Friday, June 30, 2006

Vs. System CCG in November?

As Scott pointed out in my earlier post with the DeKraken interview, when the artist said he was finishing up some artwork for an Upper Deck card set later this year, he was apparently referring to the Vs. System CCG set we discussed here back in February.

Back then, the set was described as

The teen sensations from the future, the Legion of Super-Heroes, are from all over the galaxy. They've banded together to protect the United Planets from a multitude of galactic threats. The Legionnaires, led by their founders Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Live Wire, work together with Superboy and Supergirl to fight against such evil foes as the Fatal Five, the Legion of Supervillains, and the eternal menace of Darkseid.

Online retailer Borderland Relics has the new description (which according to one source was just released on 6/30):
DC Vs. System TCG: Legion of Super-Heroes Boosters

Release Date: November 2006
Welcome to the 31st Century!
At the dawn of the 31st Century, the Legion of Super-Heroes protects the United Planets from the perils of the future. The Legionnaires, joined by the Teen Titans, battle the forces of Darkseid’s Elite, the Fatal Five and other Future Foes to keep the universe safe for everyone!

Help the Legionnaires bring security, stability, and order to the entire galaxy, or destroy them and it. Which ever side you choose, the universe will never be the same with the addition of these young heroes to the Vs. System! Set features fan favorite DC Comics characters, including Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Superboy, Robin, and many more!

24- Pack Booster $66.00/box until 10/20 then $76.00/box

ToyWiz has a link for preorders at $69.99 a box, but they say it comes out in August 2006, not November.

MetaGame has a discussion by one of the game's designers about what's in this particular set, which is actually a "sequel" to their Infinite Crisis set. They worked with DC to get the storyline into card form, but due to lag time the storyline's details kept changing, which meant the cards had to change too.
It’s hard enough to design a set when you know the comics inside and out, but designing one with only sketchy details was a huge challenge. While it was a top priority to include all of the emblematic characters and events in the current Crisis, the worst thing that we could do was include something that wouldn’t end up happening after all.

How did we solve this problem? The same way that comic books do—with a “To Be Continued . . .” The story of the Infinite Crisis is not over. Infinite Crisis covered the opening salvo, but we plan to wrap up this tale in the next DC set, Legion of Super-Heroes. Major characters and plot points not covered in Infinite Crisis, including fan favorite Wally West, the destruction of Blüdhaven, and the ultimate battle between Superboys, are on their way. By using some of the legacy content space in Legion, we were better able to flesh out the teams and themes of Infinite Crisis without worrying about missing key touchstones.

The Vs.Realms message board has some discussion on what the fans would like to see.
"Dear Santa,
I have been very good all year. Please bring me 4 of the Matter Eater Lad 1 drop, the Matter Eater Lad 3 drop, and the Matter Eater Lad 7 drop. If possible, with the Extended Art Keith Giffen versions. If you could also bring me 4 of Legion Try-Outs and 4 of Brainy's Experiment Out of Control Again, that would be swell.
carbonbased, age 6 and a half"

I have no idea what that means.

Another poster there has some hints about who's in it (but I couldn't find the original source):
Mon-El is apparently in the set.

The Legion of Supervillains and the Fatal Five are both in a 'conglomerate team'(Like Emerald Enemies), although they will be capable of being played seperately(this might be one of the features of the set).

Here's the Wikipedia link for the Vs. System. I have no hope of possibly understanding it well enough to summarize it.

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Anonymous said...

A "drop" in the context of the VS System refers to how much a given card 'costs' to play. A "1 drop" can be played the first turn and after, and so on.