Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dr. Mayavale update

You know, a part of me - a very small part - wanted to see J. M. DeMatteis adapt his story from Legion (v2) #268 for the animated series. I wanted to see if anything could be salvaged, given nearly 30 years of experience as a writer. Over at the Ditko Comics Blog, discussed here earlier, JMD himself chimed in to add some comments about none other than Dr. Mayavale.

Don't worry, guys—I wouldn't think of adapting this story for the Legion cartoon.

Oh, how the errors of our youth follow us down through the decades!

When asked how closely Ditko followed the original script:
As for changes in the script...well, considering this story was written in (I think) l979, I have no recollection whatsoever!

I hope to have more from DeMatteis soon.

(I'm really glad it's Dr. Destiny over in JSA and not Dr. Mayavale.)


Terence Chua said...

Oh, that full page reveal of Mayavale with his "I Like Ike" button never gets old.

It's... too... beautiful. I can't take it. Anything I've ever tried to say in response to that page has turned out to be anticlimatic.

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