Thursday, June 01, 2006

Animated LSH news 33: new names and a new comic?

One new name attached to the Legion series that I haven't seen before, one that I have seen before but not in a while. Plus some news about a possible new Legion book.

Jason's RIOT comics + culture mentions off-handedly a Newsarama interview with Dave Johnson (Batman: Broken City, Superman: Red Son, 100 Bullets) in which he's promoting his sketchbook. But then the interview delves into his animation work (including lead designer on Ben10):

NRAMA: Do you have any other books, TV shows, or blockbuster Hollywood productions coming up? Everyone will say they heard it here first...

DJ: Well, right now I'm working on the crew for the new WB show called Legion. It's being produced by James Tucker, who was Bruce Timm's right hand guy on Justice League. And so far it's shaping up pretty well. After that I'll be working on a new Bruce Timm project. From there it's up in the air at this point.

His MySpace page doesn't say much more:
Well, I just finished up working on "BEN 10" for Cartoon Network. And now currently working at Warner Bros. again, on a new show called "Legion". . .

On Ben10 he was credited as "Art Director" and "Series Designer", so I'm going to assume that he's got a similar role on the Legion show until I hear otherwise. On the art team, we only know of some background artists and prop designers but nobody with the highfalutin' title of Art Director (yet).

The old name is Allen Heinberg. You may recall some early talk here about his name being thrown around as the show-runner, but then nobody mentioned him anymore in connection with the Legion. I (and others) thought it was a rumor, but it turns out there was fire amidst all that smoke. Scott at the LegionClubhouse picked up a podcast interview with Heinberg a couple months ago at WordBalloon. I never got a chance to listen to it, but Scott did. Apparently Heinberg was involved in the early days with writing the series "bible" and working on the first few episodes. Due to other commitments he had to bow out, to be replaced by Rob Hoegee. (Rob, feel free to leave comments!), and he has not been involved with the series since then. Go read the Clubhouse for more info.

Finally, the Legions of Gotham blog and message board reported last week that a new comic based on the show's continuity is in work, under the "Johnny DC" banner. Given that all the other shows have had their own comic, this isn't surprising. Matt says he knows who the writer might be, but warns that we might not find out until the summer (or maybe during convention season).

Hey, my comments section is always open for anyone who wants to post some anonymous information about any of the show or comic stuff... artwork, actors, artists, whatever.

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