Tuesday, March 27, 2007

LSH HeroClix Starter Set - now with Spider Lad and Wolverine Boy!

HCRealms points out that the Legion HeroClix Starter Set coming in a couple months might be misidentified slightly in this Wizard Universe advance order:

Playable out of the box, the DC HeroClix: Legion of Super Heroes Starter Game contains seven exclusive new sculpts with character cards...

...Includes the Hulk, Spider-Man, Magneto, Captain America, Wolverine, Hobgoblin, Elektra, Sabretooth, and more of your favorites.

These figures, from the ad, must be Elektra Girl and Hulk Lad.

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RAB said...

LOL! And who doesn't love that Legion story in which Magneto Boy, Kid Sabretooth, and Hobgoblin Lad discover Bucky in the ice floe where he's been frozen since 1945 and invite him to join their super-team as the new Captain America?