Monday, January 07, 2008

Trivia Quiz #19

Because nobody requested it, this month's trivia is all about that period known as v4, the TMK Legion, the Giffbaum era, and/or the Glorithverse (in honor of the upcoming Final Crisis, I like to call it "The Great Disaster").

1. Which members of the SW6 Batch were killed in an explosion?

2. At some point before the White Witch joined the Legion, she may have been responsible for which Legionnaire's powers?

3. Post-Black Dawn, an underground group arose on Earth based around the Legion of Substitute Heroes, called the SUBS. What does the acronym SUBS stand for?

4. After he was freed from prison, Brek Bannin (the former Polar Boy) became head of the Tartarus underground resistance and later leader of Tartarus' official hero team. Who were the members of his team?

5. Which Legionnaire(s) spent at least part of their time with the Legion during the v4 era as an energy form?

6. Who blew up the moon?

7. XS and Impulse weren't the only ones who got their powers from the Tornado Twins. Who else did?


Anonymous said...

1. Karate Kid, Chameleon Boy, and Princess Projectra were killed in an explosion that was triggered by Grinn.

2. This one stumps me.

3. Superhuman Underground Battle Squad.

4. I recall Policy Pam, Spaceopoly Lad (or Boy), Echo Chamber Chet, Sugyn (formerly of the Devil's Dozen), and Styx and Stiletta (daughters of Prince Evillo). Tenzil Kem helped form the group. I don't recall the group ever had an official name.

5. Celeste Rockfish. Possibly Wildfire.

6. One of the Linear Men blew up the moon.

7. A girl speedster named Rush who later became a member of the United Planets Militia Academy. If memory serves, her real name was similar to Joan Garrick's maiden name.

Jonathan Miller said...

6. Wasn't it Dev-Em? Other than that, I think Anonymous got 'em all....

Hal Shipman said...

I think the Legion (and Superman?)stopped Dev-Em, but then a Linear Man ported in after they left and pushed the button.

Michael said...

Anonymous was stumped by question #2.

If I didn't have help with these, the only ones I would have gotten on my own would have been #5 and #6.

OK, then what were the powers of Polar Boy's group?

anotheranonymousposter said...

2. Kono. Kono's mother helped out Mysa when she was in her "Hag" phase, and, in thanks, Mysa granted Kono superpowers.

Duke said...

1. As said, Val, Jekkie and Cham
2. My guess was going to be Dragonmage, but I may be mixing my volume numbers.
3. I thought it was Secret Underground Battle Squadron.
4. I only recal it involved some of the Devil's Dozen, but even Brek couldn;t quite get the group to the eponymous numeral.
5. huh?
6. Keith Giffin, becasue Karate Kid was on it.
7. no clue, I'm afraid. You picked an era I'm really weak in.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here again.

2. Still stumped. Possibly the original White Witch used magic to enhance Dream Girl's powers? The Post-Zero Hour Mysa did have something to do with Kinetix's powers. And I vaguely recall what anotheranonymousposter said about Kono. I think it was when White Witch was the evil Hag of the Devil's Dozen.

3. I got from the looseleaf Who's Who entry for the LegionSUBS. Though somewhere else might have had different words.

4. Policy Pam could sell anyone insurance. Spaceopoly Lad could play the spaceopoly game all the way to the end (which apparently was impossible for most people). I think Echo Chamber Chet talked in echos. I recall Sugyn drinking an entire reservoir. I don't know any powers of Styx or Stiletta, but I think they both had huge crushes (stalking level) on Brek - which might count.

6. During Superman's Time and Time Again adventure... he and the Legion stopped Dev-Em from blowing up the moon. But one of the Linear Men completed the job because it was destined to be.

Green Lad said...

Wasn't it the Subversive Underground Battle Squad?

Jim Drew said...

Dragonmage's connection to Mysa is in v4.5/the Reboot, but since he said "may have been" and since we don't know anything about his Great Disaster origins, it technically applies.