Friday, June 30, 2006

Vs. System CCG in November?

As Scott pointed out in my earlier post with the DeKraken interview, when the artist said he was finishing up some artwork for an Upper Deck card set later this year, he was apparently referring to the Vs. System CCG set we discussed here back in February.

Back then, the set was described as

The teen sensations from the future, the Legion of Super-Heroes, are from all over the galaxy. They've banded together to protect the United Planets from a multitude of galactic threats. The Legionnaires, led by their founders Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Live Wire, work together with Superboy and Supergirl to fight against such evil foes as the Fatal Five, the Legion of Supervillains, and the eternal menace of Darkseid.

Online retailer Borderland Relics has the new description (which according to one source was just released on 6/30):
DC Vs. System TCG: Legion of Super-Heroes Boosters

Release Date: November 2006
Welcome to the 31st Century!
At the dawn of the 31st Century, the Legion of Super-Heroes protects the United Planets from the perils of the future. The Legionnaires, joined by the Teen Titans, battle the forces of Darkseid’s Elite, the Fatal Five and other Future Foes to keep the universe safe for everyone!

Help the Legionnaires bring security, stability, and order to the entire galaxy, or destroy them and it. Which ever side you choose, the universe will never be the same with the addition of these young heroes to the Vs. System! Set features fan favorite DC Comics characters, including Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Superboy, Robin, and many more!

24- Pack Booster $66.00/box until 10/20 then $76.00/box

ToyWiz has a link for preorders at $69.99 a box, but they say it comes out in August 2006, not November.

MetaGame has a discussion by one of the game's designers about what's in this particular set, which is actually a "sequel" to their Infinite Crisis set. They worked with DC to get the storyline into card form, but due to lag time the storyline's details kept changing, which meant the cards had to change too.
It’s hard enough to design a set when you know the comics inside and out, but designing one with only sketchy details was a huge challenge. While it was a top priority to include all of the emblematic characters and events in the current Crisis, the worst thing that we could do was include something that wouldn’t end up happening after all.

How did we solve this problem? The same way that comic books do—with a “To Be Continued . . .” The story of the Infinite Crisis is not over. Infinite Crisis covered the opening salvo, but we plan to wrap up this tale in the next DC set, Legion of Super-Heroes. Major characters and plot points not covered in Infinite Crisis, including fan favorite Wally West, the destruction of Blüdhaven, and the ultimate battle between Superboys, are on their way. By using some of the legacy content space in Legion, we were better able to flesh out the teams and themes of Infinite Crisis without worrying about missing key touchstones.

The Vs.Realms message board has some discussion on what the fans would like to see.
"Dear Santa,
I have been very good all year. Please bring me 4 of the Matter Eater Lad 1 drop, the Matter Eater Lad 3 drop, and the Matter Eater Lad 7 drop. If possible, with the Extended Art Keith Giffen versions. If you could also bring me 4 of Legion Try-Outs and 4 of Brainy's Experiment Out of Control Again, that would be swell.
carbonbased, age 6 and a half"

I have no idea what that means.

Another poster there has some hints about who's in it (but I couldn't find the original source):
Mon-El is apparently in the set.

The Legion of Supervillains and the Fatal Five are both in a 'conglomerate team'(Like Emerald Enemies), although they will be capable of being played seperately(this might be one of the features of the set).

Here's the Wikipedia link for the Vs. System. I have no hope of possibly understanding it well enough to summarize it.

Time Tripping

Vacations are hectic on a blogger's schedule. Fortunately, Scipio (of the Absorbascon fame) took the time out from his busy vacation earlier this month to send some postcards to his friend Blockade Boy (a time-traveling, universe-hopping superhero fashion designer who can turn himself into a moderately-sized steel wall, and who really didn't die at the Super-Stalag of Space), direct from the 31st century. Read his postcards about getting to the future, his meeting with the Legion (and how heeven learned a new cuss phrase), the Comic Book Shoppe of Nine Worlds (must be part of the franchise), the Universal Switch to Lesbianism 800 years ago, his dinner date with Colossal Boy, and his meeting up with some new Legionnaires. But then he had to go home, which is the worst thing about vacations.

It's a good thing that Scipio had taken the two lesson series on LegionSpeak so he could converse with the locals. Scan the reading material for lesson 101 and for lesson 102.

Meanwhile, Dr. Polaris (yes, that one) at Title Undetermined regaled us with his tale about his trip to the 30th Century, where he picked up the Emerald Empress in a bar.

Chris' Invincible Super-Blog looks back at another time traveller, Jimmy "Elastic Lad" Olsen, the Wilt Chamberlain of his day (and he ain't talking about basketball!). "Mister Action's in the house, and he's lookin' for love." I mean, even Triplicate Girl is going to "romance Jimmy like a terrific threesome." But sadly, they're the Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes. They don't use their fantastic technology to bring you to the future without royally screwing with your head. It's in the charter.

Issue 19 reviews

Nice change of pace. I liked the "hard-boiled detective" talk by Chameleon. I half-expected him to say "My name's Chameleon. I'm a cop" or "Book 'em, Danno".

