Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LSH now airing on Cartoon Network Europe

Apparently the Legion animated show has just started airing overseas last week (why didn't any of my UK readers tell me this?) on Cartoon Network Europe, according to the network's web site. I don't know what order they're airing in, but if someone could fill me in, I'll provide more details from what I have.

Incidentally, the show is broadcast on the European branch of Cartoon Network, whereas in the US it's part of the KidsWB! network. Even their websites are different. The overseas one is actually updated, and it has a flash game like Bejeweled (only with Legionnaire heads) and some pictures that the US site doesn't have.

The show is apparently not being broadcast on Cartoon Network Europe in Polish, Swedish, French, Danish, Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, or Dutch, only English.

UK site, with various banner ads

US site

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"Braniac" 5?

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