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LSH v4 #33 annotations: Whatever Happened to Kid Quantum?

Annotations for Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #33

  • Cover: Yet more proof this is an alternate universe
  • Page 2 panel 6: In the Forest of Dead Legionnaires, who’s that in the cape? It’s not Ferro Lad, Triplicate Girl, Invisible Kid, Chemical King, Karate Kid, Magnetic Kid, Phantom Girl, or Blok. Maybe it's the new Doctor Fate?
  • Page 2 panel 9: we saw this person’s statue earlier, someone wearing an SW6 redesigned Legionnaires costume that hasn’t been redesigned yet?
  • Page 3 panel 5: it’s the Zyzanian who we saw last issue giving info to Foxworth. 
  • Page 3 panel 8: Antares II is the planet that the Proteans are from. The Proteans were made into pets by a great humanoid scientific civilization called the Llorn that colonized the world. When a giant orange star passed too close, altering the planet’s climate cycle, the scientific humanoids left, using an Evolution Beam to alter the Proteans, giving them the ability to alter their shape and adapt to any environment (ADV 322).
  • Page 4 panel 1: who are Xandi and Rouvin named after?
  • Page 5 panel 9: who is Aazar named after? Recall that literally all we knew of Yal before this issue is that they had robot lawmen.
  • Page 6 panel 1: Ferno is a world on which Ultra-Boy used his penetra-vision to melt down a berserk lead monster (ADV 301).
  • Page 6 panel 4: Adam Orion (aka Orion the Hunter) was last seen on Labyrinth in LSH v3 #22.
  • Page 7 panel 6: with the Legion flag (minus the stars) and the costume, this is the guy whose statue is on Winath.
  • Page 9 panel 8: those meetings with the Proteans in 2985 were shown in LSH v3 #9, while the attempts to enslave the Proteans took place before the formation of the Legion in 2973
  • Page 15 panel 3: the old injuries were those he got from Roxxas
  • Page 18 panel 2: Kid Quantum was killed in front of the Legionnaires, and Cham fought alongside him as a Legionnaire. What the what? Another Laurel Gand type retcon, but who is he replacing?
  • Page 21 panel 9: Gallan is the name of a world seen on the Legion’s Emergency Board (ADV 327). Last we saw the Emerald Eye, it was under the control of someone who looked like it could have been Leland McCauley IV or Starfinger III.
  • Page 22: Chris Sprouse art! Lightning Lad is now being retconned to be a hothead, and Imra thinks he sounds like he used to (referring to the time before he got Protyfied). Since they're still looking for their missing teammates, hoping they'll be alive, this can't be more than a day or two after the previous issue. 
  • Page 23 panel 5: Crystal Kid was in the Chambers, and apparently didn’t die after all (he got better!). Not counting the flashback where he left the Legion, he last appeared in LSH v2 #304
  • Page 24: it’s Catspaw, Dragonmage, and Danielle Foccart, who were saved by Danielle’s link to the computers. I had completely forgotten about where these three came from, so it was a nice surprise to me.
  • Page 25: More history of Antares (some new, some old). 
    • Early 2973 is when the Legion was founded, around the same time as the Baalduran invasion
    • The part about Dr Norm Eldor is from ADV 334, which is the story of the “Unknown Legionnaire” .
      • While visiting Proty II's home world, the Legion see that they have constructed a statue commemorating the "Unknown Legionnaire", and reminisce on the mission that led to the creation of this commemorative statue.
      • When the criminal scientist Norm Eldor escaped from prison, Supergirl is sent out to secretly track him down. The Legion suddenly finds themselves being attacked by Protean doppelgangers under the employ of Elder. However, with the aid of a spray that would reveal Protean impostors, and the aid of the arrival of a lead clad hero, who is dubbed Unknown Boy to aid them, the Legion are able to defeat the criminal Proteans and capture Eldor.
      • After the mission is complete, Superboy deduces that "Unknown Boy" is really a disguised Supergirl. With her memory restored Supergirl informs the others that she was exposed to Red Kryptonite which caused her to have amnesia, and gave her the ability to use her x-ray vision through lead. Still remembering her mission and determined to keep her identity secret, Supergirl created the "Unknown Boy" armor to complete her mission.
    • Kid Quantum is said to be the 9th Legionnaire to join (after the founders, Triplicate Girl, Phantom Girl, Cham, Colossal Boy, and Invisible Kid; joined prior to Brainiac 5 and Laurel Gand).
  • Timeline: assuming issue 33 took place on May 6, it took Cham a day to reach Yal, so that's May 7. That means the Dominators getting the information on the Soul of Antares is the same day, as is when Cham finds Brande. The next day, May 8, Orion gets to Yal and the Antarean ship is hijacked, and the SW6 Legion finds Crystal Kid, Catspaw, Computo, and Dragonmage.

