Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trivia Quiz #52

Special Legion election edition! Reader elections are open today through Nov. 10th. Vote early but you can't vote often as it's one vote per IP address.

1. Chronologically from the founding of the L1 Legion to the Magic Wars, three leaders were not elected leader by the rest of the members. Which ones, and what were the circumstances?

2. Who won the first Legion leader election that was based on a reader vote?

3. Which Legion leader was disqualified after the readers voted, and why? Who became the leader instead?

4. Considering what we know of the all of the various "regular" Legions - the L1 Legion (founding through Magic Wars), the v4-era Legion (post-Magic Wars til Zero Hour) and the SW6 Legion, the L2 Legion post-Zero Hour reboot, the L3 Legion Waid/Kitson reboot, the current retroboot, the DC Animated Universe (including Justice League Unlimited and Superman The Animated Series), and the Legion animated series - which Legionnaire has been the leader the most number of times? For this question, for counting purposes we'll consider different versions of the same character (Lightning Lad and Livewire, for example) to be the same.

5. In his two previous writing stints on the Legion, how many elections has Paul Levitz overseen and which leaders were chosen?

6. What happens if the Leader resigns, is expelled, dies, becomes incapacitated, or otherwise can't fulfill his/her duties as leader? What about the Deputy? What if they both are?

7. In this election, which eligible Legionnaires have NOT been leader before (that we know of)?


Tom Galloway said...

1. Cosmic Boy; chosen by a computer as having the best leadership qualities of the original three. Both of Saturn Girl's terms; her first "election" win was due to mind controlling the Legionnaires to vote for her, although it was retconned she later got a vote of confidence to continue as Leader. Her second term was won by solving Proty II's puzzle.

2. I'm semi-guessing Brainiac 5's win.

3. Superboy, with the in-continuity reason that his primary 20th century residence made him not quite full-time. Wildfire took the post.

4. Cosmic Boy, mainly due to him always being the initial leader every time a "new" version of the Legion shows up (including the current "Earth-0"'s first appearance in Superman to present, but not when the SW6 batch first showed up, as their memories were at the point where Invisible Kid I was leader)

5. Working backwards...Sensor Girl, Polar Boy, Element Lad, Element Lad, Dream Girl...and I'm not sure if Paul was on the book when Wildfire became leader; it was right about when he was starting his first run, otherwise I don't think he had an election in that run.

6. Let's see, it's Vice-President, Speaker of the House, Senate President Pro Tem, Secretary of State...: -)

7. Assuming you mean in their individual continuities (to account for Gates either way): both Chams, Colossal Boy, Dawnstar, Earth-Man, Gates, Invisible Kid II, Lightning Lass, Phantom Girl, Quislet, Shady, Violet, Sun Boy, Tellus, Timber Wolf, and Tyroc.

Howson said...

Question 2) I'd assume it was Ultra Boy in 1968 around Adventure 370 ? He took over from Invisible Kid who was chosen by Shooter / Weisinger without any reader input (unless you're counting Jim Shooter as a reader at the time he plotted the tale that became Adventure 348)

Wasn't there a reader vote during the Hamilton era that Mon-El won ? But as far as I recall, that was just a poll on favourite character and didn't affect the stories.

Stephen said...

question 6: The deputy becomes leader if the leader can't serve for some reason. If both the leader and deputy are both unable to serve, it goes to the Legionnaire with the most seniority, if I remember.