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LSH: Millennium #2 annotations: The Future Ain't What It Used to Be (part 2)

This is not a Legion book, it’s a book that walks Rose & Thorn through the various time points in DC future history such that she ends up in the 31st century with the Legion. It’s the 1000 years leading up to the Legion from now.

Issue 2 regular cover by Sook, looking through the flight ring; the variant cover is the second half of the large Cheung group shot. There was also a New York Comic Con 2019 (NYCC19) cover variant has both halves in a foil wraparound cover.

Another version of the cover that was NOT released had Bouncing Boy and Lightning Lad's races reversed. Changing them caused the delay in releasing Superman #14 and Supergirl #33.

Listen to us talk about it at the Legion of Substitute Podcasters: http://paulfrench.ca/losp/?p=1930

Issue solicitation:
Get on board for a journey through the future like no other! A gallery of all-star artists join our mysterious guide as they continue their 1000-year journey toward the 31st century, inspiring Booster Gold to time travel, debating fighting techniques with OMAC, and making their way to the front door of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The DC event of the future starts now!
You'll recall from my issue 1 annotations this table of all of DC's future settings between "now" and the Legion, I've copied some of that here just showing what we see in these two issues (go back to see the much bigger table).

Earth-AD:  OMAC and the Global Police Agency, then a nuclear war in 1986, then the Atomic Knights & Hercules Unbound, then Kamandi (who was revealed to be OMAC’s grandson). 
late 20th century
Batman Beyond (revealed to be Earth-12, later introduced as the future of mainstream DCU as Prime Earth)
circa 2040
Tommy Tomorrow (retconned to be Earth-54)
circa 2050
Booster Gold, who stole a Legion flight ring, Brainiac 5's force field belt, Rip Hunter's time sphere, and a flying robot named Skeets from the Space Museum and traveled back to the 20th century
The Legion of Super-Heroes (Rebirth version)
31st (?) century

Each chapter in the two issues here is presented in (presumably) chronological order.

