Saturday, January 17, 2009

Johns to write the new Adventure Comics?

When last we took a look, Geoff Johns was leaving the JSA and Action Comics to work on a Superman miniseries and the Flash miniseries.

So when I was poking around the internets looking for stuff on Final Crisis #6 (for my previous post), I looked into the ComicBloc forums. There, they've got forums for each of several writers' books, plus forums for everything else (like the Legion message board). I don't know how long it's been there, but in the Geoff Johns forum, there's a message board for "Legion of 3 Worlds / Adventure Comics" with a tag line saying "Adventure Comics coming in 2009..." (In the Adventure Comics #0 thread, they discuss that the name changed a couple weeks ago, but it's new to me.)

Now, let me put on my Batman detective cowl and look at the evidence:
1. Geoff Johns has an opening in his schedule
2. The Legion will be returning to Adventure Comics
3. On his official web site, Adventure Comics will be a Geoff Johns book in 2009

Clearly, the evidence points to Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Lead Pipe.


Ricardo said...

That seems very likely, especially considering Dan Didio has been coming and going with the books for a while without much explanation. It would be stupid for DC at this point to turn Legion to anyone else.
Personally, I´m much more into Shooter's LSH than L3W, but knowing a bit of Dan Didio's total dependance on Morrison and Johns, there is no way he would have it. But I don't think Johns will stay more than a year on the book. It's just a platform for making Legion a hot property again.

murrfox said...

I'm of two minds about this. ON the one hand, I'd love to see the Legion get some loving again and crawl its way back up the sales charts.

On the other hand, I'm not convinced that Johns is the guy that I want to see do it. I'm not fond of the way that he handles team books, and I'm super not fond of seeing the Levitz Legion reworked so that it works for Geoff's sensibilities.

Shadow Kid said...

I, for one, can't wait for more Johns' Legion! I especially love the powerhouse team he's made of Tasmia & Lydda and the whole way his Legion has "grown up".

murrfox said...

When exactly is Adventure Comics supposed to start? Isn't issue #0 coming out in February? So where's issue #1? It's not in March and it's not in April? Why such a long wait between the two?


Jim Drew said...

Johns is at least doing the "Origins and Omens" backup from ADV #0, with art by Manapul.