Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jim Lee, ICONS, & the Legion

Via MTV Splashpage, here's part of an interview with Jim Lee on his long-awaited book Icons: The DC Comics and Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee (Amazon link), which goes on sale next week:

MTV: When you went through the book, remembering some of these characters and your work with them, were there any that made you think, "Hey, I want to work with that character again."

LEE: Sure, there’s a whole section where I did Legion of Superheroes. I loved the fact that when Dave Cockrum worked on those books — and actually on X-Men as well — he just sat down and created costumes, and wouldn’t even necessarily know who those characters were. He just kind of created these looks. I’ve always been inspired by that kind of notion, so I just kind of sat down and just started sketching costumes and seeing what worked and what didn’t work, and it was all very rough draft stuff. None of that stuff was thought out — it was just kind of spur-of-the-moment, you know? Going with the moment?

And I liked how a lot of them turned out, so it just got me excited by the idea of actually working on these costumes. The Legion has gone through all these eras where they all had major fashion changes in the styles of costumes that they’ve had, and that’s always been part of their lore, I guess. So the idea of working on that and redefining them for the 30th Century was something that was very appealing to me.
Via Publisher's Weekly:
PWCW: You've also got brand new art, both on the dust jacket, and in an all-new Legion of Super-Heroes story, written by Paul Levitz. What can we expect from the story and does it fit into current Legion canon?

It can if you want it to. We expressly made a story where it’s more fantastical in nature. It’s the Miracle Machine and so it kind of takes the thoughts of whatever’s near it and makes it reality in their mind. That story came about with me and Paul just kind of talking about our favorite Legion stories and our favorite Legionnaires and we crafted that short story together and then he wrote it out after that. It’s really the chance to get to work with Paul, really the quintessential Legion writer. I was having a lot of fun drawing the characters but once Paul put the dialogue in, because we didn’t work full script on this issue, the characters really came to life.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday election polls

I'm not going to make this a daily thing (yet), but here are day 2's exit polling. The Legion leader election website has been open for 2 days now, so let's check out unofficial trends. If you've already voted and have not anonymously recorded your vote with me, please go to the exit poll here and let me know who you voted for - and if you frequent a message board where they're discussing the election, please post the exit poll link, I'd like to hear from as many voters as possible.

A reminder: this is a highly unscientific survey of those people who went to the website and said they voted, so I have to take everyone at their word that who they voted for here is who they voted for in the election, and that there's been no ballot box stuffing.

After 312 votes (as of 11:45 pm CDT on 10/21/10) cast, here are the leading candidates with more than 5% of the total votes cast:

  • Phantom Girl - 15.48% (48 votes)
  • Gates - 9.68% (30 votes)
  • Mon-El - 8.33% (26 votes) 
  • Brainiac 5 - 7.10% (22 votes) 
  • Tyroc - 7.10% (22 votes)
  • Quislet - 5.16% (16 votes) 
 Compare this to Wednesday's votes:
  • Phantom Girl - 12.50% (23 votes) 
  • Gates - 9.78% (18 votes)
  • Brainiac 5 - 7.61% (14 votes)
  • Tyroc - 7.07% (13 votes) 
  • Mon-El - 5.98% (11 votes)
  • Quislet - 5.98% (11 votes)
  • Sensor Girl - 5.98% (11 votes)
Phantom Girl increases her lead by 3 percentage points and Mon-El picks up 2. Everyone else is basically flat lined. Still too early to call, with only 2 days of voting tallies in a 3-week election. There won't be any "October Surprise" to change the public's mind about the candidates, though a previously untold flashback in the next issue of Adventure Comics might sway some undecided voters who haven't cast their ballot yet.

Incidentally, the 312 votes cast here represents approximately 0.85% of the 36,360 copies of LSH v6 #3 that were sold (the latest sales figures available).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Election trends: who's leading in the exit polls?