Rokk (of Rokk's Comic Book Revolution) was very eager to read the book, posting this the day before it came out:

What am I least looking forward to? In DC, that is soooo easy. Supergirl and the high jacking of the Legion of Super Heroes #19. I just can’t wait to see what underwhelming issue DC is going to push off on us this week! Hopefully, DC will finally showcase Supergirl a little on this title. She just hasn’t gotten enough attention. Supergirl really is an underutilized character.

But the next day he bought and read the issue, starting with this:
I’m totally over this title. I’m resigned to the fact that DC has butchered this comic since the day that Paul Levitz left it. And there is no reason for me to believe that DC will ever get this title right again.

On to the review...
This issue was just average. Nothing great and nothing terrible. One huge positive about this issue was that we only had to put up with Supergirl for 3 pages! [snip] The pacing is slow. The story feels unfocused. I wish that Waid would focus more on the Dominators and their plan or this new team that is forming whether it is the Legion of Super Villains or the Legion of Substitute Heroes rather than the robot rebellion. [snip] However, I simply cannot recommend this Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes to anyone other than the most die-hard Supergirl and Legion fans.

Hypno-Hustler and the Mercy Killers wrote in seebelow that he (they?) read this issue first of all the comics he bought instead of saving the money for retirement.
As to the issue...well, it was kinda okay. Waid is failing abjectly at interesting me in the greater milieu of the latest interpretation of the 30th century; nothing in his constructed world compels me in the slightest. But the plots are still boffo: the whole deal with Supergirl's belief that it was all her imagination was really well-done, and this issue gave us a pretty fine locked-door mystery and a nice cliffhanger at the end.

More to come when I find them.

Heroes Con '06, day 1

Not much to report from Charlotte so far.

WizardUniverse reports from the DC Nation panel:

There are no plans for Mon-El to join the Legion of Superheroes.

Of course, that could be parsed many ways - Lar Gand could join under another name, for example, or he could join the Teen Titans.

Nothing yet from Newsarama or CBR.

DeKraker interview: card set, more coming soon

ComicBloc has a long interview with Legion fill-in artist Adam DeKraker. There are some phenomenal shots of his pencil art (including pages from issue 18 and the cover and a page from issue 20) as well as the standard "who are your influences" and "what else are you working on now". Some interesting comments (the most interesting one highlighted in red - Note: see update at the bottom):

AD: I’m really enjoying my work on Legion these days. I’m always proud of being a better artist than I was last time I drew anything, but I’m also always completely aware of how far I have to go. I always wish I had another crack at everything I draw! But the nature of the job is that ya gotta let it go, warts and all. Learn from what didn’t work, and try your best to get it right the next time.

AD: Also on sale this month, I’m sitting in for regular artist Barry Kitson on an issue of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes (issue #18). And, I’ll be back on that title for a few issues starting with #20, working over Kitson’s ace layouts with the super talented Mick Gray inking. I’ll also just found out that I’ll be sharing regular pencilling duties with Jan Duursema on the new Star Wars title from Dark Horse, STAR WARS: LEGACY! I also have some trading card artwork for the Upperdeck Titans/Legion set. Dunno when those hit stores.

PMH: Filling in on the Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes sounds like it’s right up your alley. So who is your favorite Legionnaire to draw?

AD: You know, I’m only just becoming familiar with these characters. It’s funny, because the more you draw a character the more ya have affection for them. The first time I draw them, it’s kinda like “Who the hell is this? What’s their deal? What kinda belt is that?” It takes working on them a few times before ya figure ‘em out a bit. I’ve kinda caught some crap for being inconsistent with my interpretations on my first couple passes on these characters. It’s a completely legit criticism—it’s taken getting to know them to kinda settle on what my take on them is gonna be. When it starts to come together, that’s when I really start enjoying drawing them.

An upcoming issue focuses on Cosmic Boy quite a bit, and I think I may have developed a bit of a crush on him. He was really fun to draw—and a lot of that comes from what’s happening to his character in this issue—it’s quite funny and sweet. I’ve enjoyed Timber Wolf, Atom Girl, Karate Kid, and Invisible Kid quite a bit, too. There’s really no character I dislike. It’s such a big cast, it’s gonna take me awhile to really get acquainted with all of ‘em, but I’m looking forward to it!

A new card set too, huh? Here's a list of all of the trading cards we've seen so far over the years. It's deserving of a post all its own one of these days, too. Trivia: No Legionnaire has appeared on a card since the Kingdom Come set in 1996.

Update: As Scott points out in the comments, the card set is the Vs. System I wrote about back in February. D'oh!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Animated LSH news 39: AJ Vargas, producer (and more)

Combining some info from a recent comment, from Titans Tower, and TitansGo... reports that US production on season 1 of the Legion show will wrap next month:

Our Legion crew sources tell us the series will be wrapping up its 1st Season production in late July (scripts, audio, designs & storyboards...only thing left is overseas animation)!

