Thursday, April 21, 2011

Legion of the Damned Reprints

So we finally get a reprint trade paperback of "Legion of the Damned" - the four-part arc that closed out LSH v4/Legionnaires, by Abnett/Lanning/Coipiel - and it turns out that it's printed in the wrong order! Oops.

According to posters at the DC Message Boards and, the volume was recalled the day it came out.

The chapters were supposed to be printed as
1. Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #122
2. Legionnaires #79
3. Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #123
4. Legionnaires #80

But instead, they were printed as chapters 2, 4, 1, and 3 in that order. Way to go, reprint editor!


Blue Tyson said...

This one is a comic shop only deal, then?

Meerkatdon said...

No wonder I thought the story was harder to follow this time around!

Not that I was ever a fan of that storyline. And IMHO, ugly art is not improved by letting a two-year-old scribble all over it -- which is what it looked like.

Doug said...

i'm glad you posted siomething about this...i was wondering if it was just my copy, since the lcs i go to only ordered one, and that was mine. so is DC gonna reprint it, it was recalled?

Doug said...

watch this become valuable since DC recalled it already...

Prof. Lemaris Lang said...

If I were a LSH editor
This issue I would not take credit for.
The Blight's an acquired tasta,
And a needless tree waste.
Perhaps somebody should have reread it more.


Prof. Lemaris Lang said...

TASTE! not "tasta"

The Hermit said...

Has anyone noticed that various Legion runs tend to end shortly after the art goes downhill? This goes all the way back to Mortimer replacing Swan in Adventure and seems to be a consistent trend over the years.

Anonymous said...

Well, the title ended then, but the writing team continued for another 4.5 years on further Legion titles.

And of course, some readers liked the art a lot. ("Bad" is sometimes simply "quite a bit different".) So did some companies, since Coipel then proceeded to do Avengers and Thor, topping the sales charts.