Thursday, April 06, 2006

Legion of Super-Gamblers: LSGX

No, this isn't a delayed April Fool's joke, it's an open invitation.

The legendary Legion of Super-Gamblers! Blackjack Boy! Pai-Gow Poker King! Roulette Lass! One-Armed Bandit Boy! King Queen! (Or Queen King under the influence of Grandian Gender-Reversal Germs.) And their headquarters, the Black Pyramid (with its bright LSG beacon on top, which can be seen thousands of miles out in space)! Bring out the Planetary Chance Machine, pay homage to the Luck Lords, and book that trip to the planet Ventura....

Actually, it's a bunch of comics fans who happen to have at least a passing knowledge of the Legion, and one weekend a year we travel from all over the country to Las Vegas. No hidden agendas, nothing you're required to do (except show up and have fun, either with us or on your own as much as you want). There's a core group of us that goes every year, usually around 8-10 of us, with a half dozen or so who have joined us at one time or another over the years. This will be our 10th annual trip - thus LSGX - with participants from Houston, NYC, Phoenix, Kansas City, Seattle, Philadelphia, and more.

Note - Very few of us are actually Super-Gamblers, though from time to time we do come out ahead. It just sounded good.

Typically we fly in on a Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon or evening, though due to work considerations some don't show up until Friday night and some stay over until Monday morning. This year it's the weekend of Thursday June 15 through Sunday June 18. We'll try to see a show one night, have a fancy dinner one night, and casino hop the rest of the time, chasing our money up and down the Strip.

If anyone's interested in possibly going, or just want more information, send me an email (it's in my profile) or leave a comment. Here are some photos and trip reports from our early missions.

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Anonymous said...

Can't go this year, wish I could. One of these years Sidra and I will join you folks.