Issue 2, chapter 1 – Space Museum and Booster Gold (art by Nicola Stott)
  • The Space Museum is an institution on 25th century Earth that primarily holds exhibits dealing with the history of space exploration and colonization by Earth people since its beginning in the 20th century. The Space Museum also contains displays dealing with Earth's superheroes of the 20th century.
  • Appeared in issues of Strange Adventures from 1959-1964
  • Retconned into being where Michael Jon Carter was employed as a janitor before he stole Rip Hunter’s time sphere, Brainiac 5’s force belt, and a Legion flight ring and went back to 1986 to become Booster Gold (as recounted in Booster Gold #8-9)
  • The heroes are legends, and legends always have some exaggeration built in (like the panel showing everyone flying)
  • Carter: “the 20th century’s completely responsible for everything that happened. Those idiots had scientists screaming at the top of their lungs, they had a thing called the world wide web… they knew the world was gonna die, and they still let it happen. .. can you imagine how far we’d be as a culture if we didn’t have to start over twice?” 
  • The idea that they had to start over again twice is new, they had to start over after the Great Disaster, but what else? Note that the timeline doesn’t fit here, Booster was from the year 2462, and the Electric Warriors series is in 2735, in the aftermath of the recovery from the time of the Great Disaster. From what we see in the rest of the issue, there’s a long way to go between Booster, OMAC, and the Legion, and not a long time to get there. 
  • Carter gets the idea to go back in time to be a superhero
  • His janitor uniform of purple and blue with the hat is straight out of Booster’s origin story in “Booster Gold” #6, this takes place shortly after (although in his original origin, he was just looking for fame and fortune)
Issue 2, chapter 2 – OMAC (art by Jim Cheung)
  • If this is all in sequential order, they’ve moved OMAC around , he used to be Kamandi’s grandfather (as seen in Kamandi #50). 
  • All this meshes pretty well with the Kirby version from the early 70s that was set on Earth-AD – a field enforcement agent for the Global Peace Agency. Originally the GPA was just a worldwide police force, but they were retconned in the OMAC backup story by Starlin in “Warlord” #37 to be aliens who could scientifically predict the future with 98% accuracy. One of these aliens, called Visionaries, foretold the rise of seven giant global corporations  whose battles would lead to the downfall of mankind in a Great Disaster, to be replaced with advanced animals. So the GPA became their law enforcement cartel and helped create Brother Eye. (Spoiler alert: it happened just like they said it would, despite their trying to make it not so.)
  • Note the scene with the woman in the box, with her head, arms, and legs sticking out - that's from the cover to OMAC #1.
  • Thorn: “it’s frustrating to see the world get its stuff together again only to let the greedy rich squeeze all the joy and life out of it. Again. And again. And every time we had to fight back like animals just to regain our basic human dignity. And to have to sit and watch it happen all around you. It’s insanity. … I looked around and there ain’t no Superman coming around this time. The heroes are so long gone no one even talks about them anymore. It’s just us.”
Issue 2 chapter 3 – deep space (art by Jeff Dekal)
  • Vignettes of wandering space and struggling between Rose and Thorn
  • Wakes up in the Vega system, which had been at one time or another the home of the Citadel, the Omega Men, the Psions, a base for the Spider Guild, Lady Styx and her army of Darkstars, and Tamaran
  • “But the purpose thing is still kicking my ass. All this way and why? Why me? How much farther do I have to go before someone tells me why? … I made a promise to myself I wouldn’t come back home to earth until I figured out my purpose. But then, literally just like that, it completely revealed itself. And the universe just sort of locked into place around me. My path was suddenly obvious, and kind of perfect.”
  • Aside from the mention of Vega, is this time period one we’ve seen before?
Issue 2 chapter 4 – the Legion (art by Ryan Sook)
  • New Earth – looks like the domes of the 5YL run, explains the bit about nobody having seen the oceans in a long time (which is a plot point from the upcoming LSH #1)
  • Group shot, which was the promo first seen on Seth Meyers back in July 2019
  • Cosmic Boy is pushing Element Lad, not pulling him back to avoid Invisible Kid (who’s on the far right) like some people thought
  • By this time, Superboy has left the 21st century and joined the Legion, but it’s more like at the creation of the team: the official founding of the Legion already has all these characters
  • Bottom right corner is not the photographer, it’s Rose
And a couple of long quotes from a recent CBR interview:

CBR: With this, you're reimagining a lot of characters while still keeping them true to form.

Some people want to know about our choices, why we didn't go full retro or just rehash all the old costumes; Legion can't be about retro. It's got to be about future-forward sci-fi. When people read those original stories, they were as future-forward as those authors could come up with and they blew everyone's minds. So our job is not just to do what they did but to do the spiritual version of what they did. Let's roll up our sleeves and come up with sci-fi that blows our minds, right?

And our job is much harder than the original one because sci-fi has become so much more than it was when Legion first debuted but that's the part of the equation that I got the most excited about. What can we do with science fiction and what can we put back into it that is unique to DC, that is unique to this book, that is unique to these characters? Maybe we'll come up with a whole pile of sci-fi ideas that we haven't seen before like our heroes did.

One of the things in Millennium #2 that pre-Booster Gold Michael Carter mentions is that civilization had to pick itself back up from the ashes twice. I assume one of those times is from Kamandi. Is Booster's future beyond the Legion's?

No, we have a whole document but there are things between the chapters as well. There's Kamandi, but someone blew up that world, like, what happened to Kamandi's world? There's more to say about that and that little chapter itself [with Booster Gold] was a great little exciting thing. 

Yes, as far as this Superman and this entire story, the Legion has never existed before. This is the first time we're ever meeting them. There is no other version, there is no other timeline. This is the Legion of Super-Heroes' first appearance in the DC Universe as far as all these characters are concerned. How it tees up with Doomsday Clock and all the other stuff, I promise it will all land but I don't want to spoil anything but it will all land.

