Monday, April 24, 2006

Animated Legion news 27: Wil Wheaton audition

Wil Wheaton reports that he's got a Legion audition on Friday.

This weekend started out on an exceptionally high note: on my way to Dodger Stadium to meet my parents for the Arizona game, I got a call from my manager: one of the producers from Teen Titans is now working on Legion of Superheroes, and wanted to cast me for a part on the new show. I don't know any details, yet, like if it's a one-time voice, or a recurring character or what, but I'm working on Friday! Go me!

As I mentioned in the comments, since the first recording session was back in February, it's more likely than not that this is for a recurring character and not a regular. The regular role of Bouncing Boy is still unknown to us (and has probably already been cast), but the recurring role of Cosmic Boy is still open as far as we know. So are Tharok, Mano, Persuader, and Mordru (they haven't announced him, but you know he's going to be in there).

Oh, and as an Astros fan and Houston resident, I'm tickled by the fact that his stepsons are named Nolan and Ryan.

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