Updates and clarifications to things I wrote here based on a recent Titans Tower post:
  • David Slack (IMDB) is a freelancer who wrote one episode. He's not on staff.
  • Amy Wolfram (IMDB) worked on a couple of episodes. I had reported earlier that she was on staff as a story editor (which I got from TitansGo) but someone with first-hand knowledge tells me that's incorrect, she's a freelancer.
  • And according to my source, Rob Hoegee is more than just a story editor, he developed the show along with James Tucker (who I had thought all along was the single guiding force) and producer AJ Vargas (IMDB). Vargas was recently an associate producer on Teen Titans.

So the only confirmed staff writer we know about so far is Matt Wayne, along with Tucker and Hoegee.

A true story (supposedly)

This cracked me up on several levels. And the Legion is even tangentially involved, so it's on topic. I got it from Comic Geek Speak who got it from Pop Culture Addict. Whether it's true or not is irrelevant.


"Hey Sam, you like superheroes?" Diana inquired. I should say I do. I buy around forty dollars worth of comics a week.

"Yeah," I said. Diana had me interested. She's not the type to bring up superheroes.

"Wanna hear a joke then?" she asked.

"Sure," I replied.

"Okay. Superman is flying around with nothing to do and he's bored so he decides he wants to go out for a beer so he goes to Batman's house..."

"Do you mean Wayne Manor or the Batcave?" I queried.

"What difference does it make?" Diana said, annoyed that I had interrupted.

"Well, if Superman was seen going into Wayne Manor it would be suspicious and he might give away Batman's secret identity as Bruce Wayne so he would more likely go to the Batcave - but that's a cave, not a house".

"Okay. Superman goes to the Batcave."

"Okay," I agreed.

"So he asks Batman if he wants to go out for a drink, but Batman says he can't because he has to stay home and feed his bats," Diana continued.

"Why does Batman need to feed the bats in the Batcave?" I asked. "That seems like a waste of time. Does he not have better things to do? It's not like they are pets or anything. Why can't they catch their own dinner like normal bats?"

"That's not the point - alright? He just can't go with Superman because he's busy," Diana retorted.

"Fine," I sighed, "Batman needs to feed the bats. Go on..."

"Alright. So Superman leaves and he goes to Spiderman's house to ask him if he wants to go out for a beer."

"Ummmmm... Diana..." I interrupted.

"What now?" Diana sighed.

"What is Spiderman doing in this story?" I inquired.

"What do you mean?" Diana said in an annoyed voice.

"Well, technically it's impossible for Superman to go and ask Spiderman out for a drink because Superman lives in the DC Universe and Spiderman lives in the Marvel Universe. I mean Superman could ask Green Lantern or Aquaman or the Flash out for a drink, and Spiderman could go for a drink with Captain America and Wolverine but unless Superman went through some weird portal, or unless he was in the midst of a giant cross company event, which is rather unlikely considering that they are just going out for a beer, it's pretty much impossible for Spiderman and Superman to go for a beer. You know what I mean?"

Diana clearly didn't. I didn't want to explain again.

"Never mind. Superman goes to Spiderman's house to ask if he wants to go for a beer," I said.

"Okay. Yeah. But Spiderman said he couldn't because he had to stay home and feed his spiders."

"Hold on a second," I exclaimed, "can you explain to me exactly why Spiderman has spiders?"

"That's not important," Diana stated.

"But it doesn't make sense!" I continued anyways, "Spiderman doesn't keep spiders around. Why would he? And besides, Aunt May and MJ wouldn't put up with that kind of crap even if he wanted to."

Diana glared at me.

"Okay, okay - Spiderman had to feed his spiders."

"Can I go on?" she asked.

"Sure," I replied.

"So Superman leaves and he's flying around and he sees Wonder Woman lying naked on the beach."

"Why would Superman be interested in that?" I questioned her.

"Because he's a man," Diana replied, thinking that she had the better of me this time.

"Well," I replied, "I'm sure if Superman really wanted to see Wonder Woman naked he could have done it lots of times at any Justice League meeting by just using his x-ray vision."

Diana sighed. "Okay - well Wonder Woman is having sex on the beach with the Invisible Man."

"Okay this is just getting ridiculous..." I moaned. "The Invisible Man is a fictional character in a book by H.G. Wells. He's not even a comic book character, unless you include the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but I don't think that counts in the current DC Universe. I'll have to look that one up... I mean, I guess she could be having sex with Invisible Kid from the Legion of the Superheroes but he's from the future - which means that's pretty much impossible. I mean, if they are still in that loopy cross company event Wonder Woman might be having sex with Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four. Hey... what kind of joke is this anyways?" I asked.

"Forget it," Diana said finally fed up. She never did tell me the punch line.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Animated LSH news 38: David Slack, writer

The TitansTower Monitor Room has an update on the former Teen Titans writers who are now working on the Legion animated show, and revealed the writers of a couple of episodes.

David Slack revealed, "While I've been on hiatus [from "Law & Order,"], I've just completed an episode of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES for the illustrious Rob Hoegee."

"Yeah, I was lucky enough to have both Amy [Wolfram] and David come in and do an episode or two," Rob noted. "I'm nearing the last legs of the first season of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. And as reported, it will air this fall on the Kids-WB! on the CW network. It will be on at 11am just before THE BATMAN."