You've got some post-apocalyptic, some cyber-punk, some cyber-noir. How are these seeming disparate threads going to tie into the bright, hopeful future of the Legion?

I think that when you turn the page and see the group of them, you can kind of see hints and pieces of everything that ever came before. Like, you can see all the influence and how it's going to be moving forward; that was what the premise of turning the page was. There it all is, there's everything [Rose] witnessed, both in the hopeful version of the package she could get and just that these kids have taken away from what she perceives as experience and a huge, epic event and all that experience is to keep these kids on track. It all happens so that these kids can stay feeling the way they do right now even though she knows the universe is much more complicated.

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LSH: Millennium #1 annotations: The Future Ain't What It Used to Be

Our first look at the new Rebirth-era Legion actually starts in the immediate future, not 1000 years from now, in "Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium" #1.

The Legion of Substitute Podcasters recap: http://paulfrench.ca/losp/?p=1923

Despite the title, this is not a Legion book, it’s a book that walks Rose & Thorn through the various time points in DC future history such that she ends up in the 31st century with the Legion. It’s the 1000 years leading up to the Legion from now. So this isn't a normal annotation like I've been doing the LSH v4 stories.

The issue solicitation:

  • Brought to you by some of comics’ greatest talents, this epic story spans the course of 1000 years and, for the very first time, connects all of DC’s future timelines! Starring the unlikeliest of DC heroes she learns to cope with newfound immortality and roams through the disparate societies of Batman Beyond, Kamandi, and Tommy Tomorrow, wrestling with her own inner demons and desperately trying to find her purpose in an ever-changing world. Do not miss this truly unique take on tomorrow’s DC Universe, all leading up to a special launch on the millennium!
There were two covers available: the regular one, by Ryan Sook, showing Rose (though we don't know it's her yet) inside some rubble which mimics the Legion's "L with a comet" symbol; and the variant, which is half of a group shot of all characters from both issues, by Jim Cheung.


There were some people who were upset that this series doesn't include the Legion, despite the Legion being a part of the very title. I can see their point, though the solicitation clearly doesn't say the Legion is in it.

We were teased early on that the star of this series is a female with red hair who is currently being written by Brian Michael Bendis, and who would not be missed if taken out of present continuity. Early speculation centered on Lana Lang (but she's got the wrong color hair, and BMB isn't writing her, and she's kind of a top tier character) and then to Jinny Hex of his "Young Justice" series or Melody Moore, a firefighter in his "Superman" series. But then a tease of a woman wearing a space helmet with a rose on it pretty much sealed that it's Rose and Thorn, a semi-obscure character who is really Rose Forrest who has an alternate personality named Thorn. She had her own strip in the Lois Lane comics in the 1970s, and was an occasional guest star here and there.

(Side note: the original Rose & Thorn was a Golden Age Green Lantern villain, who was retconned into being the mother of Jade and Obsidian. This is a new version of the Silver Age Rose & Thorn, who first appeared in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #105 in 1970. There was also a post-Crisis version, a New 52 version, and now a Rebirth version. There's a lot to take in, as Wikipedia shows, but all you need to know is that (a) she's now apparently immortal, (b) she's got a split personality with Thorn as the alter, and (c) Thorn is violent where Rose isn't.)

This two-issue series finds Rose interacting with a number of characters who have been set in the future of the DC Universe, some of whom from before there was even such a thing as the DC Universe (or even DC Comics, for that matter!). We had been told in the past that some future events were now alternate timelines or parallel universes - in one case, the Time Trapper tried to manipulate events such that Kamandi's timeline would occur instead of the Legion's (SMAN 295), and we even saw in an issue of Kamandi (by way of Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2) that showed they were indeed parallel. That was even enshrined in the recent Multiversity (as Earth-51). But nobody had really sat down and tried to fit ALL (or at least many) of those future characters into one cohesive timeline, until now. We recently saw in Electric Warriors, set in 2735, how the Earth was growing out of the Great Disaster setting of Kamandi, so that's canon (until it's not). But what about the other characters, many of whom we haven't seen in a long time (not counting the Elseworlds "Twilight" miniseries)? Here's a partial list of future characters who we COULD have seen (and who might yet appear in some capacity, somewhere); the ones in cyan are the ones from this and the next issue. But note that these were their original timelines, some have been adjusted for this new series.

