Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trivia Answers #39

Ye olde answers to this month's trivia:

1. BION had the powers of all Legionnaires except for who?

Kono was the only one he didn't have powers from.

2. Which active Legionnaire did not take part in Earthwar?
Tyroc, of course. Even Paul Levitz didn't really know what to do with him.

3. In Blackest Night, the dead are rising to become Black Lanterns. Which 20th century heroes arose when Mordru raised the dead in v4 #43-48?
I don't have access to those issues, but according to Again With the Comics, the dead 20th century heroes included Vigilante, Flash, Atom, Jason Todd. Anyone have the issue handy to see if there were more?

4. Which Legionnaires named themselves after an animal?
Alphabetically, that would be Catspaw, Chameleon/Chameleon Boy, Chameleon Girl, Dragonmage, Emerald Dragon, Gazelle, Insect Queen, Lamprey, Leviathan, Porcupine Pete, Spider Girl, Timber Wolf, Turtle, and Virus.

5. Cosmic Boy, in his civilian identity, was once shown going to a movie date with someone other than Lydda "Night Girl" Jath. Which 20th century movie star was shown on the movie screen (updated to the 30th century)?
Nobody got this one. It was Charles Bronson with a laser gun in a scene from "Death Wish". I think it was Superboy 212 where Night Girl gets her new costume and teams up with Shadow Lass.

6. Who else besides XS, Iris Allen, and Iris's family is related to Bart Allen and comes from the 31st century?
The ones I was looking for were Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang II) and Inertia. I forgot about the Thawnes, from Bart's mom's side of the family.

7. The Magic Castle is a real-life magic-themed nightclub in Hollywood. What Legion connection does it have?
In the 30th century, it was a museum of magical artifacts, curated by Antonio Stefanacci - Darkseid ransacked the place and stole (if I remember correctly) Matter Master's Mentachem Wand. Jonathan Miller also reminded me it appeared again in the Magic Wars (but I don't remember in what context).


Greg Morrow said...

Viruses aren't animals.

Michael said...

Yeah, I had qualms about that one but I justified it to my self by saying that it's close enough. Maybe by the 31st century it will be reclassified.

Matthew E said...

Also, Insect Queen, Lamprey and Turtle weren't Legionnaires. Not that they shouldn't have been mentioned; I just wanted to note it in case anyone wanted to use that list for future reference.

Anonymous said...

Is Owen Mercer from the 30th Century? Knew his mother was, but assumed he was born in the 20th.

Jim Drew said...

According to Wikipedia, he was conceived when Captain Boomerang was trapped in the 30th century. (Huh?) Technically, that might make him from the 30th rather than the 31st century.