Friday, April 02, 2010

WonderCon '10: Jim Lee & Paul Levitz's LSH story (finally!)

Jim Lee spoke with CBR in conjunction with the DC Nation panel at WonderCon today (their story had to have been pre-written, as it appeared to go live with the conclusion of the panel on which Lee was speaking). Amidst news of his Dark Knight book with Frank Miller, he had this to say:

Just because he's shying away from some cover work doesn't mean Lee will step away from the drawing board as his new duties as Co-Publisher take effect. The artist told CBR, "There's an overt acknowledgement by the rest of the executive team that one of the ways I help DC Comics the most is by doing creative work. The same goes for Geoff Johns, so to that purpose, we are given the latitude to take on projects and fit them into our schedules. So putting this book back on a track is the biggest part of my creative efforts this year. That, and a ten-page story I am doing with Paul Levitz featuring the Legion of Superheroes from the late 1970's that will be a centerpiece of a new art of Jim Lee book called 'Icons,' coming out this July."
You might recall this March 2008 post which had information on the Icons book that was due out in October 2008. Titan Books now has it listed as coming out in October 2010. (In a couple of DC Source blog posts last week, we saw the not-cover and the real cover to ICONS, which Robot6 and ComicVine say is supposed to come out in August. We'll see.)


Craigopher said...

Anyone know what this little puppy is going to cost? For a high end hardback, I'm guessing its a lot of dollars for those ten pages of Legion material.

Michael said...

The Titan web page said it's 296 pages but doesn't list a price. I'd guess something like $39.95 or $49.95 but that's pure speculation.