Earth-ADOMAC and the Global Police Agency, then a nuclear war in 1986, then the Atomic Knights & Hercules Unbound, then Kamandi (who was revealed to be OMAC’s grandson). 
late 20th century
Batman Beyond (revealed to be Earth-12, later introduced as the future of mainstream DCU as Prime Earth)
circa 2040
Tommy Tomorrow (retconned to be Earth-54)
circa 2050
Hex, in a post-apocalyptic alternate future where 1870s gunfighter Jonah Hex was transported to
mid 21st century
Manhunter, a bounty hunter, no relation to the Manhunters
Star Hawkins, intergalactic detective
Chris KL-99, explorer
Space Cabbie, driver for hire
Space Ranger, adventurer
Star Rovers, trio of adventurers
22nd century
Gary Concord Sr (Ultra Man I)
Gary Concord Jr (Ultra Man II), High Moderator of the United States of North America
Knodar, Golden Age Green Lantern villain
Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse-Flash aka Professor Zoom
Booster Gold, who stole a Legion flight ring, Brainiac 5's force field belt, Rip Hunter's time sphere, and a flying robot named Skeets from the Space Museum and traveled back to the 20th century
John Fox, historian and future Flash
Electric Warriors, series set in between the Great Disaster and the Legion
Blaine and Jace Allen, father and son future Flashes
World War VI, a war on Earth from which the Legion once faced a revived soldier (SBOY 210) and later faced some weapons used by Glorith (LSH vol 4 #16)
Kristin Wells, Superwoman
Knights of the Galaxy, security force
Robin (Elseworlds)

Each chapter in the two issues here is presented in (presumably) chronological order, but since Kamandi is here and OMAC isn't, that's a big change to the timeline. Each chapter beings "And then...." indicating the passage of time, and each is written by Bendis.