Here's what we know of the timeline to date. I'm color coding them based on whether the date appeared in the 2995 Sourcebook (yellow; text in yellow is as written in the Sourcebook), it's a confirmed date that was given in the comic (green), or an estimated date based on keeping track of events and days (cyan). Bold text is something new added this issue. Italics are unknown dates.
  • 6/11/1992 - Aria tries to take the dying Brin Londo back in time to prevent his father from administering the first Zuunium injection, but accidentally dumps them both in the 20th century (LSH v4 Ann 3 part 1).
  • 2/12/75 –  The inhabitants of the planet Trom are exterminated by the pirate Kivun Roxxas. The sole survivor is 12 year-old Jan Arrah (LSH v4 #31).
  • 3/26/2978 Dark Circle obtained updated cell samples from when Dr. Zan Orbal restored bodies and powers to Matter-Eater Lad, Lightning Lad, and Bouncing Boy on Tartarus, to complete their collection (LSH v4 #22).
  • 10/78 Doppelganger substitution during Dark Circle invasion (LSH v4 #22).
  • 2/17/89 – Mekt admitted to Labyrinth Penal Institute (LSH v4 #10).
  • 6/23/89 – Magic Wars end (LSH v3 #63)
  • 9/89 – Polymer shield around Earth removed, Earthgov debt soars (LSH v4 #30)
  • 10/89 – the Great Collapse
  • 11/2/89 – Tayla Wellington elected President (LSH v4 #30)
  • 1/19/90 – Mutual assistance pact signed with the Dominion; Earthgov officially secedes from the United Planets (LSH v4 #30)
  • 4/13/90 – Communique from Earthgov President Wellington, trying to legally disband the Legion, with Imra, Rokk, and Cham “currently out of the picture” (LSH v4 #1).
  • 4/90 – Validus Plague ravages Winath; former Legionnaire Brainiac 5 helps (LSH v4 #3).
  • 6/7/90 – Legion Academy closes (LSH v4 #16).
  • 7/6/90 – Former Legion Academy heads Chuck and Luornu Durgo Taine open the United Planets Militia Academy (LSH v4 #16).
  • TBD 2990 – Earthgov secedes from the United Planets, and the Science Police Earth splits from the Science Police Proper (LSH v4 #2). Since then, “resistance forces have opposed Earthgov since the introduction of repressive measures… but with little success to date.” (LSH v4 #13)
  • 4/12/91 – Tinya goes missing; she was secretly sent back in time by Glorith (LSH v4 #2).
  • 5/8/91 – Search for Tinya called off; Jo resigns; Sun Boy is leader (LSH v4 #2).
  • 5/27/91 – Mekt released from Labyrinth, rehabilitated (LSH v4 #10).
  • 6/9/91 – Planned date of wedding of Tinya and Jo (LSH v4 #2).
  • 7/91 – Reported threats regarding Earthgov failure to pay debts (LSH v4 #30).
  • 8/12/91 – Black Dawn; Timber Wolf is seriously injured, Wildfire is lost; Starfinger II (Char Burrane) and the Khunds are somehow involved (LSH v4 #12, #28).
  • 8/14/91 – It is now postulated that full Domination of Earthgov began at this time (LSH v4 #30).
  • 8/15/91 – Blok, Dawnstar, and Dream Girl resign (LSH v4 #28).
  • 8/17/91 – Crystal Kid resigns (LSH v4 #28).
  • 8/23/91 – Element Lad resigns (LSH v4 #28).
  • 9/1/91 – Impulse resigns (LSH v4 #28).
  • 9/4/91 – Echo and Tellus resign (LSH v4 #28).
  • 9/14/91 – Sun Boy resigns and appoints Polar Boy as unofficial temporary leader (LSH v4 #28).
  • 10/8/91 – Imsk sets off the Damper weapon on Venado Bay on Braal-13 during the Imsk/Braal War. Rokk lost his powers, Loomis lost an arm. Salu was head of security on the damper project and knew what it would do, but fought against it (not hard enough, in her admission). Imsk won, as the army is occupying Braal (LSH v4 #1). She says that Braal attacked Imsk, and they were just defending themselves (LSH v4 #10).
  • TBD 2991 – Garth and Imra, having left the Legion, start the Lightning Ring Plantation (LSH v4 #3).
  • 1/21/92 – Rebirth Summit (LSH v4 #1).
  • 7/6/92 – LSH leader Polar Boy disbands the Legion, mentions Black Dawn which “cost” the Legion (LSH v4 #1); Mordru coronated as the Supreme Teacher of Sorceror’s World (LSH v4 #6).
  • TBD 1992 – Down and out, Dirk is rescued by Shvaughn Erin, who warns him not to trust Earthgov, but he doesn’t trust her. Dirk is later recruited by Circe (LSH v4 #28)
  • 8/22/92 – Brek Bannin arrested for insurrection (LSH v4 #11).
