Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heroes Con, WizardWorld 09: Nothing going on

It's the beginning of Con season. This weekend: Heroes Con in Charlotte and Wizard World in Philadelphia.

Here's the non-scoop from Heroes Con: basically, nothing Legion-related at either Friday's DC Universe panel (according to both CBR and Newsarama), or Saturday's DC Nation panel (Newsarama).

Meanwhile, up in Philadelphia, it's WizardWorld. Only Wizard seems to be covering this one, and unfortunately their page is impossible to navigate or find anything. But they've got a DC Nation panel on Saturday.

Update: CBR covered WW's DC Nation panel where once again nothing Legion-related was discussed.


Mela said...

Nothing's going on at Wizard World in comics AT ALL this year, since they've decided to make it a glorified wrestling convention with a side of comics.

Our city desperately needs a real con, not Wizard's con job.

Unknown said...

At the DC Nation panel, Dan DiDio answered a fan question about LSH being a backup feature in Adventure.

His basic message was, when the title can do good enough numbers, they'll give it its own book again. Until then, they are a "second feature" (he made a joking correction that the backups are not "backups," they are "second features" which is totally better) and expected to do well.

Also, when asked what the status of this upcoming Legion is, vis-a-vis reboots and alternate Earths, etc., he said, "This will be the Legion," with emphasis on the "the," suggesting that L3W is going to make future reboots unnecessary? Not sure what he was trying to accomplish there.

Besides that one fan question, no mention of the LSH from the panel.


Matthew E said...

There has been some spirited debate about DiDio's comments on the Legion World board by, among others, me. I hold a low opinion of DiDio's stated position.

Greybird said...

One thing that's been happening (or been a harbinger of what's not happening): Lo3W 5 has been pushed back yet again, by two weeks, to 22 July. Thus spake DC's Website.

I love Pérez's art, but if he's ailing, this hasn't helped him, the hundreds-per-issue dynamic. And otherwise, this has been stupidly protracted.

Getting a backu^H^H^H^H^Hsecond feature in Adventure isn't going to be nearly enough, either, to make up for how they've been ham-handed about the Legion.

Matthew E said...

Does anyone remember what date FC:L3W #1 came out on? We could be looking at a bat-around inning here.

Infinity13307 said...

I think #1 came out around the end of August, because I vaguely remember thinking what a nice birthday present it was for me from DC. I never thought that the last issue might be as well! It's almost as if DC knows I'm threatening to give up my comics addiction if I dislike how L3W ends, and they're trying to milk every last dollar out of me before that could happen!

Darren K. said...

It came out around August 19. It was one of the last single issue comics I ever bought, and I only bought it because I was on holiday and couldn't download it. I'm a trade waiter, but there was no waiting for this one.

And yet, here I am, still waiting...

Eric Gimlin said...

Quick question, not entirely relevant to this particular thread: How many issues of Adventure Comics came out between 503 and the upcoming 504? Not counting reprint only issues, I count four: The Justice Society returns issue, the 80 page giant, the special featuring guardian, and the zero issue. There were also at least a couple Millennium editions and the silver age classics in the reprint editions.