Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Election trends: who's leading in the exit polls?

Via holo-vid reporter Marella Tao of "Metropolis Tonite",

Although the Legion leader election website has only been open for about 24 hours, there are some unofficial trends on the exit polls. (If you've already voted, please go to the exit poll here and let me know who you voted for.)

A reminder: this is a highly unscientific survey of those people who went to the website and said they voted, so I have to take everyone at their word that who they voted for here is who they voted for in the election. After 184 votes (as of 9pm CDT on 10/20/10) cast, here are the leading candidates with more than 5% of the total votes cast:

  • Phantom Girl 12.50% (23 votes) 
  • Gates 9.78% (18 votes)
  • Brainiac 5 7.61% (14 votes)
  • Tyroc 7.07% (13 votes) 
  • Mon-El 5.98% (11 votes)
  • Quislet 5.98% (11 votes)
  • Sensor Girl 5.98% (11 votes)
Reporter's commentary: I believe that the Gates, Tyroc, and Quislet votes are there to throw Paul Levitz a curveball. But I could live with Tinya as leader; she's the longest-serving member who's never been elected before (without knowing what went on prior to the "Superman & the Legion" story arc).
We've got til November 10 to vote.


Vik-Thor Harrison said...

Throw Paul Levitz a curve ball? Well, sorta… I just really like Gates, and want him more visible!

Though truthfully, since he just recently joined 'this' Legion, I doubt that they would actually vote for him after only knowing him for a short time (in their timeline.)

Anonymous said...

I voted for Tyroc, simply to punish Paul for writing out my favorite Legionnaire way back where.

THERE, Paul, now you HAVE to figure out how his power works, AND work around his "angry-black-man" persona.

Actually, Tyroc's old prejudices might make a nice character springboard given the current xenophopia plotline.


MaGnUs said...

I voted for Quislet because he's my favorite Legionnaire.

Rob S. said...

I voted for Tyroc -- an ex-president (from an ex-timeline, true -- but also, yess, to throw Levitz a curveball. Because I like how he hits curveballs.

OM said...

...I voted for Gates just to see how Levitz would handle a stinking commie bug-eyed monster as the leader of the Legion. The concept boggles the mind, man!

Unknown said...

I voted for Timber Wolf because he's long been my favorite LoSH member and I think he'd be a challenge for Levitz. I know chances are slim that Timber Wolf wins, but I sincerely hope that an off-the-wall choice makes it so that we'll really see it change the course of the series in an interesting way.

Unknown said...

Oh and if there was a way for someone to prove who they voted for, I'd start bribing voters with free Astro City action figures. What? I have a lot of Confessor figures.

Anonymous said...

My vote for Tyroc was less about throwing the present writer a curveball as wanting to spotlight a long-neglected Legionnaire who'd I like to see become more prominent.