Issue 1, chapter 1 – President Supergirl (art by Jim Lee & Scott Williams)
  • There was speculation as to how far in the future this really is, given how futuristic things look, but in an Instagram comment Bendis said this takes place 80 years in the future, so approximately the year 2100
  • Flashback to Suicide Squad? With Boomerang, Harley, Killer Shark, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and Naomi, the radioactive stuff maybe made her life longer
  • The medicine she took to suppress Thorn was running out
Issue 1, chapter 2 – Batman Beyond (art by Dustin Nguyen)
  • Batman Beyond was originally part of the DC Animated Universe (DCAU), later incorporated into the mainstream DCU with several series and miniseries; instead of being in the 2040s, he's now slid about 100 years in the future
  • Wonders why people still dress up in costumes and fight crime. “There’s a cycle here… Good. Bad. Gods. Monsters. Heroes. Mobsters. Criminals. Crisis. Apocalypse. Reset. Reboot. Rebirth. And over and over and over….” This becomes a recurring theme for Rose/Thorn throughout the series, her life has ups and downs and reboots just like the Earth. What's her purpose, why is she immortal?
Issue 1, chapter 3 – Kamandi (art by Andrea Sorrentino)
  • Recall that the Great Disaster that ruined Earth made the animals all humanoid. The Crisis Omnibus has determined there was an Earth-86, in which the Great Disaster occurred due to the nuclear war, and an Earth-295, in which the Great Disaster occurred due to natural causes. 
  • This takes place immediately following the end of Kamandi #29, in which the suit of the Mighty One (Superman) was being held for safe keeping. Something happened to Superman in the Great Disaster, it's implied that he died, leaving his suit behind. Thorn takes it in hopes that it'll give her his powers, but of course it's not the suit that holds the power, it's the person in the suit. Again, what does it take to be a hero?
  • Compare the final page of the original Kirby story (click here) with what's in this issue, there are poses and dialog showing that this immediately follows issue 29.
  • When Thorn takes the super-suit to the big building with a glowing blue light. It’s something Event Leviathan related, apparently.
  • Again, the running theme in this series about Earth being ruined and rebuilt
  • See this article written in 1976 for Amazing World of DC Comics #12 by Paul Levitz, by the way, that ties together the events of Earth-AD, from OMAC, Atomic Knights, Hercules, and Kamandi to the New Gods and even Wonder Woman. (Page 1page 2page 3page 4page 5page 6)
Issue 1, chapter 4 – Tommy Tomorrow (art by Andre Lima Araujo)
  • Tommy Tomorrow strip originally ran 1947-1963 in Real Fact Comics, Action, World’s Finest, then Showcase, so he's really a Golden Age character that saw new life in the Silver Age. It was set in the year 1990 and then later 2050, later relegated to Earth-54 because the future he was in doesn't match the "real" world (like life on Mars and Venus, for example).
  • Planeteers were a future space police force
  • Just to confuse things, in the immediate aftermath of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was revealed (in History of the DC Universe #2) that the boy known as Kamandi was rescued from his bunker and the Great Disaster never happened. The boy was adopted and became Tommy Tomorrow.
  • Notice that this is far enough in the future that the Earth has recovered, or that Rose is not on Earth when she meets Tommy (because the Earth is too far recovered for the events of Electric Warriors to have taken place along with all the stuff in the next issue).
So Rose is halfway through her journey through time, the long way. Next issue we see Rose and/or Thorn meeting Booster Gold, OMAC, and the Legion (finally!).

Did I miss anything relevant, or did I miss listing someone in the millennium table above? Let me know!

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LSH v4 #16 annotations: SEAL Team SUBS

