Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Bits of L3W Business

More "Legion of Three Worlds" #1 reviews, not including the annotations (which I'm still working on updating);

  • Miscontinuity:
    I have great faith that this will turn into a great series. If it drew me in, a long-time non-Legion fan, I can only imagine what it does for those who understand the franchise. It is a well crafted book, with all the right elements for an exciting futuristic adventure.

  • Fascination Place:
    The biggest risk the series runs is that of not just having a single large cast of Legionnaires, but three of them, and characterization getting lost in the shuffle - always a risk with any Legion series. But the most encouraging thing is Superman’s stated goal at the end of the issue: Not to just to stop Prime, but to redeem him. I’ve been pretty unhappy with how this character has been treated, and finding a way to redeem him would be a challenge well worthy of a 5-issue series illustrated by George Pérez. Here’s hoping Geoff Johns can pull it off; he’s off to a good start.

  • Pop Syndicate:
    Johns’s writing is loud and bombastic. It’s actually a style that he developed during Infinite Crisis but has refined since then, particularly for the Sinestro Corps War storyline. Like he did with that story, Johns writes Legion of 3 Worlds at such a high intensity that you can’t believe this story is anything other than a mega-blockbuster event. He’s the Michael Bay of DC, except that he can actually tell a story in between the explosions. ... In George Pérez, Johns has found an artist who can keep up with him. On these big mega stories (see JLA/Avengers,) Pérez draws the same way that Johns writes. By now, you know what you’re going to get with George Pérez and he doesn’t let you down. His panels, crammed with every possible minute detail practically screams “Crisis-level event going on here!” It’s loud, intense, bombastic and filled with more detail than humanly possible. ... Legion of 3 Worlds #1 is a solid adventure story that delivers what you expect out but rarely exceeds those expectations.

  • Panels of Awesome:
    Overall, what’s set in place will probably rock all of our socks off. Within one issue, instead of three or four like some writers like to do, both Superman and Superboy-Prime have gathered, for the most part, their respected armies and know exactly what they need to do: beat the holy hell out of each other. With four more issues to go, this is already much more promising, in my opinion, than the actual Final Crisis book and I’m already looking forward to book #2, which will be hitting shelves October 1st, for those of you that were wondering. Legion of Three Worlds #1 is a wonderfully well written and expertly drawn book any fans of the Legion will want to pick up and any fans of the DCU will probably want to at least give a shot.

  • FilmFodder:
    The Legion has so much potential, it feels like Johns has done more in one issue with the story of the Legion than Jim Shooter’s entire run so far on the Legion’s own series. This was easily the best read of DC this week.

  • Rack Raids:
    Writer Geoff Johns does what he does best, telling a tale that weaves the past into the future. While I enjoyed it, there was a ton of backstory that needed explaining simply in order to get to the good parts, using Jimmy Olsen as our guide was an inspired bit of casting. The good parts being Superman and The Legion are fighting for the future and that makes Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds well worth coming back for.

    ... Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1 is a fun little read, succeeding on two levels: giving newbies an enjoyable Legion primer while giving the Legion faithful even more reason to be so.

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