Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gerry Conway on Twitter

Here's a series of "tweets" from Gerry Conway (@GerryConway) a couple days ago on Twitter. Rearranged for easier chronological reading. ("twhirl" is a Twitter client he uses to read and post.)

I need to remember: don't read reviews or comments on stuff I write. No matter how many positive comments, all I see are the negative ones.
10:34 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

I mean, great baseball hitters miss two out of three times at bat, and that's considered a great average. Writers and artists, though...
10:36 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

We're expected to bat a thousand every time. And when we don't, we get slammed as "hit or miss." Well, duh.
10:38 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

My problem is I wrote too much when I was writing comics. Twice as much as most other writers, on average. Five, six titles a month.
10:41 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

I like to think most of it was pretty good. I think I wrote as many good stories as the best writers working at the time. Unfortunately...
10:43 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

... I also wrote a lot I wasn't happy with. Didn't hit a home run every time at bat. Sometimes just a base hit. Sometimes a strikeout.
10:49 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

But some readers only see the strike-outs. A 100+ issues of JLA, and all they remember are the Detroit stories. Sheesh.
10:52 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

A solid run on Batman and Superman, and all they wanna talk about is how I sucked writing Legion. But you know what's sick?
10:54 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

I listen to them! Five great reviews, a dozen compliments from happy fans, and all I hear is the snarky guy who calls me old school.
10:56 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

Yeah, I know, but this is why I shouldn't read reviews or commentary. I ain't got no perspective. Sheesh.
10:59 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

Thanks, geek! I know I'm too hard on myself. But what people think really does matter to me. Sigh. You'd think, at my age... ;)
11:00 PM Jun 16th from twhirl

Thanks for the support, guys. Guess I just needed to blow off some steam. Fssttt.
11:06 PM Jun 16th from twhirl


cpahl2000 said...

It´s great. I love his works and I´ll follow him. Thanks.


Charlie E/N said...

Wow. His stuff isn't that bad, but this is why famous people should watch what they Twit about. That's a bit emo and a bit teenage.
Next time I read anything of his, this will be in my mind, rather than the thought that all writers are distant gods made of awesome.
Apart from Chuck Austen.