Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Revisiting Starman

Apparently all I had to do was wait and someone would do my job for me. In this case, it's re-evaluate the Starman situation now that JSA #4 is out, which is what E2Brutus at the Comic Bloc forum did a few days ago.

Back in January I explained all of the different Starmen who are related to the Legion, and expounded on what the JSA's Starman was saying in issue 2.

It's now clear that he was referring to Dawnstar (from issue 1) and Dr. Destiny and Dream Girl (from issue 4), plus a gratuitous plug for the upcoming Great Disaster storyline in Countdown.

So on the last page of issue 4 is Dream Girl (the pre-Glorithverse version, apparently) with Dr. Destiny, who feeds on dreams, plus either real or imagined versions of Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, Tyr, and Darkseid. We have seen a lot of Cosmic King and Lightning Lord in the comics lately, haven't we?

Notice, interestingly, that Dawnstar calls him Starman while Dream Girl calls him Star Boy.

E2Brutus re-parses the rest of what he says, and reminds me of the bit about a Star on Thanagar (maybe a Dawn Star?). Perhaps Power Girl's "journey" will begin either in the Lightning Storm arc or Countdown.

Here's the review of Rokk at the Comic Book Revolution for JSA #4, along with a ComicBloc forum discussion.

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Tim Callahan said...

That's supposed the be Darkseid? Really? My, what bad teeth he has!