  • 9/9/92 – Dirk joins Earthgov as a spokesman and liaison (LSH v4 #28)
  • 4/11/93 – Announcement of upcoming wedding of Grev Mallor (of the City People) to Kahnya Nahtahnie (Lady Memory of the Hill People) on Talok VIII.
  • 8/14/93 – wedding of Grev Mallor and Kahnya Nahtahnie.
  • 1/17/94 – Marzal reappears over Africa and the corrupt Earthgov destroys it, but not before Tyroc escapes (LSH v4 #16).
  • 10/22/94 – Raid on anti-government terrorists, but ringleader Vidar (aka Universo) is not captured; Cham tells Marla he’s leaving (LSH v4 #1).
  • 10/23/94 – Cham begins to recruit members for the new Legion, first approaching Rokk; Vi leaves the Imsk army for Winath; Dominator agents help Roxxas escape from Labyrinth (LSH v4 #1).
  • 10/25/94 – Attack on Jo and Kono on Rimbor; Loomis and Lydda en route to Kathoon (LSH v4 #2).
  • Fri 11/21/94 – Blok is killed by Roxxas the Butcher (LSH v4 #3).
  • Thu 11/27/94 – Mordru crushes Rond Vidar’s ring; Rokk and Cham finally meet up with Jo and decide to go to Tharn to rescue Mysa; Dominators and Shvaughn Erin watch the tape of Roxxas and Blok, whose body is delivered to Winath; Mon-El resurrected (LSH v4 #3).
  • Fri 11/28/94 – Mon-El goes to Talok VIII, then Shadow Lass and Mon-El visit Brainiac 5, then Mon-El destroys the Time Trapper (LSH v4 #4).
  • Sat 11/29/94 – Mordruverse (LSH v4 #5).
  • Sat 11/29/94 – Cham, Rokk, Jo, Kono, and Furball arrive on Tharn and are captured by Mordru; after being hired by Earthgov to find Blok’s killer, Celeste, Devlin, and Bounty leave for Trom (LSH v4 #6).
  • Sun 11/30/94 – Celeste, Devlin, and Bounty meet Jan on Trom (LSH v4 #6); with the help of Laurel Gand, Rokk’s crew rescues Mysa and Rond from Mordru but are teleported to Grocz; Celeste, Devlin, Bounty, and Jan leave Trom for Winath (LSH v4 #7); Earthgov links to Roxxas reported, riots ensue (LSH 4 #30).
  • Mon 12/1/94 – Rokk, Cham, Jo, Kono, Furball, Rond, Laurel, and Mysa travel from Grocz to Zirr (LSH v4 #8).
  • Tues 12/2/94 – Rokk, Laurel, and Rond take some R&R time on Zirr with baby Lauren, while the others go to Winath; Marla reminisces (LSH v4 #8); on Cygnus IV, Roxxas watches a holo of Laurel Gand; Celeste, Devlin, Bounty, and Jan arrive on Winath (LSH v4 #9).
  • Wed 12/3/94 – Rokk and Rond arrive in the morning, having left Laurel behind on Zirr; everyone (Rokk, Rond; Cham, Jo, Kono, Furball, Mysa; Celeste, Devlin, Bounty, Jan; Brainy, Garth, Ayla, Vi, Imra) is on Winath when Roxxas attacks; Bounty, Mekt, Cham, and Celeste are seriously injured, while Jo disappears and is presumed dead; Earthgov linked to Roxxas; Tenzil arrives on Earth (LSH v4 #10).
  • Thu 12/4/94 – On Winath, Roxxas is on the loose, and kills a doctor and nurse in the Bloomfield Free Clinic. On Earth, Tenzil participates in the Batcave dig, meets with Shvaughn and Brek (who is released for the first time since incarceration 2 years prior), has dinner with Prosecutor Jakobi, then falls asleep. (LSH v4 #11).
  • Fri 12/5/94 – Tenzil and Brek in court; Holo Scene news article on the trial (LSH v4 #11); Celeste is healed by a green glow; the former Legionnaires team up to capture Roxxas, who reveals Dominion control of Earthgov (LSH v4 #12).
  • Wed 12/10/94 – All-points bulletin on Persuader, who meets Kent Shakespeare in on Quarantine trying to attack Char Burrane Jr. (LSH v4 #12). Persuader is defeated by Kent and SP Captain Gim Allon, who then takes Kent to Toonar (LSH v4 #13).
  • Thu 12/11/94 – Kent leaves Toonar for Winath; Laurel fights Khunds in deep space; Tenzil and Brek on Gnogg. (LSH v4 #13).
  • Sun 12/14/94 – The Legion is formally reinstated.
  • Mon 12/16/94 – Tenzil, Brek, and Calorie Queen are taken to Tartarus by Prince Evillo; Tenzil banished to the Realm of Darkness (LSH v4 #14).
  • Thu 12/25/94 – Garth, Cham, and Rokk remotely survey Talus (LSH v4 #14).
  • Fri 12/26/94 – Tenzil and Sugyn return from the Realm of Darkness, only to hear that Tenzil has been declared dead and his Senate seat vacated (LSH v4 #14).
  • Sat 12/27/94 – Loomis writes his report on Talus’ suitability for being the new HQ; Tenzil leaves Brek behind on Tartarus and heads for Winath (LSH v4 #14).