I assume that means that from a writing and voice acting side, the season is almost finished. The first recording session was in February, which would put this at 4-5 months of work writing/acting per season of 13 episodes, with about 7-8 months of drawing per season.

So far, we know that Slack, Wolfram, Matt Wayne, and Stan Berkowitz have written at least one episode each (or collaborated with someone). Add to that Story Editor Rob Hoegee and Producer James Tucker, and that's six names right there (Wolfram is a Story Editor too). Sounds to this untrained ear like enough writers to tackle a 13-episode season (though of course I have no clue whatsoever what goes into writing a series!).

Rob, care to comment, add, or correct anything?

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Emerald Eye of Ekron?

Update: added LegionWorld link and Dan DiDio quote, per the comments.

Some people, who are apparently way smarter than I am, are wondering what happened to Alan "Green Lantern" Scott's eye when he came back from outer space recently in "52".

They're wondering if somehow this is the origin of the Emerald Eye of Ekron.

Devon at Seven Hells thinks so, as do a bunch of people who commented there. So did this guy at the ComicBloc forum, and this guy at Kalinara's Pretty Fizzy Paradise, John Hays at Silver Bullet Comics, and this guy at the DC message boards, and this guy at Tom Foss' Fortress of Soliloquy, and Douglas Wolk's 52 Pickup, and this thread on the LegionWorld ...

You may recall that the Eye was seen in the 21st century in the pages of L.E.G.I.O.N. '90 a while back (off and on between issues 11 and 22). Garryn and Marij'n Bek bonded with (or were taken over by, depending on your point of view) the Eye.

Of course, that was pre-Zero Hour. We only saw one in the pre-ZH 30th century (with the Emerald Empress), and a couple in the post-ZH 30th century (found by Kinetix, took over Shrinking Violet, later bonded with the Empress; at one point there were two of them). Read this entry (scroll down a bit) on the history of the pre-ZH and post-ZH Eyes.

Dan Didio to Newsarama, Crisis Counseling #7:
Q: Will Alan Scott's missing eye turn out/be related to the Emerald Eye of Ekron of Legion lore?

DD: I do not believe that is the case but I do know the eye is out there looking for him.

Of course, we all knew that Captain Atom was going to be revealed as Monarch in "Armageddon 2001", too.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

They didn't... no, wait... WTF?

It's been a few months since the last time I did one of these, so inspired by the WTF? that is the new animated Elongated Brainiac 5, here's a new selection of panels taken out of context.

From chameleongirl79 at scans_daily:

  • While the song is lovely, it's the giant flying carrot that makes the scene perfect.
  • It's the Scooby-Doo show! Starring Brainiac "Fred" 5, Invisible "Scooby" Kid, and Cosmic "Shaggy" Boy. Zoinks!
  • Chameleon Boy lays the smack down on Spider-Man.
  • Hope you don't have a bad future. Brainy might try to mess with your urgal psytrops.

From the Absorbascon:
  • "See, today was not a day I needed to read about Superboy bug sex." You must read the comments.
  • Drugs? We're from the 30th century; we don't need no stinkin' drugs!

From What WERE They Thinking?:
  • Even though you're good enough to be the Legion's leader, you still can't go on this mission, Saturn Girl.
  • A Tromite to the ol' Brit Meilah. That's gotta hurt.

From Beaucoup Kevin:
  • As one of the commenters says, "That is a really cruel thing to say about cucumbers."

From the Invincible Super-Blog:

Previous WTF?s can be found here, here, and here.

LegionWiki - the new Encyclopedia Galactica

Looks like Scott and the guys over at LegionWorld have finally gone public with the new LegionWiki. For those of you who don't know what a wiki is, check out the Wikipedia. Wikis are collaborative encyclopedia entries, where basically anyone can create or edit any entry (of course, if you erase the entry on Bouncing Boy and put in "for a good time, call Luornu", someone else can just as easily fix it).

Think of it as the Encyclopedia Galactica of the 21st century.

Similar wikis have been created for other continuity and character driven series, such as Superman, X-Files and Star Trek. Chaim Mattis Keller created a Legion help file some years back that attempted to be comprehensive, but because of the serial nature of the comics business it was outdated after a month. This is the next level of that, but now anyone can help. You think you're an expert on Kid Psycho? The Planetary Chance Machine? All the models of the Legion Cruiser? That and more you'll eventually find there.

So go sign in and create that entry on Kono Juice that we know you've been dying to share with everyone.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Animated commentary

Nice to see the extra couple hundred hits from the Newsarama link ("What's Interlac for 'Run this by legal'?") yesterday, it was my biggest traffic day since my April Fool's Day joke that Warren Ellis linked to. A number of other sites either mentioned the Superboy/Superman switch or reposted the info. Hey, I finally scooped Comics Continuum! :)

Oh, and someone already got the answer to the Newsarama question:

Check out some animated commentary:

  • The Absorbascon
    Love Bouncing Boy, but my horrified gaze is riveted on the desecration of Brainiac 5, who's been reimagined as some sort of ... machine.

