Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Animated LSH news 35: Rokk, Mekt, and a SDCC preview

Even though we reported it here about 6 weeks ago, Comics Continuum has finally gotten around to confirming that Wil Wheaton is going to be the voice of Cosmic Boy - and got some more info on Rokk.

In the series, Cosmic Boy was a founder and the first leader of the Legion who now spends more time as an Earth-bound diplomat. He is not one of the seven core members featured in the cast.

"I'm in a few episodes," Wheaton told The Continuum.

He's mentioned that he's in at least three.

In other Legion news, according to the Continuum:

* Mekt Ranzz, Lightning Lad's brother, will appear in an episode.

* Director Ben Jones told The Continuum that the series will have "a mix of old Legion villains and new characters."

* Look for a preview of the series at Comic-Con International in San Diego next month.

OK, we're going to need lots of people in San Diego to volunteer to be reporters here...


Norm Ryang said...

What kind of stuff do you want to know?

Michael said...

Oh, just the little things... like:

1. Who are the voice actors behind Bouncing Boy, Phantom Girl, Saturn Girl, Timber Wolf, Triplicate Girl, and Winema Wazzo, and the rest of the Fatal Five?
2. Who are the other staffers on the show?
3. What do the props and backgrounds look like?
4. Any truth to the Superboy rumors?
5. Anything that's not on my "What we know so far" page?

It seems that whenever anyone has news, they tell the big guys (Newsarama, CBR, Comics Continuum, etc.), never us little blogger journalists! :)

And if not, well, I understand, but we can hope, huh? But I do have an email address up there in my profile for anyone who wants to submit anything anonymously... :)