  • Sun 12/28/94 – The reformed Legion establishes headquarters on the asteroid world of Talus.
  • Sat 1/3/95 – Tenzil Kem rejoins the Legion.
  • Sun 1/11/95 – Orando falls to the Khunds (LSH v4 #15).
  • Mon 1/12/95 – The Legion agrees to team with the United Planets Militia to beat back a Khundish invasion that threatens the heart of the United Planets (LSH v4 #15).
  • Exact date unknown – Cham meets with a Khundish double agent; Venegar falls to the Khunds, who then make a deal with the Hill People of Talok VIII; the UP Militia tries to decide if Xolnar or Talok VIII will be attacked next; Valor and Shadow Lass appear on Talok VIII; Khunds attack Xolnar; Circe wants Dirk to give a pro-Dominator speech (LSH v4 #15).
  • Exact date unknown  Last stand on Xolnar; introduction of the Resistance on Earth (LSH v4 #16).
  • Fri 3/13/95 – SP Officer Roon Dvron’s police report on Sussa Paka (LSH v4 #22, 23, 27).
  • Sat 3/14/95 - Sussa Paka escape SP custody, steals Starfinger's helmet for Molock Hanscom on the way out (LSH v4 #27).
  • Sun 3/22/95 – Khund decoy fleet arrives at Talok VIII, while the main fleet attacks Xolnar, leading to the death of Jed “Power Boy” Rikane; after destroying the Talok fleet, the Legion and the UP Militia arrive at Xolnar to finish the Khundish fleet; Glorith sent to the end of time; the Khunds are driven back to pre-2995 borders, and the Legion concludes its participation in the war against Khundish encroachment (LSH v4 #17).
  • Wed 3/25/95 – Don and Dawn Allen are arrested by Earthgov (LSH v4 #17).
  • Thurs 3/26/95 – Don and Dawn Allen are put on trial (LSH v4 #17); Sussa Paka steals Earthgov Artifact J-1-WRTZ for Molock Hanscom (LSH v4 #27).
  • Fri 3/27/95 – Tensions increase on Earth with the execution of Legion friends Don and Dawn Allen. (Note that 3/27/95 is a Friday, while the comic says it happened on a Monday) (LSH v4 #17); additional riots, and martial law is instituted (LSH v4 #30).
  • Sat 3/28/95 – Daily Planet article on the Allen executions (LSH v4 #17).
  • Exact date unknown – Valor and Shadow Lass help counter a Dark Circle attempt on Queen Projectra’s life on Orando, then remove the Dark Circle cultists from Carggg; Universo and Jacques meet; holo studio bombing allegedly by one of the Resistance groups (LSH v4 #18).
  • Thu 4/9/95 – Valor and Shadow Lass leave Carggg on their way to some R&R in deep space (LSH v4 #22).
  • Sat 4/11/95 – Luna is destroyed, ravaging Earth (LSH v4 #19) and causing powerspheres to detonate across the globe, with a death toll in the billions and widespread environmental devastation (LSH v4 #30). The mysterious “SW6" Legionnaires awaken in an underground Dominion chamber on Earth. (LSH v4 #20, 25Earthgov authorizes executions. (LSH v4 #25).
  • Sun 4/12/95 – Jo Nah returns from an extended journey through time (LSH v4 #19) and is added to the reformed adult Legion team; the SW6 Legion encounters Devlin O’Ryan (LSH v4 #20); all outside aid to Earth is rejected (LSH v4 #30).
  • Mon 4/13/95 – Dacey and Doritt Ranzz are born to ex-Legionnaires Garth and Imra Ardeen Ranzz. Rokk recalls the events of Venado Bay as the Dominators start executing Science Police Earth officers who are revolting against the Dominators. Mysa Nal is contacted by the spirit of Amethyst (LSH v4 #20). After being exposed to the null radiation from the detonation of Metropolis' powersphere on the 11th, Devlin is getting worse. (LSH v4 #25).
  • Wed 4/15/95 – Furball meets Aria on Zuun, unaware that she’s being hunted by Darkseid; Atmos revealed to have been killed by Project Champion; the Dominators begin harsher punishment of insurrectionists on Earth (LSH v4 #21).
  • Fri 4/17/95 – Jo, Celeste, and Kent on the way to Zuun to get Brainy and Furball; on Talus, Kono reads Nura’s unanswered messages to Mysa; on Altair, Valor finds troubling news from a Dark Circle computer (LSH v4 #22).
  • Sat 4/18/95 – Disease and rebellion reported widespread on Earth; Dominators performing mass executions (LSH v4 #30).
  • Exact date unknown: members of the Dark Circle recount the history of Valor (LSH v4 Annual 2).
