Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heroes Con, WizardWorld 09: Nothing going on

It's the beginning of Con season. This weekend: Heroes Con in Charlotte and Wizard World in Philadelphia.

Here's the non-scoop from Heroes Con: basically, nothing Legion-related at either Friday's DC Universe panel (according to both CBR and Newsarama), or Saturday's DC Nation panel (Newsarama).

Meanwhile, up in Philadelphia, it's WizardWorld. Only Wizard seems to be covering this one, and unfortunately their page is impossible to navigate or find anything. But they've got a DC Nation panel on Saturday.

Update: CBR covered WW's DC Nation panel where once again nothing Legion-related was discussed.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gerry Conway on Twitter

Here's a series of "tweets" from Gerry Conway (@GerryConway) a couple days ago on Twitter. Rearranged for easier chronological reading. ("twhirl" is a Twitter client he uses to read and post.)

I need to remember: don't read reviews or comments on stuff I write. No matter how many positive comments, all I see are the negative ones.
10:34 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

I mean, great baseball hitters miss two out of three times at bat, and that's considered a great average. Writers and artists, though...
10:36 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

We're expected to bat a thousand every time. And when we don't, we get slammed as "hit or miss." Well, duh.
10:38 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

My problem is I wrote too much when I was writing comics. Twice as much as most other writers, on average. Five, six titles a month.
10:41 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

I like to think most of it was pretty good. I think I wrote as many good stories as the best writers working at the time. Unfortunately...
10:43 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

... I also wrote a lot I wasn't happy with. Didn't hit a home run every time at bat. Sometimes just a base hit. Sometimes a strikeout.
10:49 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

But some readers only see the strike-outs. A 100+ issues of JLA, and all they remember are the Detroit stories. Sheesh.
10:52 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

A solid run on Batman and Superman, and all they wanna talk about is how I sucked writing Legion. But you know what's sick?
10:54 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

I listen to them! Five great reviews, a dozen compliments from happy fans, and all I hear is the snarky guy who calls me old school.
10:56 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

Yeah, I know, but this is why I shouldn't read reviews or commentary. I ain't got no perspective. Sheesh.
10:59 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

Thanks, geek! I know I'm too hard on myself. But what people think really does matter to me. Sigh. You'd think, at my age... ;)
11:00 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

Thanks for the support, guys. Guess I just needed to blow off some steam. Fssttt.
11:06 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bits of Legionnaire Business

Woww, it's been slow with no new Legion book. Hurry up, Adventure Comics!

  • Writer James Gunn asked on his Facebook page and on Twitter, "Which Super-Hero would you want to sleep with?" Yes, we are all still 14. No Legionnaires made the list (except for Supergirl), but L2 Violet and Triplicate Girl made the comments. Mildly NSFW for language and pictures of scantily clad super-heroines that you can see in comics anyway.

  • Matthew at the Legion Abstract gives odds on what the fate of Superboy-Prime will be at the end of "Legion of 3 Worlds".

  • Travis aka Tpull starts a series at FilmFodder on "Deconstructing/Reconstructing the Legion".

  • I'm way behind in all my books, but apparently there's something cooking with Booster Gold and the Legion. From a May 23rd interview with Dan Jurgens at Newsarama:
    BLOG@: The message boards over at Newsarama were already buzzing when they saw your preview pages—Proty and Ivo? Will the Legion of Super-Pets be somehow involved with the much-ballyhooed story of Brainiac 5 coming after Booster’s ring?

    DJ: Could be! There is a definite plan for the Legion story, what we will deal with, etc. We’re simply waiting for the right time to plug it in.

    The latest Gold Exchange update from Newsarama:
    BLOG@: ...Well, inside the lab we have a solitary blackboard note this month. Superman 2965? Is that going to tie into the upcoming story with the Legion of Super-Heroes?

    DJ: Possibly!

  • The newest version of Daily Scans has this sequence from the SW6 tryout featuring Cera Kesh, Plaid Lad, and the Emerald Empress.

    Then there's this recap of the Great Darkness Saga. For those who read it as it came out monthly, without the internet to spoil things, it was amazing. All you knew of what was going to happen came from the "next issue" blurb on the letters page or the last page of the story. Nobody knew who the villain was; Darkseid hadn't been seen for years. Best Story Ever.

    Next, some pages from the storyline including L3 Lightning Lad and Starman, stuff that didn't make it into either the Lightning Saga or the Superman & The Legion reprint books.

    Some pages from LSH v2 #259, where Superboy leaves the Legion for good (not counting the time he left because for tax purposes they could only have 25 members).

    Lastly, "one perfect moment" where Saturn Girl totally pwns Universo, at the end of the Universo Project storyline.

  • The Gay League reviews the history of Lightning Lass with Violet, and Element Lad & Shvaughn Erin.

  • Until we get the Season 2 DVD, here's a link to a torrent file to download the entire season 1 and 2 episodes of the Legion animated show.

  • DCAUYojimbo put together the Legion series entry for the DCAU Resource, with info on everyone, everything, and everywhere that appeared in the Legion animated show.

  • Brendan McCarthy posted about a rejected pitch he had for DC, which would have starred Jimmy Olsen and Saturn Girl as immune to a "terrible reverse-Bizarro plague", called Delinquent Jimmy Olsen.

  • Finally, via MTV's Splash Page, actor Danny McBride ("Land of the Lost", "Tropic Thunder") wants to make a movie that adapts the Ait/Planet Lar comic book “Hench,” about the sad life of a supervillain’s henchman.
    Asked whether Warner Brothers’ association with the film would mean we’ll see some familiar characters from the DC Comics universe, McBride said the audience will “see a lot of the superheroes,” but later added, “once we write this filthy dirty script, probably no one’s going to want to be involved with it.”

    Pushed to offer the one character he’d want more than any other in the film, McBride suggested a DC character who could pull off his own arms and use them as weapons — a suggestion that we admit being a bit mystified about. Was he talking about Arm Fall Off Boy from the Legion of Superheroes? Calling all DC geeks!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Trivia Quiz #36

The Legion is in itself a great concept - Superboy goes to the future and meets a group of super-powered teammates.

Another great concept: dinosaur space pirates. How awesome is that? And if they were zombie ninja dinosaur space pirates - well that's just icing on the cake. Giant robot zombie ninja dinosaur space pirates? Who are also cyborg vampires? One of the most awesome concepts in the entire history of ever, a collection of awesome of such magnitude that it could collapse upon itself into a white dwarf star just like the one that Mon-El could carry into Metropolis.

Oh yeah, trivia. Not counting Superboy or Supergirl non-Legion stories, when has the Legion (or individual Legionnaires) met and/or fought...

1. Giant robots?
2. Zombies?
3. Ninjas?
4. Dinosaurs?
5. Space pirates?
6. Cyborgs?
7. Vampires?