Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shooter signing in Denver on Saturday

If you're in the Denver area this weekend, Jim Shooter is too, signing at Mile High.

I’m going to be signing at Chuck Rozanski’s new Mile High Comics Mega-Store this Saturday. I don’t often do signings and conventions anymore, but Chuck has been a good friend for over 30 years. He asked me to help out with his Christmas Season event at his new store and I couldn’t let him down.  He’s helped me out many times and never let me down.
Check the link for the details on times and autographing schedules, you can get stuff in person or buy through the website.

RIP: Eduardo Barreto

Eduardo Barreto died today. He was an artist from Uruguay who I remember most from following George Perez on Teen Titans and doing a lot of Superman artwork in the 1990s. Barreto did two Legion covers and one interior story.

The cover to DC Comics Presents #80:

The interior art to LSH v3 #56 (Steve Lightle cover):

And the cover to Tales of the LSH #329:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reminder: Mattel 12-pack on sale (again) on Thursday

If you missed out the first time (like I did) on getting the 12-pack of Legion figures from Mattel, don't forget that they go back on sale this Thursday, December 15th at 9 a.m. PT (12 noon ET).

Here's the link to the LSH page on, where you'll find this:

This pack is a reissue, which means it was previously released. All reissued packs receive a graphic burst on the package stating “Long Live the Legion” to indicate it is a re-released product but identical to the first run. Mattel holds back a small amount of product from each sale for customer service needs. When a product is reissued, the held back stock is sold. A small percentage of customers will receive product from the first run and the package will not contain the burst. This is random and we cannot control which package will be received.

Available December 15, 2011, only on
Also from (their links):
As always, I’ll send email reminders (click here to register) and post reminders on Facebook, Twitter and in our Fan Forums.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Nicieza out, DeFalco on as "Legion Lost" writer

So I'm back in the US after a loooong vacation (since mid-September - I haven't read anything of the New 52 yet) and already they've got creative turnover on a Legion book.

Via The Beat:

What is it about the Legion of Super-Heroes that pulls in ex-Marvel editor-in-chiefs.  Roy Thomas wrote it.  Gerry Conway wrote it.  Jim Shooter came back for another run.  Now Tom DeFalco is taking over Legion Lost with issue #7.  Writing changes announced on Superman, Green Arrow and Legion Lost before the 4th issues hit the stands?  You can’t say DC is averse to change.
 Writes Brian Cunningham at DC's The Source blog:
His schedule just couldn’t keep up with a monthly series right now. It’s a bummer because Fabian and I had discussed some really cool ideas for the series, but I understood his reasons, and we parted on a positive note with hopes that someday we can reteam on something else down the road.

So I needed to hire a new writer, someone I felt could take the groundwork laid by Fabian and strive for even greater heights. No small task!

... So Tom came into my office with his infectious enthusiasm, and we just talked about LEGION LOST for over an hour. I really loved what I heard. And then we got on the phone with series artist Pete Woods, and the ideas kept flowing. Carrying over subplots that Fabian had been developing, Tom’s inclinations felt so completely fresh that we were sold instantly. Here’s a taste:
  • A crossover with TEEN TITANS involving the organization known as N.O.W.H.E.R.E. — with a revelation that will change the entire course of LEGION LOST!
  • A Timber Wolf romance that could rip the team apart!
  • A power struggle for leadership!
  • Tyroc has a deadly secret…and the team isn’t happy when they learn it!
  • And a traitor lurks in their midst!
 I haven't kept up with Marvel in a while; I thought DeFalco was still in charge over there.

Another Shot At The Action Figure 12-Pack has announced that its upcoming December 15th sale will include the Legion figure 12-pack. This one is supposed to be a "reissue with burst", but there's no explanation of what a "burst" is. Also, it's noted that some buyers will get previously held in reserve first run sans burst packs.