Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Trivia Quiz #36

The Legion is in itself a great concept - Superboy goes to the future and meets a group of super-powered teammates.

Another great concept: dinosaur space pirates. How awesome is that? And if they were zombie ninja dinosaur space pirates - well that's just icing on the cake. Giant robot zombie ninja dinosaur space pirates? Who are also cyborg vampires? One of the most awesome concepts in the entire history of ever, a collection of awesome of such magnitude that it could collapse upon itself into a white dwarf star just like the one that Mon-El could carry into Metropolis.

Oh yeah, trivia. Not counting Superboy or Supergirl non-Legion stories, when has the Legion (or individual Legionnaires) met and/or fought...

1. Giant robots?
2. Zombies?
3. Ninjas?
4. Dinosaurs?
5. Space pirates?
6. Cyborgs?
7. Vampires?


Infinity13307 said...

Giant robots-During the robot revolution storyline of the Supergirl and the Legion book, the Legion fought a couple of giant robots. Wasn't the original Computo basically a massively big robot, or was that detail changed for the LSH 300 version of that story? (I think I remember "alternate-Computo" freezing Colossol Boy to death as he was growing to Computo's size in LSH 300.)

Zombies-when Mordru raised the dead, included the honored dead of the Legion, against the Glorithverse Legion around LSH v4 46-49 or so. An argument could be made for the Servants of Darkness of Darkseid in the Great Darkness Saga, as they were grotesque mockeries of deceased heroes with no will of their own.

Ninjas-Must have been a story involving Karate Kid (Val) and the Black Dragon Society, but it's not coming to me.

Dinosaurs-well, they encountered dinosaurs in the War between Krypton and Earth way back in Earth's past, and I think I remember a couple of Legionnaires (maybe Polar Boy and Sun Boy)fighting a T-Rex during COIE (I really wanted to say a group of dinosaurs found their way to 30th Century Metropolis, but realized that was a group of mammoths instead.)

Space Pirates-There were numerous encounters with the Sklarian raiders, and then there was the group Ultra Boy found himself with after his "death" around LSH v2 275 or so right before the Reflecto storyline.

Cyborgs-Cham, Vi, and Timber Wolf took on some Khund cyborgs in the challenge courts in LSH 287, and one of the Khund cyborgs (Kharlack or something like that) shows up 10 or so issues later for revenge and gets taken apart by the White Witch. Are Tyr and his people on Warworld all cyborgs?

Vampires-Vykkos (Mordru's henchman in the Glorithverse) was some kind of vampire who battled various Legionnaires during early v4 issues, but I doubt that he's what you were thinking of with this question.

Anonymous said...

1) Adventure #319 on Throon Gim got clobbered.
2) Mordru reanimates the dead Legion#47 vol.4
3) Unkillibles weren't really Japanese--Perhaps the Black Dragon's men in KK #10 or the KK tale in SECRET ORIGINS # 47.
4) Gim gathered up a herd of Kryptonian tame lizards in ADVENTURE #333.
5) Numerous encounters: including Starburst Bandits, Resources Raiders, Sklaarians, and Captain Frake
6)Tharok, Firefist, B.I.O.N,
7)TMG Vykros was supposed to be vampiric but never actually drank a Legionnaire's blood

Tom Galloway said...

Just to be snarky, any list of cyborgs the Legion has met has to include the various Garth Ranzzes when they had a robot arm (and at least one fought the Legion as Starfinger). v4 Vi also counts as a cyborg. You can also make arguments for Wildfire (stronger) or Quislet as such.

David Akers said...

Ninjas - The story that Infinity was trying to think of could have been in Superboy 210, that told the "origin" of Karate Kid.


Meerkatdon said...

Giant Robots: In Action 389, "The Mystery Legionnaire," was Klim a giant robot, a cyborg, or none of the above? He was pretty big, but I don't know if he qualifies as "giant." Plus, there are those vision problems....

Also, does it count when Shrinking Violet defeats a normal-sized robot?

Zombies: What about Soljer from Superboy 210, "Soljer's Private War"? (Cool story, BTW.)

Dinosaurs: In "The Amazing Space Odyssey of the Legion" (Adventure 380), Superboy got eaten by a Giant Robot Dinosaur. That should get extra points.

Also, there were dinosaurs (or at least dinosaur-like critters) involved in the Legion of Super Monsters in Adventure 309.

Space Pirates: In Adventure 364 ("The Revolt of the Super-Pets" -- and believe me, some of them were revolting indeed), there's a flashback to an untold adventure when the LSH and the Super-Pets fought Space Pirates...and not just Space Pirates, but Ghost Space Pirates.

Cyborgs: Does Pulsar Stargrave count? Does anybody know or care?

Vampires: Okay, I know this is stretching a bit, but do the various Sun-Eaters count (in some way)?

I'm not sure how to categorize the evil entities that possessed Lightning Lad and other members of the Devil's Dozen, but they seem to fit in this whole lineup of awesome concepts.

Meerkatdon said...

Oh, yeah, there's that eternal musical question What is Validus? He's giant, he looks like a cyborg, and most important...are you going to tell him that he doesn't get a place on the list of "awesome concepts"?

Anonymous said...

Bloodclaw and Firefist were cyborg Khunds who were forced upon the Legion during the last Mordru arc.

peter vandeneng said...

and of course when they teamed with the titans, they worked with cyborg, a cyborg.

Skeleton Munroe said...

4. The Infinite Man definitely whistled up a T-Rex for Colossal Boy to rassle in his first appearance.

5. Damn. I was thinking of Zaryan the Conqueror, but pirates aren't really conquerors, are they.