Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Animated Legion news 29: Unmasked

"Unmasked" is the title of the post Ben Jones wrote after being "outed" as a Legion staffer by Not that there's anything wrong with that! Ben also provides some Quicktime looks at what he says are some clips, but for some reason they're not loading on my computer and I'll have to check it out later.

The Titans page has identified several ex-Titan staffers as now working on the Legion show:

Well, we found four more for the "Titans crew on Legion" list. We've confirmed from reliable sources that: Amy Wolfram (story editor), Derrick Wyatt (character designer), Irineo Maramba (storyboarder), and Ben Jones (director) have joined their fellow Teen Titans crew on Legion of Super Heroes! Wil Wheaton (voice of Aqualad) also recently revealed he might be lending his voice to Legion, on account of former TT producer Linda Steiner, who'll be a Legion producer alongside James Tucker (JL, Batman Beyond). Hooray, the gang's all here...almost!

More info to come...

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