Monday, December 07, 2009

Trivia Quiz #42

First Monday of the month, that means it's Legion trivia time!

1. List any five of Lori Morning’s aliases when she used the "Dial H for Hero" dial.

2. Which of the following were the members of the Interplanetary Bank Beast Guards?

a. Asteroid Serpent
b. Hypno Beast
c. Jigsaw Creature
d. Invisible Eagle
e. Flame-Beast
f. Phantom Beast
g. Loudspeaker Beast

3. In the future of the Adult Legion, which of the children were shown to have NOT inherited any powers from their Legionnaire parents?

4. It was announced this week that the next big Superman story will be "Brainiac and the Legion of Super-Heroes". When has Brainiac met the Legion or individual Legionnaires, not including any of the Superboys or Supergirls?

5. Where should a Legion artist have written "after Michelangelo"?

6. Who was Mordru's eyes and ears in the 20th century?

7. Which team played the Naltor Dreamers in the 2995 Galaxy Series?


Matthew E said...

Only two answers.

5. You mean like on the "Last Supper" panel in the LSV story, or the "Creation of Man" panel in Great Darkness?

7. The Toonar Pilots.

Jonathan L. Miller said...

6. The citizens of Smallville--especially Lana Lang.

The only other one I know offhand is #5, which Matthew's already gotten.

Meerkatdon said...

#1: Galaxy Girl was one. (Why on earth do I remember that?)

#2: There was a composite creature that split into separate parts, each with its own cute face -- I'm guessing that was the Jigsaw Creature. And there was a (purple?) snake-like critter, so I'll say Asteroid Serpent. The Phantom Beast was a reject from the Legion of Super-Monsters, so it wasn't him/her. And I'm thinking a flame-beast would be a really bad idea for a bank guard, what with all those flammable banknotes and such. I seem to recall an Invisible Eagle appearing (is that the right word?) in a different story. I can't remember a Loudspeaker Beast, but maybe the noise fried my memory. That leaves the Hypno Beast, who may have been there but probably convinced me he/she was not.

3: Timber Wolf & Light Lass's kids. Brin and Ayla both had powers that were acquired, not inborn, so they didn't pass them along. But Brin was looking around for some Zuunium ; he's not going to let his daughter start dating until he's sure she can defend herself.

4: Oh, boy. Wasn't there a two-parter in (?) with Brainiac and the Legion? Or was that L.E.G.I.O.N.? Also, didn't everybody pretty much meet everybody else in Crisis on Infinite Earths? Or was Brainiac off hobnobbing with Darkseid the whole time? (It's been a while.)

And then there's Pulsar Stargrave, who may or may not have been the original Brainiac -- but the less said about him, the better.

5. When Dev-Em was briefly retconned into being David Emery, his "Who's Who" picture had him in the same pose as Michelangelo's sculpture "David," although he was fully clothed.

(No, it didn't. But ha ha, made you look!)

6. Through an accidental cross-temporal overapplication of magic, Mordru recruited not only the citizens of Smallville, but also the future cast of the TV series "Smallville" and 3 short German-American men who shared the same nickname of "Small Villie."

ted said...

2) I keep thinking the Hypnobeast was part of the death of Beast Boy story from Adventure.

4) Brainiac met Mon-el/Valor is the LEGION Annual and Superman annual.

Meerkatdon said...

I looked up the story with the Interplanetary Bank Guards, which I thought I remembered pretty well...and boy was I surprised! (And no, I'm not going to give the answer, that's cheating.)

Jim Drew said...

1. Slipstream and Ink were two of them

2. Asteroid Serpent, Hypno Beast, and Loudspeaker Beast. (I'm guessing. Invisible Eagle was from the Adv #247 story; Superboy made it visible with this cold breath.)

4. Showcase (Team 20), LEGION Annual (Valor), various Pulsar Stargrave appearances (preboot), maybe Legionnaires 3 (Brainiac was playing chess with the Time Trapper in it).

5. Giffen in Great Darkness Saga.

6. Citizens of Smallville

Meerkatdon said...

#5: In answer to The Question Man's query "When do you expect to get into heaven?" :)

royiskeen said...

1. couldn't get 5: Dynasoar, Ink, Plasma

2. Hypno Beast, Jigsaw Creature, Invisible Eagle, Asteroid Serpent

3. Brin and Ayla's

4. Showcase 96 10 and 11, Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow (outside the Fortress Of Solitude), and DC Comics Presents # 80.

5. Giffen in Great Darkness Saga and LSV arc

6. the residenst of Smallville

7. dunno