Annotations for Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #16

There's a guy named "Baugh" in here, anyone know if that's a reference to someone in Legion fandom?
  • Cover is part 2 of a triptych with issues 14-16
  • Page 1 panel 3 – Xalla was a world that sent the Legion the gift of a Time-Mirror, which shows people how they'll look in the future (ADV 311)
  • Page 1 panel 6 – the Great Wars of the 28th century likely refers to World War VI, which was a war of super-weapons directed by super-computers. We saw Private Mike Essad get killed in the invasion of Metropolis in 2783 and return 200 years later as Soljer (SBOY 210)
  • Page 2 panel 3 – among the weapons used in WWVI were a gamma grenade that killed Essad, likely referring to the gamma weapons of the 28th century here.
  • Page 3 panel 5 – note the lack of discussion about the ambush on Xolnar, indicating (as we’ll see shortly) that this issue picks up on the same day as the ambush (1/15/95)
  • Page 4 panel 3 – Warlord Galmark first appeared in LSH v2 #285 when he killed his son for not taking over Nullport; last seen in LSH v2 #299 on Khundia
  • Page 6 panel 1 – Jed Rikane says that they rescued Mysa 3 months ago, but it was really just 6 weeks ago, on 11/30/94 (issue 7)
  • Page 7 panel 1 – Vi has a bionic leg, two days after it got shot off; apparently it takes them months to regrow limbs now, even though Lightning Lad had his arm regrown in minutes years before
  • Page 8 panel 1 – the world of Gallan was once seen on the Legion’s Emergency Board (ADV 327)
  • Page 11 panel 4 – Orlak is the spy that Cham was talking to last issue, apparently he’s from Canada (Kelowna – maybe after Brad Horning’s hometown?)
  • Page 13 panel 5 – someone named Baugh
  • Page 18 – last stand on Xolnar for Chuck, Luornu, Mysa, Kent, and Jed
  • Page 20 panel 1 – so Glorith is the Demon Mother Incarnate of the Khunds
  • Page 21 panel 2 – Marzal reappeared but was destroyed by Earthgov on 1/17/94, but Tyroc escaped
  • Page 21 panel 8 – Staq Mavlen (formerly Fire Lad) and Troy Stewart (formerly Tyroc) are part of the Resistance, with Jacques Foccart somewhere above them. Fire Lad last appeared during the Magic Wars (LSH v3 #61) while Tyroc last appeared in LSH v2 #265 when Marzal left Earth-1 in Sept 2983 (revised timeline), not counting his alternate future appearance in LSH v2 #300. Tyroc spent 11 years on Marzal in the alternate dimension.
  • Page 22 panel 7 – someone throws a seed and it turns into a plant, that must be Ral Benem (formerly Chlorophyll Kid), last seen during the Magic Wars in LSH v3 #61.
  • Page 23 panel 4 – Universo is leader of one of the Resistance factions. You’ll recall he was mentioned as the ringleader of a band of anti-government terrorists back in issue 1. He was last seen headed to Takron-Galtos at the end of the Universo Project in LSH v3 #35.
  • Page 23 panel 9 – that’s Drura Sehpt (formerly Infectious Lass), last seen in the Subs Special #1, and Jacques Foccart (formerly Invisible Kid II), last seen during the Magic Wars in LSH v3 #62
  • Page 24 panel 4 – Grinn is a new character
  • Page 24 panel 8 – Universo is working with the Dark Circle, last seen being mopped up in LSH v3 #14 after the fight with Dev-Em and the Legion (Tales #322-325). Notice what this Dark Circle agent is wearing – a green shirt with a yellow star inside a red ring, which looks exactly like Devlin O’Ryan’s shirt logo…
  • Omnicom page of the United Planets Military Academy Handbook
    • UP Military Academy was founded in July 2990 by Chuck & Luornu Taine. The Great Collapse was in October 2989 (right after the Baxter series ended), and per the Sourcebook the Legion Academy closed on June 7 2990 and then July 6 the UPMA opened.
Note: with this issue, we have seen or at least checked in on every Legionnaire who was still alive at the end of the Magic Wars, except Wildfire, Quislet, and Tellus.