    To which I can only say:


    (It makes more sense in context, really)

  • A Day in the Life


    This just isn't my day...

    Still though, they cancled Teen Titans & Justice League Unlimited, and all I get is this?!?

    Seriously, what the fuck is this? Justice League light? A shit version of Teen Titans?


    Who am I kidding? I'll watch it.

  • Tales from the Longbox:
    What is the deal with Brainiac Five’s neck???

  • Thanks to MondoComic for the translation of the Newsarama article into Spanish, but next time could you not strip attribution of both my page and Newsarama's?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Animated: It's Neron's fault

That picture of Elongated Brainy? Blame it on Neron.

Quote for the day: "Because we all know teenagers with superpowers need nothing more than emo mascara and drugs in their life."

Animated: Licensing Show part 2

Continuing the earlier coverage of the Legion's appearance at the Licensing show...

The Comics Continuum has a picture of a promotional image (click to enlarge) for the Legion cartoon show (superceded by a scan of a flyer, courtesy of Ray's Galleries):

WTF is up with Brainy's neck? Is he a robot? Or just drinking Elastic Lad's stash of Gingold?

I contacted one of WB's licensing people for more info. One thing she sent me was a press release. First, notice the subtle change in language in the highlighted phrase from the original to now. Maybe the rumors about removing Superboy might have some truth?

While their intentions were good, their time travel skills were not, and Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, Bouncing Boy and Timber Wolf end up going too far back into the past, accidentally retrieving the young Superboy instead.

While their intentions were good, their time travel skills were not, and Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, Bouncing Boy and Timber Wolf end up going too far back into the past, accidentally retrieving the young Superman, before he moved to Metropolis.

I've got a request in for clarification.

Update: More photos from the Licensing Show at Ray's Galleries (closeup of Superboy/man) and (closeups of all the Legionnaires).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Animated LSH news 37: new logo, licensing info

Here's what the Legion looks like at the Warner Bros. booth at this week's 2006 Licensing Show in NYC:

Note the new logo. (Photo by The BEAT's Heidi MacDonald)

Check out The BEAT for more pictures.

From the show's web site:
Licensing International is the premier annual trade event for the licensing industry where owners and agents of intellectual properties showcase their brands to 23,000+ high-profile retailers, licensees, and promotional partners. You'll sign exclusive deals, strategize with retailers, solidify promotional partnerships, and network with an unparalleled community of licensing professionals from around the world.

Judging by what they've done with the Teen Titans, I expect an onslaught of Legion licensed stuff.

Update: Ain't It Cool News has another picture (with different lighting), along with some interesting reader comments.

Animated LSH news 36: Stan Berkowitz

Viewers of the Justice League cartoons will recognize this name: Stan Berkowitz, who wrote many of the highly-regarded shows ("Tabula Rasa", "A Better World", "Secret Society", "Wild Card"), has written at least one episode of the Legion cartoon.

In an interview on World's Finest Online, he is asked about his current projects:

Earlier this year, I worked on an episode of "The Batman" dealing with The Riddler's backstory, and an episode of "Legion Superheroes" about the conflict between profit and altruism. I had a great time working on both of them, and look forward to seeing the finished versions in September of this year.

His next project, he says, is working with Bruce Timm on a direct-to-video adaptation of DC's "New Frontier" miniseries.

(Via MillarWorld)

Update: Oops, we weren't supposed to know about the New Frontier thing. The question and answer containing the Legion episode info has been removed.

52 Week 6

I haven't read it yet since I left town before the new comics came in last week, but there's a lot of speculation about whether (or when, or where) Mon-el will reappear. Some great commentary over at the Absorbascon (especially in the comments) regarding everything we saw in that 2-page spread of Dr. Hunter's lab and what it might mean.

Remember, Dan DiDio said a couple months back that we'd see Mon-el (or Lar Gand), just not in the Legion book (yet).

Viva Las Vegas, DCU style

Just back from a long weekend in Las Vegas with the Legion of Super-Gamblers (or, in my case, "Sub-par"). Among the interesting topics of discussion: what would Las Vegas look like in the DCU?

Bruce Wayne would be a player in the Vegas scene. After selling off his chain of casinos he bought piecemeal (for a huge profit) he'd build the biggest, flashiest, techiest casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Not The Wynn Hotel and Casino, but The Wayne. Unlike Steve Wynn, though, he'd have Lucius Fox running the show, but he'd be there for all the gala events and charity parties.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the Strip, Lex Luthor would have his own casino, the Lexor. He uses the profits from the gaming to fund his nefarious schemes.

Somewhere in there I'm sure you'd see The Atlantis and Paradise Island hotel/casinos, the former with a distinct nautical/underwater theme and the latter with a Greek/Roman theme (maybe in place of Caesar's Palace).

Planet Krypton would be taking over and transforming the Aladdin, not Planet Hollywood, so you'd have a super-hero themed hotel/casino.