  • Mon 4/20/95 – Devlin is healing and appears to have powers just like Reflecto of Rimbor (LSH v4 #29).
  • Tues 4/21/95 – Jo, Celeste, and Kent arrive at Zuun (LSH v4 #22).They are briefly detained but they escape to the surface and meet up with Brainy and Furball, but Lobo captures and leaves with Aria; during the escape, Celeste generates a burst of intense green energy. On Earth, Resistance leader Jacques has Laurel and Bounty meet up with Circe, who has turned against the Dominators and Earthgov. Valor leaves Shady to go to Earth to check into what he found (LSH v4 #23).
  • Wed 4/22/95 – Lobo brings Aria to Darkseid, followed by Jo, Kent, Celeste, Brainy, and Furball. Lobo is revealed to be merely a probe and Darkseid vanishes him, and then turns Furball back into Brin. The Gemini Matrix activates and Aria turns into an adult Gemini and blasts Darkseid, per his secret wish, who then disappears. Back on Earth, BION discovers the adult Laurel Gand while looking for the SW6 version, and the SW6 Legionnaires reveal themselves to Devlin (LSH v4 #24). The SW6 Legionnaires and Devlin escape the tunnels and link up with Universo and the Earth Resistance (LSH v4 #25), and then quickly go to the Resistance HQ in New Mexico. The Subs and Universo’s Resistance team capture the Weisigner Chambers from the Dominators, while BION follows Laurel to Talus (LSH v4 #26).
  • Thu 4/23/95 – Garth and Imra decide to hold the christening of their new twins next week, on Saturday May 2 (LSH v4 Ann 3 part 2).
  • Sat 4/25/95 - Legionnaires in Africa with the Resistance and the SW6 Batch become aware of each other; the Subs and Grin’s resistance team discover others in the Weisinger Chambers; Rokk, Kono, and Loomis manage to subdue BION on Talus (LSH v4 #27). Dirk Morgna’s pod is discovered (LSH v4 #28).
  • Sun 4/26/95 – On Talus, Brainiac 5 studies BION, and Valor suggests that the adult Legionnaires may be clones. Monica Sade is released from the Weisinger chambers, and then Dominator troops temporarily gain control of the Chambers. Circe and Bounty plan to take out Pinnacle Command, while the Dominators prepare mind-wiped agents to attack the Subs (LSH v4 #29).
  • Thu 4/30/95 – Tensions on Earth reach the breaking point when President Tayla Wellington is assassinated by the Dominion during a live broadcast (LSH v4 #29, 30). Aria tries to take the dying Brin Londo back in time to prevent his father from administering the first Zuunium injection, but accidentally dumps them both in the 20th century (LSH v4 Ann 3 part 1). Legionnaires begin to arrive on Winath for a reunion to attend the christening of Dacey and Doritt Ranzz (LSH v4 Ann 3 part 2).
  • Fri 5/1/95 – On Earth, the Subs battle mind-wiped Dominator agents; the Dominators and UP fleets meet up in orbit around Earth (LSH v4 #30). More Legionnaires arrive on Winath for the christening; the Naltor Dreamers defeat the Winath Jaybirds 6-1, clinching their first pennant since 2980 (LSH v4 Ann 3 part 2).
  • Sat 5/2/95 – Dacey and Doritt's christening; Pol Jath Krinn is born to Rokk Krinn and his wife Lydda; Ayla Ranzz learns that Garth is really Proty I, inhabiting her brother's re-animated body (LSH v4 Ann 3 part 2).On Earth, Jan helps Shvaughn Erin and sees his SW6 self, while in space the adult Valor meets his SW6 counterpart (LSH v4 #31).
  • Wed 5/6/95 – Cham begins a search for R.J. Brande; on Earth, Circe and Bounty capture Spider Girl; the Subs escape from the Weisinger chambers with the help of the SW6 Legion, but Grinn sets off a self-destruct mechanism that destroys all the chambers; SW6 Chameleon Boy, Karate Kid, and Princess Projectra are killed fighting Dominion troops (Note: the Sourcebook says this happened on 5/15, but that's too much time since the christening) (LSH v4 #32).
  • Thurs 5/7/95 – Cham arrives on Yal and finds Brande; the Dominators get intel on the Soul of Antares (LSH v4 #33).
  • Fri 5/8/9 – Adam Orion arrives on Yal to capture Brande, but fails; the Antareans are hijacked by someone using the Emerald Eye; the SW6 Legionnaires find Crystal Kid still alive, along with Catspaw, Dragonmage, and Computo (LSH v4 #33).