Here's what we know of the timeline to date. I'm color coding them based on whether the date appeared in the 2995 Sourcebook (yellow), it's a confirmed date that was given in the comic (green), or an estimated date based on keeping track of events and days (blue). Bold text is something new added this issue.
  • 2/17/89 – Mekt admitted to Labyrinth Penal Institute (LSH v4 #10)
  • 6/23/89 – Magic Wars end (LSH v3 #63 – date as given in the 2995 Sourcebook)
  • October 2989 – the Great Collapse
  • 4/13/90 – Communique from Earthgov President Wellington, trying to legally disband the Legion, with Imra, Rokk, and Cham “currently out of the picture” (LSH v4 #1) 
  • April 2990 – Validus Plague ravages Winath; former Legionnaire Brainiac 5 helps (LSH v4 #3)
  • 6/7/90 – Legion Academy closes (LSH v4 #16)
  • 7/6/90 – Former Legion Academy heads Chuck and Luornu Durgo Taine open the United Planets Militia Academy (LSH v4 #16)
  • TBD 2990 – Earthgov secedes from the United Planets, and the Science Police Earth splits from the Science Police Proper. (LSH v4 #2). Since then, “resistance forces have opposed Earthgov since the introduction of repressive measures… but with little success to date.” (LSH v4 #13)
  • 4/12/91 – Tinya goes missing (LSH v4 #2)
  • 5/8/91 – Search for Tinya called off; Sun Boy is leader (LSH v4 #2)
  • 5/27/91 – Mekt released from Labyrinth, rehabilitated (LSH v4 #10)
  • 6/9/91 – Planned date of wedding of Tinya and Jo (LSH v4 #2)
  • TBD 2991 – Garth and Imra, having left the Legion, start the Lightning Ring Plantation (LSH v4 #3)
  • 1/21/92 – Rebirth Summit (LSH v4 #1) 
  • 7/6/92 – LSH leader Polar Boy disbands the Legion, mentions Black Dawn which “cost” the Legion (LSH v4 #1); Mordru coronated as the Supreme Teacher of Sorceror’s World (LSH v4 #6)
  • TBD 2992 – Brek Bannin arrested for insurrection (LSH v4 #11)
  • 4/11/93 – Announcement of upcoming wedding of Grev Mallor (of the City People) to Kahnya Nahtahnie (Lady Memory of the Hill People) on Talok VIII
  • 8/14/93 – wedding of Grev Mallor and Kahnya Nahtahnie 
  • 1/17/94 – Marzal reappears over Africa and the corrupt Earthgov destroys it, but not before Tyroc escapes (LSH v4 #16)
  • 10/22/94 – Raid on anti-government terrorists, but ringleader Vidar (aka Universo) is not captured; Cham tells Marla he’s leaving (LSH v4 #1) 
  • 10/23/94 – Cham begins to recruit members for the new Legion, first approaching Rokk; Vi leaves the Imsk army for Winath; Dominator agents help Roxxas escape from Labyrinth (LSH v4 #1)
  • 10/25/94 – Attack on Jo and Kono on Rimbor; Loomis and Lydda en route to Kathoon (LSH v4 #2)
  • Fri 11/21/94 – Blok is killed by Roxxas the Butcher [Sourcebook] (LSH v4 #3)
  • Thu 11/27/94 – Mordru crushes Rond Vidar’s ring; Rokk and Cham finally meet up with Jo and decide to go to Tharn to rescue Mysa; Dominators and Shvaughn Erin watch the tape of Roxxas and Blok, whose body is delivered to Winath; Mon-El resurrected (LSH v4 #3)
  • Fri 11/28/94 – Mon-El goes to Talok VIII, then Shadow Lass and Mon-El visit Brainiac 5, then Mon-El destroys the Time Trapper (LSH v4 #4)
  • Sat 11/29/94 – Mordruverse (LSH v4 #5)
  • Sat 11/29/94 – Cham, Rokk, Jo, Kono, and Furball arrive on Tharn and are captured by Mordru; after being hired by Earthgov to find Blok’s killer, Celeste, Devlin, and Bounty leave for Trom (LSH v4 #6)
  • Sun 11/30/94 – Celeste, Devlin, and Bounty meet Jan on Trom (LSH v4 #6); with the help of Laurel Gand, Rokk’s crew rescues Mysa and Rond from Mordru but are teleported to Grocz; Celeste, Devlin, Bounty, and Jan leave Trom for Winath (LSH v4 #7)
  • Mon 12/1/94 – Rokk, Cham, Jo, Kono, Furball, Rond, Laurel, and Mysa travel from Grocz to Zirr (LSH v4 #8)
  • Tues 12/2/94 – Rokk, Laurel, and Rond take some R&R time on Zirr with baby Lauren, while the others go to Winath; Marla reminisces (LSH v4 #8); on Cygnus IV, Roxxas watches a holo of Laurel Gand; Celeste, Devlin, Bounty, and Jan arrive on Winath (LSH v4 #9)
