05 "Champions" (4 airings, last 06/23/07)
1.06 "Phantoms" (4 airings, last 07/14/07)
1.07 "Child's Play" (4 airings, last 06/30/07)
1.08 "Lightning Storm" (4 airings, last 07/28/07)
1.09 "Brain Drain" (5 airings, last 09/01/07)
1.10 "The Substitutes" (4 airings, last 08/18/07)
1.11 "Chain of Command" (4 airings, last 08/25/07)
1.12 "Sundown, part 1" (3 airings, last 09/15/07)
1.13 "Sundown, part 2" (3 airings, last 09/15/07)
2.01 "Man from the Edge of Tomorrow part 1" (2 airings, last 12/15/07)
2.02 "Man from the Edge of Tomorrow part 2" (3 airings, last 12/22/07)
2.03 "Cry Wolf" (3 airings, last 1/19/08)
2.04 "Chained Lightning" (2 airings, last 11/24/07)
2.05 "The Karate Kid" (2 airings, last 12/08/07)
2.06 "Who Am I?" (2 airings, last 12/29/07)
2.07 "Unnatural Alliances" (2 airings, last 1/5/08)
2.08 "Message in a Bottle" (2 airings, last 1/12/08)


Anonymous said...

Have you heard anything about the fate of the show and the third season yet, or is it still most likely gone with the death of KidsWB?

Jim Drew said...

We're only halfway through Season Two. We didn't have renewal info for Season One at this point last year, I think, so I'm not especially worried.

I did read something a while back that indicated all is not lost:

The news has left fans of not only comic book-based animation but also long term franchises like Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry speculating on the future of their favorite weekend programs. According to the source, fans of The Batman, Legion of Super Heroes, the upcoming Spectacular Spider-Man, and other comic book and animated stables should not be too concerned.

Simply put, the end of Kids’ WB! does not mean the end of Warner Bros. Animation, the source explained, pointing out that they are two completely separate entities. For many shows, Kids’ WB! was the outlet Warner Bros. Animation series used, but those series aren’t going to be cancelled at the end of the 2007-2008 season. “We are exploring a number of other avenues to direct this programming, from other networks to direct-to-DVD options,” the source said. “There are a wide field of possibilities to be explored.”


Reed Solomon said...

oddly, my pvr is set to record only new episodes, but it thinks its recording next weeks (the 9th) with a new episode.

Michael said...

My TiVo says that "Who Am I?" is scheduled for next week (Feb. 9th).