Via holo-vid reporter Marella Tao of "Metropolis Tonite",

Although the Legion leader election website has only been open for about 24 hours, there are some unofficial trends on the exit polls. (If you've already voted, please go to the exit poll here and let me know who you voted for.)

A reminder: this is a highly unscientific survey of those people who went to the website and said they voted, so I have to take everyone at their word that who they voted for here is who they voted for in the election. After 184 votes (as of 9pm CDT on 10/20/10) cast, here are the leading candidates with more than 5% of the total votes cast:

  • Phantom Girl 12.50% (23 votes) 
  • Gates 9.78% (18 votes)
  • Brainiac 5 7.61% (14 votes)
  • Tyroc 7.07% (13 votes) 
  • Mon-El 5.98% (11 votes)
  • Quislet 5.98% (11 votes)
  • Sensor Girl 5.98% (11 votes)
Reporter's commentary: I believe that the Gates, Tyroc, and Quislet votes are there to throw Paul Levitz a curveball. But I could live with Tinya as leader; she's the longest-serving member who's never been elected before (without knowing what went on prior to the "Superman & the Legion" story arc).
We've got til November 10 to vote.

Trivia Quiz #52

Special Legion election edition! Reader elections are open today through Nov. 10th. Vote early but you can't vote often as it's one vote per IP address.

1. Chronologically from the founding of the L1 Legion to the Magic Wars, three leaders were not elected leader by the rest of the members. Which ones, and what were the circumstances?

2. Who won the first Legion leader election that was based on a reader vote?

3. Which Legion leader was disqualified after the readers voted, and why? Who became the leader instead?

4. Considering what we know of the all of the various "regular" Legions - the L1 Legion (founding through Magic Wars), the v4-era Legion (post-Magic Wars til Zero Hour) and the SW6 Legion, the L2 Legion post-Zero Hour reboot, the L3 Legion Waid/Kitson reboot, the current retroboot, the DC Animated Universe (including Justice League Unlimited and Superman The Animated Series), and the Legion animated series - which Legionnaire has been the leader the most number of times? For this question, for counting purposes we'll consider different versions of the same character (Lightning Lad and Livewire, for example) to be the same.

5. In his two previous writing stints on the Legion, how many elections has Paul Levitz overseen and which leaders were chosen?

6. What happens if the Leader resigns, is expelled, dies, becomes incapacitated, or otherwise can't fulfill his/her duties as leader? What about the Deputy? What if they both are?

7. In this election, which eligible Legionnaires have NOT been leader before (that we know of)?

Who did you vote for Legion leader in 2010?

Who did you vote for as the new Legion Leader? I've set up a poll to see how the votes here match the final vote. Please only vote once, and only vote for the person you voted for on DC's site.

Who did you vote for in the Legion election of 2010?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Legion election voting is now open!

The Legion election has its own page at the DC site, open now through Nov. 10th. You have 25 candidates to choose from (including Chameleon Girl, Earth-Man, and Gates, but not including Matter-Eater Lad), with no write-ins. Apparently you're limited to one vote per IP address.

Greetings, Legionnaires!
By the order of the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES CONSTITUTION, a Legion leader will be chosen in a manner determined by its membership. Please review the following list of active members for the Legionnaire that you feel embodies the traits and skills of a strong leader. Remember Legion Constitutional Amendment to Section 8.0: Anyone attempting to use their superpowers to influence the election may be exiled to Shanghalla and their votes discarded!

Computo will tally the votes between the polling period of OCTOBER 20 and NOVEMBER 10.

I voted for Gates, just to see what Paul Levitz would do with him.

And incidentally, section 8.0 of the Legion Constitution really does cover voting. The new leader is the one with a plurality of the votes, with the deputy leader the one with the next highest number of votes.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mordru on "Legends of the Super-Heroes" DVD cover

Via TV Shows on DVD, here's the cover art for the "Legends of the Super-Heroes" DVD which is available starting tomorrow (10/19) on the WB Shop page for the amazing low low low price of $19.95 and better quality than any bootleg VHS video you may illegally own (plus it's got outtakes that you've never seen).