You'd probably still have New York, New York, but the DCU version would include sightings of NYC-based heroes (although they'd have to be careful not to infringe on Planet Krypton's licenses).

With people like Booster Gold and the Legion running around the 21st century, and with aliens (Superman, Hawkman, J'Onn J'Onzz, the Dominators, etc.) and high/future tech known to the general public (maybe not believed, but still seen), I think there mnight be room for a science-fiction based hotel and casino - maybe call it Time Warp after the old DC series. The hotel part would be shaped like a large rocket ship upside-down, similar to how the post-reboot Legion HQ looked. Inside you'd have a mix of retro tech (1950's-60's style fins and chrome, 30's pulps) and high/alien tech (Krypton, Thanagar). Maybe something like the Las Vegas Hilton's Star Trek Experience but on a bigger scale, with real tech instead of Hollywood special effects. This is where all of the time travellers would stay when they came back to the 21st century to bet on sporting events where they already knew the outcome - the hotel already has the futuristic touches that they're used to back home. The big favorite there would be the Planetary Chance Machine, and the food court would be famous for the Nine Worlds Ice Cream Parlor (check out the Martian ice cream).

Oh, and of course, Zatanna would be headlining at the Mirage. Top hat and fishnets, naturally.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Animated LSH news 35: Rokk, Mekt, and a SDCC preview

Even though we reported it here about 6 weeks ago, Comics Continuum has finally gotten around to confirming that Wil Wheaton is going to be the voice of Cosmic Boy - and got some more info on Rokk.

In the series, Cosmic Boy was a founder and the first leader of the Legion who now spends more time as an Earth-bound diplomat. He is not one of the seven core members featured in the cast.

"I'm in a few episodes," Wheaton told The Continuum.

He's mentioned that he's in at least three.

In other Legion news, according to the Continuum:

* Mekt Ranzz, Lightning Lad's brother, will appear in an episode.

* Director Ben Jones told The Continuum that the series will have "a mix of old Legion villains and new characters."

* Look for a preview of the series at Comic-Con International in San Diego next month.

OK, we're going to need lots of people in San Diego to volunteer to be reporters here...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Animated LSH news 34: Superboy's out?

According to a poster at LegionWorld, the team working on the animated series has gone back and reworked the show to remove Superboy due to the ramifications of the Siegel Superboy suit.

I met and talked to someone who works in connection to the show yesterday, and have some good news and bad news:

Firstly, the art style of the show is supposedly closer to the Bruce Timm DCAU style than the promo art we've seen so far. That's neither good nor bad for me, because I like both...but I'm sure some people will be happy.

The bad news is that due to losing the lawsuit with the Seigel and Schuster heirs, DC can't use the name 'Superboy' in the show. (Note: this is inaccurate, but was corrected below)

At all.

So all the episodes completed up to this point have had to be re-dubbed, calling the character 'Superman.' Apparantly, there is even some discussion as to whether the character now is even Superman as a boy...or if he will be an adult Superman who has been de-aged somehow. Yeesh, I hope that doesn't happen.

The good news is that we should be seeing the series around September. Also, there is a full toy line in the works from Mattel...can't wait for that.

He wrote in another post that he apparently misunderstood the bit about the lawsuit, correcting himself and adding more:
My impression was that they needed to move forward in order to get the show out on time, so who knows... maybe the name change is more of a 'better safe than sorry' thing, rather than them actually losing yet. (And yeah, you're right about it only being the Siegel heirs)

My source seemed reliable to me...he said that when it came up they were going to have to re-dub all references to 'Superboy', he had suggested they change it to 'Kal-El', which I think would have made a great middle ground...but I guess they felt it would not have the same level of public recognition.

Stay tooned for more.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It can't be that easy, can it?

SPOILERS for 52 week 5....

The secret behind Supergirl's appearance in the 30th century can't be that easy, can it?

In 52 week 5, we finally find out what happened to the space-faring team out near the hole in space (from the Rann/Thanagar War). Alan Scott is telling Steel what happened to his team:

The aftereffects of healing a rift in space over 95 million miles wide were unbelievable. It wasn't just energy that emenated from it. It was some kind of reality-warping wave. ... Adam Strange told Mal Duncan to open up a portal that would lead to the northern hemisphere of the planet Rann, all in hopes of rediverting a zeta beam to our location in order to teleport us back to Earth. A moment later, the zeta beam came through. But something went wrong. It was splintered by the portal, like a ray of light sent through a prism. A beam struck Cyborg and Firestorm, fusing them together. Another hit Hawkgirl and Bumblebee. Still another sent Supergirl... somewhere...

It appears that "somewhere" is actually "somewhen" - the 30th century. So after some time in the future with the Legion, she'll make it back to the present in time for "One Year Later". Apparently.

Just before he was blasted, Red Tornado's last words were "It's coming! 52! 52!" The Dominators in the 30th century remember the 52. Apparently there's going to be a real plot in this series, not just a year-long series of vignettes.

Also out this week

New this week:

  • 52 week 5, which is still recapping the original Crisis. We see Mon-el, Wildfire, Ultra Boy, and others fighting the Anti-Monitor (flashing back to Crisis issues 8-12). That's probably it for the Legion in the History of the DC Universe backup unless they show us the future.