Friday, July 24, 2020

Live (streaming) from San Diego, it's Friday afternoon! Comic-Con@Home - DC@Home Day 1

With the San Diego Comic-Con cancelled for 2020, they have put together a virtual convention. Replacing the usual DC panel, for Friday July 24 they live-streamed a panel in which all of the guests appeared via Zoom (or something similar).

Per the Comic-Con website, here's the panel description:

Whether its Batman's final showdown with The Joker, Wonder Woman taking on new adventures, or the Man of Steel taking facing threats from Metropolis and across the cosmos, DC is the place to be for the best storytellers lending their talents to the World's Greatest Super Heroes! Don't miss your chance to hear first-hand from these comic book legends in the making as they give you the inside scoop on what's in store for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other DC heroes and villains!DC talent to appear: Vita Ayala, Morgan Beem, Brian Michael Bendis, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Grace Ellis, Mitch Gerads, Clayton Henry, Mikel Janin, Tom King, Jim Lee, Ryan Sook, Maggie Stiefvater, Mariko Tamaki, Tom Taylor, Ram V, and Brittney Williams.
Editor Jamie Rich was the moderator. In the second segment (Legion, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, and Superman) were Mariko Tamaki, Mikel Janin, Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook, and Vita Ayala (as "Vita A"), starting around 14:45. You can watch the entire panel on YouTube.

Below is a verbatim transcript and not edited, so it sounds more conversational than it would if it were in print.

Spoiler alert: there were no spoilers for the Legion, just talk among Bendis, Sook,and Janin about how there are lots of characters and it's a fun book to work on. There is an interesting bit about Gold Lantern near the end of the segment.

Bendis and Sook were up first in this segment, talking about the Legion.

