Monday, August 11, 2008

Johns: More on L3W

Believe it or not, Geoff Johns hasn't said everything he's going to say about "Legion of Three Worlds" yet. Here's a new interview with CBR, in which we read a lot that we've heard before but also this new stuff:

..."The key characters are Cosmic Boy, Lighting Lad and Saturn Girl and then from there Brainiac 5, Polar Boy, Sun Boy, Dawnstar and Wildfire. Those are really the main guys," said Johns. "A lot of them are in there, but those are the main guys."

Perhaps adding fuel to the flash fire, he then added one more name.

"Again, XS is also a pretty major character."

... "I think, at this point, some people are more familiar with Superboy-Prime then they are with the Legion," Johns continued. "But everything you need to know you will find out in the book. It's pretty accessible going in. It's really the story of Superboy-Prime entering this world in the future and seeing what the DC Universe is like a thousand years from now. And then he meets up with the Legion of Super-Heroes."

... Johns teased that plot threads coming out of "Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds" will affect almost every book he's working on.

"I hope that anybody who has enjoyed something that I have worked on before, or who wants to follow Superboy-Prime or wants to see what happens to the Green Lanterns a thousand years from now, will give the book a shot because we've put in 185 percent on this from top on down.

"When the book comes out, it will take you a half and hour to read it."

... Johns closed by saying "Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds" won't tie in directly with Jim Shooter's "The Legion of Super-Heroes" but added "it's not directly tied in, but the characters and where Jim has them are. Jim Shooter's work on the Legion is a huge influence. He's one of the greatest comic writers in any generation, from his work at Valiant, Marvel and now [again] at DC."

Asked if he'd like to write a "Legion" ongoing one day, the always candid Johns said, "If the opportunity presented itself and it was the right time, we'll see. I love the Legion."

Also, Newsarama has a YouTube video interview with Johns, taken at San Diego. From the video page:
Alex and Justin talk with Superman, Action Comics, Green Lantern, and Final Crisis writer Geoff Johns about his plans for Superman over the next two years. Then the guys talk about John's episode of Smallville featuring the Legion of Superheros. Next up, John's talks about writing Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds. Then the guys talk about the return of Barry Allen in Flash: Rebirth, and finish up with a tease of Hal Jordan's future this fall in Green Lantern. Don't miss this exclusive interview!

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