Sunday, January 30, 2022

Introduction to the Field Guide to Legion Cover Variants

This is the master index page to the Field Guide to Legion Cover Variants. For purposes of this Field Guide, I am only showcasing where one issue has different cover artwork, coloring, and/or logo to represent a variant. I know there are collectors out there who differentiate between the Direct Sales and the Newsstand copies (whether there's a barcode or something else like a logo in the UPC box on the cover), but since that's not something I am interested in, I'm not going to include them here. Likewise, I'm also not including Canadian or UK price variants, or "Whitman variants".

Each chapter has a pictorial list of the different variants available during that time frame, along with the artists and a note about any rationale about the variants (second printing, cardstock variant, 1:25 variant, etc.). I include all Legion-specific books, and some books with Legionnaires in them (such as Starman and Mon-El/Valor), but it's not every single book that has a Legionnaire in it.

As a bonus, I have a couple of Appendices, including a field guide of covers that were solicited but for one reason or another went unused, and a field guide to second printings (which is a small subset of the larger main guide as the vast majority of variant covers are first printings).

This page will be pinned over on the side, and updated as needed.

Part 1: 1958-2005
Part 2: 2006-2007
Part 3: 2008-2009
Part 4: 2010-2011
Part 5: 2012-2014 
Part 6: 2015-2018
Part 7: 2019
Part 8: 2020
Part 9: 2021-2022
Appendix A: Unused covers
Appendix B: Second printings  

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