Includes the most famous jet-ski chase scene in filmed history.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

NYCC10: Changes coming to Adventure Comics

The Legion Academy will be taking over Adventure Comics, XS notes, and Green Lantern hints for the 31st century.

Via Newsarama's live blog of the DC Universe panel today:

Levitz says we will pick the new leader. In issue #6 there will be a backdoor pilot to a new Legion story in Adventure comics. It will eventually turn into the Legion Academy series.
Via CBR's article writeup after the panel:
Levitz said that "Legion of Super-Heroes" #6 will introduce Legion Academy in a backup feature illustrated by Phil Jimenez. This group will then move over into "Adventure," and later get its own series. "Legion" #6 will also include a URL for fans to vote for Legion leader. "Then I get to write myself out of whatever ridiculous situation you put us in," he joked. "I think we'll be able to have results integrated very quickly into the book with how it's set up."

Asked about speedsters in the future, Levitz said, "XS is running around, but we're trying to keep Legion down to four billion characters, so we're giving her a little time before she shows up."

"Legion Academy" will feature ties to 21st-century DC, but at present there are no plans for Superman and Batman's descendants to appear, Levitz said when asked.

The new Green Lantern for the Earth sector in "Legion" will debut soon, "someone who will stick around, unlike Earthman, who had the attention span of about two minutes." Who this character is will "hopefully surprise you," Levitz said. Bedard added that Sodam Yat will be appearing in "Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors."

Coming soon to your TV

Two items of note today regarding Legion(ish) stuff on TV:

1. At the NYCC, Warners announced that the 1979 2-part miniseries "Legends of the Super-Heroes" will be released on DVD later this month. This is the infamous show where part 1 has "The Challenge" and part 2 has "The Roast". Both feature Mordru, who appears in part 1 on a jet-ski.

No, really.

2. James Marsters, last seen on Smallville as Brainiac being taken to the 31st century by the Legion, returns next Friday 10/15 in the series 200th episode as Brainiac 5 (but not a green version). TV Guide has a preview video with its article.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New York Comic Con '10 preview

So who's going to the NYCC '10 this weekend? Here's a list of panels you might want to attend. Did I miss any?

Spotlight on Geoff Johns
Geoff Johns’ storytelling and creativity fueled event blockbusters Blackest Night, the new Brightest Day and the character rebirths of Green Lantern and The Flash.  As the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, you can expect Geoff to deliver even more thrills and excitement as his focus shifts to bringing the DCU to life outside of the comics starting with the Green Lantern film and many other surprises!  Don’t miss this panel hosted by Eddie Berganza, Group Editor, interviewing one of the most exciting talents in comics.
10/8/10 2:15 PM
Room 1A08

DC Nation
The DC NATION is back at the home front – New York City! We’re always looking for new recruits, so be sure to come on by as Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee and some of the industry’s top talent lead the way to give you the inside scoop to all current and future NATION members!
10/8/10 6:00 PM
Room 1A08

James Marsters Spotlight
James Marsters may best be known for the role of Spike, the cult favorite punk-goth vampire that he played for six seasons on the series Buffy the Vampire, but he’s done a whole lot more! Don’t faint in this spotlight panel!
10/8/10 8:45 PM
Room 1A08

  • [Marsters is playing Brainiac 5 on this season of Smallville, maybe he'll reveal something about whether we'll see the Legion vs Darkseid]
DC Universe
Ian Sattler, Senior Story Editor, and your favorite writers and artists are here for the main event: The DC Universe! What lies ahead for your favorite heroes and series? Got a question for your favorite DCU creator? Come on by! There’s no greater gathering of top-tier creative talent!
10/9/10 12:15 PM
Room 1A08