  • The Power Girl reprint trade paperback, reprinting (among others) the first four issues of last fall's JSA Classified. You'll recall that some of the Legionnaires appeared there as illusions courtesy of the Psycho Pirate (but no explanation of why the current post-Infinite Crisis Legion was shown rather than the pre-Crisis Legion that Psycho Pirate was exposed to during the original Crisis). The TPB also reprints all of the variant covers.

Bedard new co-writer on "Legion" (for a little while)

Tony Bedard (Marvel's Exiles) posts in his ComicBloc forum that he'll be co-writing the Legion with Mark Waid for a little while.

I think the solicitations have come out on this already, but I'm helping out on Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes for a few issues, starting with issue #20. And I'm terribly excited about this for a number of reasons.

First of all, I've always had a weird love for the Legion. Some of the earliest comics I saw were Legion books, back before I really started reading comics regularly, and I always had an affinity for Mon-El (or ANY character with puffy sleeves), Timberwolf, and Wildfire.
Anyhow, there may be no Mon-El or Wildfire these days, but Legion has long been one of my dream assignments, and for at least two or three months I'll be living the dream.

In another thread, he explains why he's helping out on the writing - to nobody's surprise, it has something to do with Waid's more high-profile gig, 52.
Mark's got a very full plate these days, especially with 52, so I was asked to help keep LEGION on schedule by co-writing a few issues. Mark and I have worked like that before and it's a good fit, so this has been a real treat for me. We co-plot the issues in conference calls, then I write up a full script based on those. LEGION's always been one of my favorite DC properties, so I'm giddy at this opportunity.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This Summer, Adventure Is All-You-Can-Eat

Via The Big Bob-Blog: Lore Sjöberg's "alt.text" column in Wired contains this movie pitch about super-heroes who don't have their own movies yet:

You'd think they might be running out of good superheroes to slap up on the screen, but look at what new faces are arriving in the next couple years: Wonder Woman! Ghost Rider! Uh ... The Sub-Mariner! Ant-Man! OK, yeah, things are looking pretty dire. But luckily, there's no bottom to this barrel: There are enough superheroes to fill seats and incite forum flame wars for decades to come. Here are some examples of actual superheroes in Marvel and DC comics who, inexplicably, have yet to get a movie.

First up, of course, is Matter-Eater Lad.
I like a hero who tells you what he's all about right up front. Matter-Eater Lad has the power to eat matter, plus he's a lad. Think of all the movies in which Matter-Eater Lad could have saved the day. In Armageddon he could have eaten the asteroid! In Titanic he could have eaten the iceberg! In Just My Luck he could have eaten Lindsey Lohan! But in his own movie he'll have to face a menace he can't just masticate away: a being of pure energy! Or maybe a demonically powered, endless hometown buffet.

Tag line: This Summer, Adventure Is All-You-Can-Eat.

Check out the column for more about his proposed Batwoman, Batroc the Leaper, Bushmaster, and Doll Man movies.

Big Bob has some ideas for a Matter-Eater Lad/Bouncing Boy buddy picture starring Ben Stiller and Jack Black.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

More stuff coming soon

Various Legion-related things coming up later this year:

  • JSA: Mixed Signals TPB, reprinting JSA 76-81.
    Following the events of DAY OF VENGEANCE, the DCU's magic-based heroes are vulnerable — and the ancient magician Mordru plans to take full advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, the fate of Atom Smasher is decided, the OMACs attack, and Green Lantern is drafted to help in an intergalactic war!

  • Justice Society #1
    As discussed here earlier, a new Starman will be in the relaunched JSA. The cover to the first issue, an homage to the cover of All-Star Squadron #1, shows Starman in a photo of prospective members.

  • Justice League of America #1
    In the August solicitations (Newsarama, DC Comics), JLA #1 will have two covers, A and B, from the left and right halves of the two-page spread we saw in Wizard a few months ago. But as pointed out by others (LegionClubhouse and Icewing00) a while back, is that Karate Kid in the back row next to the flag that Hawkman is holding? Here's a closeup picture.

Wizard World Philly '06: Day 2

Add another name to the list of top artists who've said they want to work on the Legion book: Jim Lee. George Perez has already gone on record twice (at the Pittsburgh and Motor City cons) that he'd like to work on the book too.

At Lee's Q&A panel at WizardWorld (as reported by CBR), he said:

If he could work on any character in the DCU that he hasn’t worked on before, it’d be "All Star Batman and Robin", on time.

“No, 'Legion of Superheroes.' One issue a year” Lee joked.

The "joke" aspect had to do with the "one issue a year" rate that he'd be able to handle, given his track record.

Also, at the "DCU: One Year Greater" panel, CBR reported that
Supergirl will continue to be a part of "Legion of Super Heroes" as long as sales warrant. In August, Brainiac 5’s plans to resurrect Dream Girl are finally set into motion.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Wizard World Philly '06: Day 1

Newsarama's got news (arama!) from Wizard World: Philadelphia this weekend. At Friday's DC Nation panel, Dan Didio noted that:

Supergirl’s appearance in the Legion of Super-Heroes has helped the book’s sales, with Wayne noting that the series is now the best-selling of all of DC’s 1,001 Year Later titles.

