Friday, March 23, 2012

No further 12-packs of Legion action figures

From the monthly "Ask Matty" with Mattel:

"Q1. At Toy Fair, it was said that there would not be another 12 pack of the Legion of Super-Heroes due to the amount of time and resources it would involve. However, I believe I read that there were other figures in the works. Can you speak to that? Any thoughts of 2 or 3 packs? I love the 12 pack, but there’s so many more that we need!

A1. Yes. That is a fair assessment. While this item was a hit, it threw such a wrench into our schedule that is wound up delaying a lot of other product that needed resources too!"

Alas, I don't find the response clear as to whether there'll be more Legion figures (other than the already announced Star Man for Club Infinite Earths), but I'd guess so given the "hit" status of the 12-pack, particularly that they did a second run of it.