  • Wed 12/3/94 – Rokk and Rond arrive in the morning, having left Laurel behind on Zirr; everyone (Rokk, Rond; Cham, Jo, Kono, Furball, Mysa; Celeste, Devlin, Bounty, Jan; Brainy, Garth, Ayla, Vi, Imra) is on Winath when Roxxas attacks; Bounty, Mekt, Cham, and Celeste are seriously injured, while Jo disappears and is presumed dead; Earthgov linked to Roxxas; Tenzil arrives on Earth (LSH v4 #10)
  • Thu 12/4/94 – On Winath, Roxxas is on the loose, and kills a doctor and nurse in the Bloomfield Free Clinic. On Earth, Tenzil participates in the Batcave dig, meets with Shvaughn and Brek (who is released for the first time since incarceration 2 years prior), has dinner with Prosecutor Jakobi, then falls asleep. (LSH v4 #11)
  • Fri 12/5/94 – Tenzil and Brek in court; Holo Scene news article on the trial (LSH v4 #11); Celeste is healed by a green glow; the former Legionnaires team up to capture Roxxas, who reveals Dominion control of Earthgov (LSH v4 #12)
  • Wed 12/10/94 – All-points bulletin on Persuader, who meets Kent Shakespeare in on Quarantine trying to attack Char Burrane Jr. (LSH v4 #12) Persuader is defeated by Kent and SP Captain Gim Allon, who then takes Kent to Toonar. (LSH v4 #13)
  • Thu 12/11/94 – Kent leaves Toonar for Winath; Laurel fights Khunds in deep space; Tenzil and Brek on Gnogg. (LSH v4 #13)
  • Sun 12/14/94 – The Legion is formally reinstated
  • Mon 12/16/94 – Tenzil, Brek, and Calorie Queen are taken to Tartarus by Prince Evillo; Tenzil banished to the Realm of Darkness (LSH v4 #14)
  • Thu 12/25/94 – Garth, Cham, and Rokk remotely survey Talus (LSH v4 #14)
  • Fri 12/26/94 – Tenzil and Sugyn return from the Realm of Darkness, only to hear that Tenzil has been declared dead and his Senate seat vacated. (LSH v4 #14)
  • Sat 12/27/94 – Loomis writes his report on Talus’ suitability for being the new HQ; Tenzil leaves Brek behind on Tartarus and heads for Winath (LSH v4 #14)
  • Sun 12/28/94 – The reformed Legion establishes headquarters on the asteroid world of Talus
  • Sat 1/3/95 – Tenzil Kem rejoins the Legion
  • Sun 1/11/95 – Orando falls to the Khunds  (LSH v4 #15)
  • Mon 1/12/95 – The Legion agrees to team with the United Planets Militia to beat back a Khundish invasion that threatens the heart of the United Planets.  (LSH v4 #15)
  • Tues 1/13/95 – Cham meets with a Khundish double agent; Venegar falls to the Khunds, who then make a deal with the Hill People of Talok VIII  (LSH v4 #15)
  • Wed 1/14/95 – the UP Militia tries to decide if Xolnar or Talok VIII will be attacked next (LSH v4 #15)
  • Thu 1/15/95 – Valor and Shadow Lass appear on Talok VIII; Khunds attack Xolnar; Circe wants Dirk to give a pro-Dominator speech (LSH v4 #15); last stand on Xolnar; introduction of the Resistance on Earth (LSH v4 #16)
  • April 2995 – Imra & Garth’s twins due (LSH v4 #3)
Unknown dates:
  • Black Dawn: something big and bad happened. Polar Boy says “you know what that cost us”. Sun Boy was a previous leader. By the time it happened, Chameleon Boy had left the Legion and “watched everything fall to pieces” (LSH v4 #1). Timber Wolf was irradiated during Black Dawn, eventually turning him into Furball. Char Burrane (Starfinger II) was somehow involved. (LSH v4 #12)
  • Rokk and Loomis are injured at Venado Bay on the Braal side, and Rokk lost his powers. Salu was somehow involved on the Imsk side. Imsk won, as the army is occupying Braal. (LSH v4 #1) She says that Braal attacked Imsk, and they were just defending themselves. She was head of security on the damper project and knew what it would do, but fought against it (not hard enough, in her admission). (LSH v4 #10)
  • Kent Shakespeare and Gim Allon are both ex-Legionnaires, but it’s unknown when or under what circumstances they left. (LSH v4 #12)