Funny how different reporters hear different things. WizardUniverse's coverage of this panel says
Bob Wayne acknowledged the success of Supergirl's inclusion in Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. "The sales of the book have gone up since the addition of Supergirl," Wayne said. "It's the most successful book from our '1,001 Years later line.'"

Of course, because it's the only 1001 Years Later title. But non-pedantically, from a participant who was there, this isn't exactly correct. S/LSH got the biggest boost out of all DC books from the "One Year Later" effort, it's not the best selling book in the DC line. You can see what a big bump it got here, around 15,000 extra issues sold.

ComicBookResources has a little more:
Didio was particularly evasive on the subject of The Flash. He did not reveal the identity of the Flash in the upcoming new series. He refused to say if we’ve seen him before, or if we’d be seeing Wally West, Bart Allen, XS, or the Speed Force any time soon. However, we will be seeing what happened to Superboy while he was trapped in the Speed Force.

52 Week 4: Return of the Knave from Krypton?

So in this week's issue of 52, there's a character named Devem who appears with Cassie and the rest of the new Superboy Fan (Remember, "Fan" Is Short for Fanatic) Club. I don't think it's a coincidence.

In the "History of the DCU" backup, various Legionnaires are shown in flashback to the Crisis on Infinite Earths: Dawnstar with the original group chosen, and then on the Monitor's satellite, there's Supergirl, Blok, Chameleon Boy, Sun Boy, Brainiac 5, Lightning Lad, Wildfire, Mon-el, and Saturn Girl. This chapter closes with the death of Supergirl.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Animated LSH news 33: new names and a new comic?

One new name attached to the Legion series that I haven't seen before, one that I have seen before but not in a while. Plus some news about a possible new Legion book.

Jason's RIOT comics + culture mentions off-handedly a Newsarama interview with Dave Johnson (Batman: Broken City, Superman: Red Son, 100 Bullets) in which he's promoting his sketchbook. But then the interview delves into his animation work (including lead designer on Ben10):

NRAMA: Do you have any other books, TV shows, or blockbuster Hollywood productions coming up? Everyone will say they heard it here first...

DJ: Well, right now I'm working on the crew for the new WB show called Legion. It's being produced by James Tucker, who was Bruce Timm's right hand guy on Justice League. And so far it's shaping up pretty well. After that I'll be working on a new Bruce Timm project. From there it's up in the air at this point.

His MySpace page doesn't say much more:
Well, I just finished up working on "BEN 10" for Cartoon Network. And now currently working at Warner Bros. again, on a new show called "Legion". . .

On Ben10 he was credited as "Art Director" and "Series Designer", so I'm going to assume that he's got a similar role on the Legion show until I hear otherwise. On the art team, we only know of some background artists and prop designers but nobody with the highfalutin' title of Art Director (yet).

The old name is Allen Heinberg. You may recall some early talk here about his name being thrown around as the show-runner, but then nobody mentioned him anymore in connection with the Legion. I (and others) thought it was a rumor, but it turns out there was fire amidst all that smoke. Scott at the LegionClubhouse picked up a podcast interview with Heinberg a couple months ago at WordBalloon. I never got a chance to listen to it, but Scott did. Apparently Heinberg was involved in the early days with writing the series "bible" and working on the first few episodes. Due to other commitments he had to bow out, to be replaced by Rob Hoegee. (Rob, feel free to leave comments!), and he has not been involved with the series since then. Go read the Clubhouse for more info.

Finally, the Legions of Gotham blog and message board reported last week that a new comic based on the show's continuity is in work, under the "Johnny DC" banner. Given that all the other shows have had their own comic, this isn't surprising. Matt says he knows who the writer might be, but warns that we might not find out until the summer (or maybe during convention season).

Hey, my comments section is always open for anyone who wants to post some anonymous information about any of the show or comic stuff... artwork, actors, artists, whatever.

Legion of Simpson-Heroes

Try to imagine Homer Simpson as Lightning Lad, Professor Frink as Brainiac 5, and Bart Simpson as Superboy. Can't do it? How about Comic Book Guy as Bouncing Boy, Milhouse as Mon-el, and Bleeding Gums Murphy as Tyroc? Well now you don't have to imagine it, you can see it for yourself.

Currently making the rounds via email among Legion fandom... I present the Legion of Simpson-Heroes (which I found today via Matthew's Legion Abstract).

One of my co-workers, a guy by the name of Randy, strolled into the office this morning with a cardboard box under his arm. He handed it to me and asked if I recognized them. I did. Immediately. I pulled each one out and explained who they were. Eyes glazed over. Men groaned. Women looked disgusted. I geeked out. (The whole story about how they came to exist is below the pictures.) So, without further ado, Monkey Spit proudly presents: The Legion of Simpsons Heroes!

Here's a preview (click to visit the site and see closeups of each):