Rich: Brian, I’ll start with you, you actually have some experience working with a giant cast, tell us what’s going on with Legion of Super-Heroes these days and how you balance all these characters.

Bendis: Well, there’s giant casts, and then there’s Legion of Super-Heroes, it’s a completely different ball park, I mean a big cast like we are in X-Men, it’s still around 6 lead X-Men and there’s a lot of people running around in the background, but with Legion of Super-Heroes there’s like 3 dozen lead characters and each one of them could lead the book, lead the team, has enough story to like anchor a whole book, so for us it’s almost like this giant ensemble, we have to put focus on every character as often as possible, and we keep adding new characters as well. Ryan is a perfect partner for this, anything we come up with he adds, it’s all additive, he always comes up with new stuff. It’s just a matter of for us, making sure every character gets its due. We have this awesome two-part 44-artist Legion jam coming up with issues 8 and 9, that is about focusing on each character going around the whole room, making sure everyone knows who everybody is and what they’re capable of. It’s the craziest thing.

Rich: Ryan, how do you keep them all straight when you’re having to go through the script and trying to figure out who goes where and who belongs in the background?

Sook: I don’t... I have to redraw so much, so much stuff. (Laughs) No, Brian’s a great writer, he writes exactly who needs to be there and I just try to do my best and sort of draw them, though I do have a sort of cheat sheet, it’s four pages long of every single character and their designs so that I can refer back to it. I would have thought that by issue 6 I would know them all, but I still refer back (laughs) and look at them again and again. Yeah, but like Brian said, to keep a huge cast and each character is their own lead, it’s, this legion of artists that’s coming up to draw the Legion of Heroes, it’s super exciting. The characters have come more to life more than they ever have before. I got the benefit of having Mikel [Janin, also in the video chat] draw some of them in issue 4 and they never looked better. And now Kevin Nowlan and Art Adams and Michael Oeming and, God, countless... Yannick Paquette, the characters have come to life like they never have before, and making them real to me. So it’s really fun.

Rich: Speaking of Mikel, you’ve done a lot of characters before, you’ve done Justice League Dark, you’ve done Batman, you’ve just taken over Wonder Woman, how do you adjust to all these characters and keeping them straight?

Janin: Well, every project is very different, so I think it starts really with the writer. Because now that Ryan and Brian are talking about Legion of Super-Heroes, when you start working in that project, you feel so... the passion that those two men are putting in the project, you can feel that they love every little bit of that story, so you feel like you just entered that story. It’s easier to get in the mood of that particular character…. [talks about other stuff]

[skipping everyone talking about their other stuff]

Rich: We have a few minutes left, I want to actually touch base with both Mikel and Ryan, similar questions, but how do you design characters? I want to ask Mikel how you went about designing Liar Liar and Ryan, we’ve got this new character called Gold Lantern coming up in Legion of Super-Heroes, I’d like to know what went into the designs behind that. 

Janin: [discusses his work]

Rich: So Ryan, what can you tell us about Gold Lantern?

Sook: Gold Lantern is... he’s kinda become... he’s such a great character, he’s the epitome of all the Lanterns. I mean, when Geoff Johns was bringing out all the spectrum from years ago, the amazing sort of scope that the Lanterns bring, it’s broad, but Gold Lantern refines it all down to this one character, it’s not a Corps, it’s a guy, you know, it’s this one character, and he brings legitimacy to all these emotions being encapsulated in one thing. It’s part of the Legion universe in a way that I think is totally inseparable from it. But designing him was a lot like designing a lot of the other Legion characters, we can take elements… this is a thousand years in the future, there’s nothing withheld, right? So we have all those elements of the Lanterns and all the history that’s there, but to push it a thousand years into the future, make it recognizable, but really pull it as far as we can into the future and let him be a character that’s not bound by the history, but brings that history into an expression that’s totally new in the future. That was kind of the idea of designing him and making him gold – at least, from Brian’s point of perspective, it was just “Is that a Gold Lantern in there somewhere?” It starts like that, this germ of an idea, but all of a sudden it’s like “yeah, that is a Gold Lantern – wait, we’ve gotta know the Gold Lantern.” And when you have characters that evolve and grow as the story and the characters are growing, boy, it really is exciting to design a character like that, because you start with such a blank slate and then you can just refine it as we go forward in the story, it’s really fun.”

Bendis: And we’re really excited about that taking off, you know.