Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trivia Quiz #50

I decided extend the deadline one more month for your trivia questions, you guys can take over Quiz #51. Email me your favorite trivia questions and I'll make the next quiz all yours.

So this trivia quiz is based on where I've been lately.

1. The Alex Ross booth in San Diego had a huge floor-to-ceiling banner of his giant Legion litho that he did for the Warner Bros. Stores. When/where else have we seen Alex Ross draw/paint the Legion as a group or individuals, not counting Superman or Supergirl

2. In LA, I went to Venice Beach. When the Legion played the New Teen Titans in volleyball (in a published DC comic!), who was on each team?

3. In San Diego they announced that a set of 12 action figures would be released next year. Of those 12, which ones have never had any kind of 3-dimensional figure commercially released before? Remember that the Legionnaires of one timeline/continuity are not the same as those of another.

4. Paul Levitz announced that we'll see a Legion election soon. Assuming for the moment that his stories more or less remain canon up through the end of the Magic Wars, which Legionnaire had been elected leader the most number of times to that point?

5. Vegas is all about money. Name five types of money from different worlds in the 30th/31st century.

6. In Canada, they talk funny (at least to me, they do!). Which Legionnaire(s) has/have a distinctive accent or speech pattern different from "standard" (meaning everyone else)?

7. In Las Vegas you have to be 21 to drink alcohol. Before the Legionnaires grew up to drink Silverale, they drank kono juice. Where did we first see kono juice?


Tom Galloway said...

1. Ross also drew a Legion crowd scene in Kingdom Come (I believe in the epilogue). And he's drawn Starman individually in Kingdom Come and on various JSA covers.

3. I'd guess Wildfire, Karate Kid, and Matter-Eater Lad, but I've not been keeping track of Heroclix, mini-figurines, or gaming pieces and the like.

4. Elected is a little sneaky, since that'd knock Saturn Girl down to one as she got her second term by solving Proty II's puzzle. So it's one of Element Lad, Ultra Boy, or Mon-El; during the transition from Adventure to Action to Superboy backup to taking over the book, I lost track of how many times Jo and Mon were elected, but I'm sure Jan was elected twice.

5. Forgetting the specific worlds, but there was radioactive money, living crystal money, general UP/Earth paper credits, a coin given Pete Ross that would somehow prove his Legion status if he got to the 30th century...where presumably everyone had similar coins.

6. Quislet do! RJ Brande seems to have been retconned to have had an accent. In Legion v2, Chameleon had (or faked) an accent for quite a while. It's implied that Blok has a strong accent due to his silicon nature (and his word balloons being different). Tellus may also have an accent since I believe he uses a vocorder to speak (as opposed to telepath).

7. I believe that was in Adventure 378, as the Legion toasted Brainy with that Coluan delicacy on his birthday...on to find that the cups had been poisoned.

Jonathan L. Miller said...

1. The Legion also appeared in the sky in the distance at one point in Kingdom Come. Don't remember if they showed up in an epilogue or not.

3. Tenzil, definitely.

4. Pretty sure it's Mon-El.

5. Quislet and Invisible Kid II spring to mind; can't think of anyone else.

the HZA said...

1. The scene in "Kingdom Come" is the one explaining where all the heroes went when the grim and gritty future took over.

2. I've never seen this scene, but I really hope Tenzil was hitting on at least one of the Titans.

3. Guys, I'm fairly certain there was a M-E Lad figure in the same release as the characters that had that Swan / Schaffenberger look. That said, I don't know.

4. Lightning Lad.

5. I'm going back to read that story where the bank guards show the Legionnaires all the different money - the liquid money, the money with legs, jewels - and then the Tenzil Kem story where Tenzil can't get the money with legs through customs.

6. Shikari, Gazelle (did she speak in Shooter-esque super-cool future teenspeak, or am I thinking of someone else?), Comet Queen, Invisible Kid peppered his English with French, Quislet. I think Tellus' speech pattern was rather normal, as was Blok's, despite the different tones and timbres.

7. I want to say it was in the first Klordny festival.

Meerkatdon said...

#2: I was just looking at that the other day. It's from one of the DC Samplers (maybe #3). Without looking back at the comic, I think it was Star Boy and Ultra Boy on the Legion side, and (I'm totally guessing) Speedy and Robin (or whatever Grayson was calling himself) for the Teen Titans.

#3: Karate Kid and Proty, maybe?

#5: Without looking at the comics: gas money from Mercury, living crystal turtle money, radioactive money, giant polished coins, and...uh...quatloos?

#6: Quislet and Invisible Kid (Jacques) to be sure. Comet Queen, although she wasn't really a Legionnaire. The Saturn Girl of Earth-Prime is mute, communicating only by telepathy. And did you ever hear Matter-Eater Lad speaking with his mouth full of inertron chunks?

Matthew E said...

Without looking at anyone else's answers:

1. In the pages of Justice, wasn't it?

6. No, we don't. Quislet, Invisible Kid II, Shikari, and, early in the reboot, Chameleon.

Man, I thought I'd be able to come up with something for more than just two questions.

Anonymous said...

1. Did Alex Ross draw that Legion cover to Overstereet Price Guide?

Troy said...

6. People are forgetting the White Witch. The pink shades around her balloon made me think she had some sort of unique, etherial voice,

Anonymous said...

5. Glass coins from Alkoz, needle money from Sirius, Gourds are money on Grath, Huopians use engergy for money, and of course the living crystal money on Rojun (all from Adv. 350)
6. It is stated in the first Mordru story that Shadow Lass had an accent, which meant that she had to be passed off as a foreign exchange student. Quislet, obviously, and Dawnstar often did not use contractions the way others did - which is an odd way to talk. Invisible Kid II has a French accent, and yes, Blok and the White Witch.

Anonymous said...

Comet Queen's future version of Valspeak was fun, but she was never a legionnaire, so probably doesn't count.