Monday, September 07, 2009

Bits of Legionnaire Business

It's too late for in-depth links to Legion of 3 Worlds or Adventure Comics #1, but here are some items I didn't get around to posting on my last Bits column that aren't too outdated already. It's a long one, chock full of good stuff all the way down to the bottom. Now I'm caught up through this weekend.

  • Those of you on Facebook might be interested in groups for the Interlac language,, and the old Legion apa's (like the Outpost, Interlac, etc.).

  • The Fortress of Baileytude has a series of podcasts covering Superman's history from Crisis (on Infinite Earths) to Crisis (the Final kind). Episode 10 covers August 1987, when the 4-issue storyline on Superman, Superboy, and the Pocket Universe appeared.

  • Again with the Comics looks at Tenzil for the Defense.

  • Remember how at the end of LSH v3 #5, five Legionnaires left through a stargate to make it back home (as seen in the recently reprinted "An Eye for an Eye" TPB)? Well, they had a detour in the 20th century with Superman and Brainiac, first.

  • TroopNY shows off his custom-made reboot Cosmic Boy costume at the League of Heroes site.

  • Newsarama interviews Tony Bedard on what's coming up in R.E.B.E.L.S.

  • Did you know that the M'rissey character that showed up in Jim Shooter's recent run on the Legion was based on long-time fan Rich Morrissey? Rich helped create Legion fandom in the early 1970s and was one of the great comics historians. Here's a little bit of the character on scans_daily and the obituary that Mark Evanier wrote in 2001.

  • Chris Mosby reveals why LSH v3 #312 is the most pivotal Legion issue EVER.

  • The Legion Abstract's Matthew was a guest of the Legion of Substitute Podcasters following the end of Legion of 3 Worlds. Worlds will live, worlds will die in this crossover!

  • Major Spoilers has an in-depth Hero History of the Legion of Super-Pets.

  • It's too late to go into detail about the Adventure Comics #1 reviews, but here are links to them anyway. Legion Abstract, Read/Rant, CBR, Shotgun Reviews, IGN, ComiXtreme, Get-a-Life Boy, Comic Book Legacy, Newsarama's Legion Blogpost, Comix411, Examiner, Keith's Comics Revue, Comics And..., and Comic Nexus.

  • The Origins and Powers of the Legionnaires, as posted by Diversions of the Groovy Kind. These are pages from the All-New Collector's Edition book that had the wedding of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, these pages with art by Jim Sherman and Jack Abel.

  • Info on costume designs by Mike Grell and Dave Cockrum, from an issue of Back Issue magazine.

  • If you're into Mighty Muggs, how about this custom Wildfire on ebay?

  • Whatever happened to those goats that L3 Brainiac 5 had in the HQ?

  • The Major Spoilers poll and podcast: the Legion vs the X-Men

  • Mattel, on what their next plans are for Legion action figures: "We do have some great plans for the Legion of Superheroes, but when and how they will be released has yet to be announced!"

  • Oh Noes! Clark needs to get to the 30th century right away, but he's cuddling with Lana. How will he get away?

  • Ah, Laurel Kent. Post-Modern Barney calls Superboy sick and wrong for hitting on his multi-great granddaughter, while Armagideon Time lists her in one of his "Nobody's Favorite" histories.

  • Gratuitous Legion references of the day: from the Sacramento Bee, talking about the University of Florida's "inevitable" march to the national championship game. "The Gators fit the bill. They've got the smarty-pants football coach. They've got the pretty-boy quarterback who works on making the world a better place in his spare time. They've got more speed than the Legion of Super-Heroes."

    Second, from the Wall Street Journal, on Disney's acquisition of Marvel: "Disney agreed Monday to buy Marvel Entertainment Inc., adding a legion of superheroes to a durable family of children's favorites."

  • Wil Wheaton talks a bit about his role as Cosmic Boy on the Legion TV series in an interview about his role on a recent episode of "Leverage".

  • It's time to play "Crazy Celebrity Baby Name or Member of the Legion!"

  • Here's a fabulously retro look at the Legionnaires on the cover of Adventure 247, by ~Quimbus on deviantART.

  • The Legion cartoon airs at 10:30am Sundays in Brisbane. In case you were wondering.

  • Blake's 2-in-1 Podcast looks at Mon-El - who is he, and what's his story?

  • Finally, my Google Alert subscription notifies me of these things from time to time, where somebody uses the phrase "Legion of Super-Heroes" but not actually referring to our team. This one is kind of cute, from the Willard Central Elementary School in Springfield, MO. The super-hero theme this year at the school "will focus on developing HEROES – Honorable, Empowered, Responsible, Organized, Exceptional Students." That's so cool! I hope DC/Warners doesn't bust them for trademark infringement or something.


Michael J. MacArthur said...

Appended to the end of an interview with Manapul regarding Adventure #2 in CBR is the news that he and Johns will leave Adventure after #6 to start a new Flash series.

Linda said...

Yeah, and the new writer is Paul Levitz!!!!!