Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Listen up: Legion Podcasts

Did you know that there are some dedicated Legion podcasters out there? I know of two who publish on at least a semi-regular schedule - the Legion of Substitute Podcasters and the Super-Future Friends.

The Legion of Substitute Podcasters "is a podcast celebrating the Legion of Super Heroes. By Legion fans, for Legion fans. Join Paul, Darren, Matt and Scott as they dive headfirst into the history of the future!" The LSP guys are up to episode 74, which is pretty damn amazing all by itself. They publish weekly, I think. They have covered a run of the Adventure era, then the first year of v4, and then skipped a bunch and re-started at LSH v2 #283 when Levitz came back on for his second stint as writer. Episode 74 covers the Dr. Regulus vs Sun Boy issue, #286. Next up is #287, when the Levitz/Giffen team really get going. They are without a doubt the best Legion podcast based in Canada.

In a similar format - reading the book and describing what's going on, with considerable amounts of snark - is the Super-Future Friends podcast. Adriana and Kristen have started with Adventure 247 and 30 episodes and a couple years later they're up to Adventure 306, with postings roughly monthly. They are without a doubt the funniest pair of American women doing a Legion podcast. They also track the really important stuff, like are there statues and tunneling, questionable decisions, misuse of science, robot murder, and bizarre clubhouse trappings.

The Super-Future Friends, by the way, will be at Emerald City Comic Con Artist Alley in Table C-03 this weekend.

Awkward Pause Boy made the lotsalegion podcast, but that's been on hiatus since September 2009. He started covering the Bronze Age, beginning with Superboy 183 and ending with 210. I just recently found this one but I have not gotten a chance to listen.

Honorable Mention to Superman Fan Podcast, whose episode 115 last month was all about the Legion. There's a lot more info on the Legion and the SFP here.

Also, I've got to plug Major Spoilers. Last fall they did a Legion special that I got to listen to on a road trip. You may have read their Legion hero histories which are extremely well-researched and thorough.


herofan said...

I've been listening to the Legion of Substitute Podcasters from the beginning and they really have a great show. The even interviewed Paul Levitz a few episodes back.

Anonymous said...
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