Monday, March 26, 2007

MidSouthCon '07: Perez to draw the Legion

Well damn, I had the info bookmarked and forgot to get it out this weekend. Mark Waid was one of the guests at the MidSouthCon in Memphis this past weekend. The one interesting bit of news is that George Perez might finally have a chance to draw the Legion. But which one?

Vaklam at the Noetic Concordance met up with Waid at the con, and among the things he reported was:

He also discussed the future of The Brave and the Bold which looks like it's going to keep having the stuff I want to read. Issue 5 has the Legion of Super-Heroes in it!

According to the latest solicitations, issue 4 has Lobo and Supergirl (and remember, issue 3 is Batman and Blue Beetle vs. some version of the Fatal Five!). Issue 5 hasn't been solicited yet, so we don't know if this is a cameo or a full-up team-up. It will be published the same month as LSH 32. But with the return (in some way) of the Multiverse in 52 in the next couple months, which Legion will be teaming up with someone?


Vaklam said...

Mark Waid mentioned during that discussion that eleven pages of the issue would involve the Legion and that "Batman is in it, too". I don't know if that just means that Batman in in the issue or if he's the one they're teaming up with.

Duke Harrington said...

Probably an appearance of that version of the Adult Legion that Batman joined, I should think