Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday election polls

I'm not going to make this a daily thing (yet), but here are day 2's exit polling. The Legion leader election website has been open for 2 days now, so let's check out unofficial trends. If you've already voted and have not anonymously recorded your vote with me, please go to the exit poll here and let me know who you voted for - and if you frequent a message board where they're discussing the election, please post the exit poll link, I'd like to hear from as many voters as possible.

A reminder: this is a highly unscientific survey of those people who went to the website and said they voted, so I have to take everyone at their word that who they voted for here is who they voted for in the election, and that there's been no ballot box stuffing.

After 312 votes (as of 11:45 pm CDT on 10/21/10) cast, here are the leading candidates with more than 5% of the total votes cast:

  • Phantom Girl - 15.48% (48 votes)
  • Gates - 9.68% (30 votes)
  • Mon-El - 8.33% (26 votes) 
  • Brainiac 5 - 7.10% (22 votes) 
  • Tyroc - 7.10% (22 votes)
  • Quislet - 5.16% (16 votes) 
 Compare this to Wednesday's votes:
  • Phantom Girl - 12.50% (23 votes) 
  • Gates - 9.78% (18 votes)
  • Brainiac 5 - 7.61% (14 votes)
  • Tyroc - 7.07% (13 votes) 
  • Mon-El - 5.98% (11 votes)
  • Quislet - 5.98% (11 votes)
  • Sensor Girl - 5.98% (11 votes)
Phantom Girl increases her lead by 3 percentage points and Mon-El picks up 2. Everyone else is basically flat lined. Still too early to call, with only 2 days of voting tallies in a 3-week election. There won't be any "October Surprise" to change the public's mind about the candidates, though a previously untold flashback in the next issue of Adventure Comics might sway some undecided voters who haven't cast their ballot yet.

Incidentally, the 312 votes cast here represents approximately 0.85% of the 36,360 copies of LSH v6 #3 that were sold (the latest sales figures available).


Dave Hackett said...

Actually, the latest sales figures are for issue #5 (32,417). Still means 312 is less than 1%, but it's getting closer.

Meerkatdon said...

Michael, I know you keep track of this sort of thing, and I have no clue. Is 30,000+ considered good sales? Stallar? Mediocre?

I guess what I'm really asking is: How's the Legion doing, sales-wise?

(And hey, if I buy two copies every month -- which I do -- can I vote twice?)

(Maybe DC should also have an election for readers of Adventure: all the votes would go for Saturn Girl. "Vote for the Saturn Girl of your choice, but vote!")

Michael said...

I get sales records from Heidi MacDonald's "The BEAT" website. She posts monthly sales for DC, Marvel, and everyone else. Here's the latest:

For that issue, #3, sales were 36,360 which made it the 45th best selling comic on the market (combined all titles). Other titles nearby are Daredevil, Avengers Academy, Ultimate Spider-man, Deadpool, Wolverine Origins, Fantastic Four, New Mutants, Red Robin, and Action Comics.

Meerkatdon said...

Michael, thanks. Those sales figures are fascinating.

If I'm reading things correctly, it looks like Legion of Super-Heroes is selling about at the average for DC Universe titles and Adventure is a little below average. (It also looks like there's a hard core of about 25,000 who buy any Legion title.)

I was interested to see that R.E.B.E.L.S. is selling in the 11,000 range, about a third of average. I guess that means there are about 10,000 people who will buy anything Legion-related.

Ken Arromdee said...

I've been making a graph. It's here.

Sales are okay for now, but they're still plummeting.

Putting REBELS on the graph might be interesting, though.